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关于”感情的句子“的英语句子3个,句子主体:Emotional sentences。以下是关于感情的句子的xx年级英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Emotional sentences

1、He organized oral language by using prose sentences, and expressed modern people's emotions by using natural rhythm of spoken language. 他将口语化的语言用散文化句式连缀起来,以自然的口语节奏表达现代人在日常生活中的情绪。

2、Chinese modal particles are meant to add supplementary meanings to the affective meaning of a sentence. 语气助词的本质意义在于附加句子的情感意义。

3、With over 200 situations and 18-20 useful sentences and phrases to go along with each situation, students can achieve a level of competence they didn't have before. 全书包含200则以上的状况情境,每个状况都有18-20句实用句子。透过练习这些句子,读者的英文水平将能迅速提升。

4、In other words, all our emotions - love, grief, happiness - are all biochem- ical. 换句话说,我们所有的情感——爱恋、忧伤、快乐——全都是生物化学反应。

5、The first line introduced the song, and set the tune and the basic mood; so it was particularly important. 首句是全体的陈述句,具有开启并确定音乐的基本情绪、形象的作用,所以特别重要;

6、If I'm feeling extravagant, I use both. 如果我当时感情丰富,我就把两句都用上。

7、The negative emotion factors of the Chinese seafarers appear quite related to every SCL-90 factor, while the active emotion factors appear quite opposite to the SCL-90 factors; 中国海员的消极情绪因子与SCL 90各因子呈显著正相关,积极情绪因子与SCL 90的躯体化、强迫、抑郁、敌对等因子呈显著负相关。

8、In this case, composing the deliverable into a Chinese sentence should have no problem. 在这种情况下,把思想组织成汉语句子是不成问题的。

9、You grew up in ireland but you can't speak English,why? 如果是要用这些句子,要依据情景有所改变。

10、If the parents often tell children a play, children often get the recognition of other children, but also good to identify and interpret the emotions and feelings of other children. 如果父母常跟孩子一道玩,孩子则往往得到其他孩子的认同,也善于识别并诠释其他孩子的情绪和情感。

11、For example, it is easy to imagine a situation in which the following sentence occur. "we also observed the creation of two electron-positron pairs." 例如,很容易设想一种情况,在这种情况下有如下的句子,“我们也观察两个正电子成对的产生”。

12、But the voice echoed excellent, rhythm excellent too, also with strong feelings. Even could control every word and sentence so good. 但嗓子共鸣极好, 节奏感亦佳, 感情也浓洌, 连咬字吐句都很有法度。

13、How I wish we stayed together forever! 感叹句和虚拟语气更表达了感情程度的强烈。

14、Thousands of sweet words are not better that a single cold word. Then you will find much accident in sentiment. 千句甜言,不如一句冷语,原来,感情的事情总会有太多的出乎意料。

15、I modify the Sentences ahead several times just like weighing the feelings of mine. 开头的句子被我改了又改,像是斟酌自己的情感。

16、It is, in most cases , due to careless use of words or syntactic and contextual faults. 在大多数情况下,是由于句子的粗心使用或造句法和文脉上的错误造成的。

17、Passionate and sad sentences, is the waist of the fleeting time, like water spread over four seasons. 多情而悲伤的句子,是时光腰身的流年,像水一样蔓过四季。

18、He has a good temper. He's in a good mood. 表示“现在正好情绪不错”,和上句的语气不一样。

19、In some cases, the computers are actually parsing writers’ words, sentence structure, even the odd emoticon. 在有些情况下,计算机实际上在分析作者的词汇、句子结构,甚至各种各样的情绪。

20、Eye-tracking technique and fast affective priming paradigm were used to investigate affective priming effect during sentence reading on eye movement control. 本研究拟在探讨情绪启动效应及其发展特征,并尝试采用眼动记录法,运用快速情绪启动范式,探讨在句子阅读中的情绪启动效应。

21、He has a bad temper. He's in a bad mood. 表示“现在碰巧情绪不好”,和上句的语气不太一样。

22、But in a sentence, it may not always mean that. 但是在句子中,并不永远是这样的情况。

23、Affect-- emotion. Behavior-- action. 情感代表情绪,行为代表行动。

24、Human affectivity includes emotions and feelings. 情感包含了情绪与情意。

25、Now I got to go it alone, but I'll never… 看到这句话的时候我觉得我内心情感波涛汹涌…


26、Idea 4: At set periodic times of the day send one line of an e-mail letter to your love. 创意4:用电子邮件把情书一句一句的定时发送给TA。

27、What does this sentence tell us about Dalla's feelings? 这句话告诉我们德拉是什么感情?

