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关于”徐志摩的诗“的英语句子4个,句子主体:Xu Zhimo's Poems。以下是关于徐志摩的诗的中考英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Xu Zhimo's Poems

1、Xu Ming Dynasty geographer has left many poems here; 明代地理学家徐霞客曾在这里留下许多诗篇;

2、Xu Zhimo's "Farewell Again, Cambridge", marked by its regular rhythm, harmonious melody and its unique rhyming patterns, is among the best of modern Chinese poetry. 徐志摩的《再别康桥》是现代诗歌中的精品。其齐整的节奏、优美的旋律及独具匠心的押韵使《再别康桥》在音乐性上达到了极高的成就。

3、He contributed poems to the magazine. 他投诗稿给杂志。

4、Among the stories of Xu Zhimo′s marriage and love, the most popular and mysterious one is his love with Miss Lin Huiyin. 在徐志摩的婚恋中,传得最广的、最神秘的就是他与林徽因的恋情。

5、In the November of 2008, the Red Cross Association of Xuzhou called for donation to the poor girl students in HGSS. xx年xx月,徐州市红十字会徐州爱心志愿者服务队通过徐州市人民广播电台发起为华光女高少数民族贫困女童的募捐。

6、It is of great significance to investigate into Xu Zhimo's poetry translating practice to find out how Xu's poetry translation had contributed to the construction of new verse. 徐志摩的译诗实践发生于新诗草创期和建设期,研究其诗歌翻译对于新诗规范建立所起的作用,具有重大意义。

7、With the style of poet, Xu Chi created the reportages with poetic art, which were little commented on. 徐迟以诗人的气质和风格,创造出的报告文学诗体化艺术,虽为人所称道,但鲜有专人论及。

8、Learn from his father's poetry painting managed. 自幼随父亲徐达章学习诗文书画。

9、Xuzhimo created a large number of amatory poems and natural poems, in which he inherited spiritual character and life sentimentalism of traditional poetry directly. 徐志摩创作了大量的歌咏爱情和自然的诗,并在创作中直接秉承了传统诗歌的精神品格和生命情调。

10、Everyone said to you, don't you think his ears red? They all said my temper too good, this may have caused you. 人人说到你,你不觉得耳根红热吗?他们都说我脾气太好了,害得你如此这般。——徐志摩。

11、However, it is in the pay of hoverer and clothes in the mythology world. 在曹植的诗歌中,它是诗人抒情言志的载体;

12、This thesis will discuss the emotional implication and the artistic form of XU"s poems, and fix his position in the history of the Chinese poetry." 本文拟从徐诗的情感意蕴和艺术手法两个层面展开论述,由此确立徐志摩诗歌的诗史地位。

13、It confuses me, this question, because everyone always tells me that I did so much for Hsu Chih-mo, I must have loved him. 对于这个问题我实在没有头绪,因为大家总是跟我说,你为徐志摩付出了这么多,你肯定很爱他。

14、Remember that the sun is the only source of health is better than what medicine. 记住太阳光是健康唯一的来源,比什么药都好。——徐志摩。

15、As a major member of the Xinyue Society, Xu created many works including Poems of Zhimo, Scales of Paris (prose) and Wheels (novel). 新月社主要成员之一,著有诗集《志摩的诗》、散文集《巴黎的鳞爪》、小说集《轮盘》等。

16、The thesis concludes that Xu Zhimo's essays constitute an alternative to customary modern essays with their unique aesthetic features. This is where the value of Xu's essays lies. 总之,徐志摩散文以其个性鲜明的美质为现代散文审美提供了有别于传统的另一种可能性,这是它非常重要的价值和贡献。

17、He said Hsü Chih-mo's poetry is interesting, but it's only about on a level with such poets as Yang Chi of the Ming. Just too pitiful. 他说还算徐志摩的诗有点意思,可是只相当于明初杨基那些人的境界,太可怜了。

18、As long as it is a slowly, smart, and have the determination of girls can earn money. 只要是一个徐徐吧,聪明,有志气的女孩一样能赚到钱。

19、It was immortalised by Xu Zhimo, a 20th-century poet with all the attributes required for lasting celebrity: talent, a rackety love life and a dramatic early death (plane crash at 34). 徐志摩,一位中国20世纪的诗人,和享有持久盛名的名人们一样:才华横溢,一生纠缠不清的爱情故事,戏剧性的早亡(xx岁死于飞机失事),使得这些柳树生生不息。