28、This expression conveys the poet's homesickness through the depiction of phenological change. 此句所表达的是游子的物候之惊、思归之情。

29、Gemini: You love to do the talking, but let your sweetie share some words, too. 双子座:你很爱说,但也要让你的情人说上几句。

30、Feelings and emotions are also so decidedly bourgeois that you have to invent a man without them. 感情和情绪是决然地布尔乔亚的,所以你得发明一个无感情无情绪的人。

31、The emotional geyser effect: Most stress junkies have unhealed emotional wounds. 情绪”间歇泉“效应:大部分压力瘾君子们都有未愈合的情绪伤。

32、Try reciting a few of these sentences to yourself for a quick " pick-me-up " or mood lifter whenever you are having a bad day! 遇到不顺心的日子,你自己也可试着背诵几个这样的句子,振奋一下精神,改善一下情绪。

33、In other words, it helps you learn better. 换句话说,情商高可以帮助孩子学得更好。

34、The new study shows that happiness spreads through social networks like an emotional virus -- a virus people would be happy to catch. 换句话说,你的情绪能够被一些非直接认识的人所影响。

35、In many cases, language teaching and learning tend to devote to sentential level. 在很多情况下,语言教学和学习倾向集中在句子水平上。

36、Put each of the following two sentences together by using relative clauses. 1. This is the most magnificent building in Shanghai where Some … 把两个句子合并成一个带有定语从句的复合句…考试题…感…

37、Love is a lightweight thaudio-videoailable on never dims. 爱是一盏永不昏暗的明灯。关于爱情幸福的句子。

38、Age-appropriate andd situation-appropriate responses. The child shows the appropriate type andd degree of emotional response as indicated by a change in facial expression, posture, andd manner. 与年龄相符的或者和情境相符的情绪反应。孩子能够表现出类型和程度都合适的情绪反应,并体现在面部表情、姿态和行为上的变化。

39、Yet he also helped with some of the novel's most moving lines: the monster's appeal to his creator for affection. 但他也帮助写了小说中一些最感人的句子:怪物为了得到感情而请求它的创造者。

40、Actually notice the sensations of this feeling (e.g., heaviness, lightness, tightness, tension, etc…). 我们的练习就是将这种情绪自内而外转化为外部表达,事实上就是对情绪(比如沉重感,轻盈感,密闭感,精神紧张等)的感觉。

41、Show five situations and key sentences for the children to create the dialogue with partners. 出示五幅情景图,让 学生根据提示句子自编对话。

42、Emotional, but will not back-stab others. 情绪化,但不会背后捅刀子。

43、One of the actor's lines aroused his nostalgia. 电影主角的一句话引动了她的怀旧情绪。

44、Try not to become too emotional. There will be plenty of time to be emotional at a later time. 请不要太过情绪化,在以后的日子里你还会有很多难以克制情绪的情形。

45、B, for each situation, there will always be a full stop. I love you, only death is the end. 每一段情,始终会有句号。 。 我对你的情,唯有死亡才是句号。

46、Neighbor: component expressing scene, subsidiary material and components of peripheral factors in a sentence. 邻体:句子中充当动作的情景、辅助材料及外围基因的成分。

47、Do things you enjoy to help you bring back a sense of safety and control. 整句是一个祈使句意为:去做那些你自己喜欢的事情来给你带来自控和安全感把。

48、Nonetheless, depression levels were generally not serious, emotional reactions remain, a few humorous mockery of aphorisms, can make the smile through tears. 尽管如此,患者抑郁程度一般并不严重,情绪反应依然存在,几句幽默解嘲的警句,能使之破涕为笑。

49、Onnie Jay Holy The second quotation, from Onnie Jay Holy, raises the question of sentiment. 第二句话来自,提出了情感的问题。

50、Fourth chapter shows the syntax contrast of the mood adjectives for Chinese and Korean languages. 第四章为汉韩表情绪形容词的句法对比。


51、Why offer a succinct bullet point when you can say the same thing in six flowery sentences? 可以用六句华丽的句子来叙述的一件事情为什么要用一句简洁的重点句来代替呢?