20、Xu Zhimo's love poems have shown adventurous spirit and romantic feelings under the influence of the knight spirit in the Middle Age. 西方文化的渗透使得徐志摩的爱情诗在中世纪骑士精神的熏陶下,流溢出骑士的冒险精神和浪漫情怀;

21、Like Xuzhimo (As what Xuzhimo said), I will also look for my only soulmate in the boundless and indistinct sea of faces (in the boundless huge crowd). 和徐志摩一样,我也将在茫茫人海中寻找我灵魂之唯一伴侣。

22、Everybody points to spearhead the Xu Zhiyi that is missing mysteriously already, discover Xu Zhiyi inadvertently however already by person strangle. 众人将矛头指向已神秘失踪的徐志易,却无意中发现徐志易早已被人勒死。

23、The most is the head of attraction, like a water lotus very gentle. 最是那一低头的娇羞,像一朵水莲花一样不胜的温柔。——徐志摩。

24、But for educated Chinese, who learned Xu’s poem in school, this tranquil spot, watched over by handsome white cows and an arched stone bridge, is a shrine to lost youth. 但对于接受过高等教育,在学校读过徐志摩的诗的人来说,这一被白色建筑物和拱形石桥环绕的被静谧之地,是对逝去青春感怀的神圣之地。

25、You think I'm invulnerability, I thought you poison not assault. 你以为我刀枪不入,我以为你百毒不侵。——徐志摩。


26、Xushihan is one of the good friends of mine. 徐诗晗是我的好朋友中的其中一个。

27、"Peony Pavilion" are no exception, seized Hsu and Lu Xiaoman's Marriage a big fuss, suave romantic poet Hsu Chih-mo and shiny, Lu Xiaoman crash together, it is a must-see scenery. 《美丽与哀愁》也不能免俗,抓住了徐志摩与陆小曼的婚恋大做文章,风流倜傥的诗人徐志摩与光彩照人的陆小曼碰撞在一起,正是一道不可不看的风景。

28、The born Sighing Bridge from fire in Xuzhimi's works, the great Renaissance and Byzantine's styled buildings and the awake businessmen in Shakespeare's works… 悔于火中又重生的,徐志摩笔下忧伤的太息桥,伟大的文艺复兴和拜占庭式建筑……莎翁笔下的商人仍未睡去。

29、Xu's verses help explain the great prestige Cambridge University enjoys in China, nudging it a notch or two ahead of Oxford. 徐志摩的诗作让剑桥大学在中国人心中久负盛名,连牛津大学也自愧弗如。

30、This is as beautiful as the tea are sweet taste of poetry, as if to see "is that the mysterious world, as fuzzy feeling increasingly clear in the poem, the poem, but Ke however check." 品味着这美如茶香的诗,仿佛看到的是志摩那飘渺的世界,正当模糊的情在诗中愈发明了时,那诗,却溘然而止。

31、All this made Xu's poem exteremly readable. 基于此,徐志摩的诗歌具有极强的可读性。

32、When Xu Zhimo was very young he was interested in reading. 徐志摩年轻时,他对阅读很感兴趣。

33、Part Two: mainly discuss Xu Wei's aesthetic features of his poetry style. 第二部分,主要论述了徐渭诗歌风格的审美取向。

34、Xu Zhimo, an adored early-twentieth-century poet who studied in the West, described the willows as “young brides in the setting sun.” 徐志摩是上世纪xx年代的著名诗人,受人拥戴。 他曾游学西方,在其笔下,“那河畔的金柳,是夕阳中的新娘。”

35、Duration October, yang Dezhi leads a ministry to approach Xu Shui, carry out to Xu Shui surround. 时值xx月,杨德志率部逼近徐水,对徐水实施包围。

36、Very quietly I take my leave As quietly as I came here; Gently I flick my sleeves 是英文版的再别康桥,徐志摩的

37、Xu Zhimo, an adored early-twentieth-century poet who studied in the West, described the willows as “young brides in the setting sun. 徐志摩,这位二十世纪早期相当有名的诗人曾在这里留学,他在诗中写道,“那河畔的金柳,是夕阳中的新娘。”

38、Qinjia and Xushu were the couples poet during EmperorsShun and Huan, who both ruled the Eastern Han Dynasty successively. 秦嘉、徐淑是东汉顺帝、桓帝时的夫妻诗人。

39、With each passing year, growing crowds of Chinese tourists visit the tree and a nearby marble boulder inscribed with lines from Xu's poem, “On leaving Cambridge”. 年复xx年,越来越多的中国游客来这里拜访这些柳树和附近刻着徐志摩诗句”再别康桥“的大理石碑。

40、Xu is renowned for importing "New Wave" romanticist poetry into Chinese verse. 徐志摩将西方“新浪潮”的浪漫主义诗歌风格引入中国诗,并因此闻名。

41、If caring for Hsu Chih-mo and his family was love, then maybe I loved him.Out of all the women in his life, I loved him the most. 如果照顾、关心徐志摩和他的家人就叫爱,那么我应该是爱他的,并且在他一生的所有女人中,我是最爱他的那个。

42、According to Xu, each new chip tripled the performance of the previous one. 徐志伟介绍到,新一代的芯片性能上比老一代要好3倍。

43、Xu Zhimo was a famous modern romantic poet of 20C. 徐志摩是20世纪著名的现代浪漫主义诗人。

44、Xu’s willow is just one stop on an emerging grand tour of Europe, the continent that routinely tops polls of dream Chinese destinations. 欧洲是中国游客最为向往的旅游之地,徐志摩笔下的杨柳只是中国游客在欧洲的新的一个旅游景点。

45、Xu Zhimo was born in a big family. 徐志摩出生在一个大家庭。

46、On the other hand, some others deny the value of his poems, taking" shallowness"as their main reason to criticize them. 有人则把“浅”作为批评徐诗的主要依据,从而否定徐诗的价值。

47、This trinity of singing, instruction and poetics embodies the essence and characteristics of the Yi people's theories of poetry. 彝族诗化经唱、毕摩诗教方式以及诗论,三位一体呈现了彝族悠久的诗学内涵及特征。

48、With each passing year, growing crowds of Chinese tourists visit the tree and a nearby marble boulder inscribed with lines from Xu’s poem, “On leaving Cambridge”. 年复xx年,越来越多的中国游客来这里拜访这些柳树和附近刻着徐志摩诗句”再别康桥“的大理石碑。

49、At last, enriching and promoting the intension of love by the human sympathy ran through his life. 最后以贯穿诗人一生的人道主义情怀来丰富并提升徐诗“爱”的主题内涵。

50、Make your own tea ceremony — prepare the tea carefully and mindfully, pour it slowly, sip it with thoughtfulness. 创造你自己的茶道-----专心致志、小心翼翼地备茶,徐徐地倒茶,用心地品茶。


51、Like Xuzhimo, I will also look for my only soulmate in the boundless and indistinct sea of faces. 和徐志摩一样,我也将在茫茫人海中寻找我灵魂之唯一伴侣。

52、These are manifested as the following: First, his poetry is unconventional and full of peculiar imagination. 徐渭的诗激昂慷慨,充溢着建功立业的豪情,主要表现在:第一,诗歌构思不拘常规,想象奇特;

53、In general, the artistic feature of contrast is revealed in Xu Yunuo's poems. 总的来看,在徐玉诺的诗歌中体现出“对照”这种艺术结构特征。

54、In Chapter One, the author firstly investigates the modern research mode of Xu Wei's poems and articles, and probes into the cause of the research mode. 第一章剖析袁宏道对徐渭的推崇与激赏,探究近代徐渭诗文研究模式的历史成因。

55、The first stop was Shanghai. Liang Qichao, Bing Xin, Xu Zhimo and many Chinese writers were influenced by him. xx年他访问中国时,第一站就到了上海,梁启超、冰心、徐志摩等都深受泰戈尔的影响。

56、Such as Xu Wei's question Grape poetry, 's bamboo poems are devoted to the artist's strong feelings. 如徐渭的题葡萄诗,郑板桥的题竹诗都倾注着画家强烈的思想感情。

57、who did Xu Zhimo found? 徐志摩找到了谁?

58、In order to fully understand and evaluate Xu Ling's poetry and its achievements, this article will be dynasty his poetry collection "Xu Xiao Mu Set" . 为了全面认识和评价徐陵的诗文及其成就,本文将对其诗文结集《徐孝穆集》进行考论。


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