52、We can choose which emotions we lean into, " says McKee. 换句话说,我们可以选择我们的情绪。

53、I pull around a few non-emotional. 几句是非,牵绕我的情绪。

54、Why emotional word now that he knows 既然心知肚明,又何必句句煽情

55、Now researchers suspect that dreams are part of the mind's emotional thermostat, regulating moods while the brain is “off-line”. 目前,研究人员猜测梦是大脑情感自动调节系统的组成部分,当大脑处于“掉线”状态时对情绪进行调整。 【析句】Suspect后面是that引导的宾语从句;逗号之后的现在分词短语regulating moods…作定语,解释thermostat 的意思,句末的while引导一个时间状语从句。

56、The pilot probably does not know to this day why his responses won him this enthusiastic greeting. 不用说,这个引水员一辈子也不会明白为什么他回答了这几句话竟会博得这样热情的感激。

57、The prince was the person in whose honor the ball was given. 一般情况下,定语从句紧接先行词,但是有时为了保持句子的平衡,定语从句可以后置。

58、The poet of Yuan Haowen showes how greatly emotion would influence people. 元好问的这句词,道出了情感对人的巨大影响。

59、Punctuation is essential to writing, which can not separate sentences, but also convey writer's feeling, playing rhetoric role. 标点符号不仅仅是把句子分开,更能表达作者的感情,起到修辞的作用。

60、In other words, don't get swooped up emotionally and commit to a goal without thinking it through 换句话说就是不要在没有想清楚之前盲从一个目标,不要在情绪上感到难过。

61、He recorded his emotion in elegiac lines of magnificent dignity . 他把他的感情宣泄在凄惋而庄严的诗句里。

62、There is a saying that the feelings of the fire point, there is a saying out of happiness, this sentence, why don't you say? 有一句话点得着感情的火,有一句话说出来就幸福,这句话,你为什么不愿说破?

63、As function words, Manchu mood words are used to express kinds of moods, tones and manners of speaking without lexical meanings. 语气词是满语虚词的一类,是本身没有词汇意义,表示句子各种语气,或为句子成分增加情态意义的词。

64、In sentence fill-ins, always read the whole sentence up to its end, understand the context, and only then address the grammar point at hand. 在做填空题的时候,要记住先通读句子,理解句中情景,然后敲定语法点。

65、The purpose of building the teaching feeling environment is to teach emotionally. 创建教学情绪场的本质就是要实施情感化教学。

66、Her poetic tone, lyrical sentences and hovering emotions, also mark herself as one of the modern Chinese writers who owned a keen sense of literary style. 同时,她那带有诗意的笔致、抒情的句子和回旋的情感,同样证明她是中国现代文学史上最有文体意识的作家之一。

67、You may wonder, didnt I say anything that provocative. 你会感到困惑,难道我说的每一句话都那么煽情吗?

68、Emotional forgiveness replaces negative emotions, such as anger and resentment, with positive emotions such as compassion and empathy. 情感性原谅则会让积极的情绪,如同情和同感,来代替那些消极的情绪,如生气和愤恨。

69、Thousands of sweet words are not better than a single cold word. Then you will find much accident in sentiment. 千句甜言,不如一句冷语,原来,感情的事情总会有太多的出乎意料。

70、Express Your Feelings – Kids wear their feelings all over their face, visible for all to see. 表达你的情绪 ——孩子的情绪全都挂在脸上,所有人都看得到。

71、Last, perform each sentence by saying it naturally and acting it out with emotion! 最后,把每个句子表表演来,天然地说,布满情友谊地久天长英文感地演!

72、He coloured deeper, with a different feeling, muttered an oath, and turned away. 他的脸更红了,情绪全然不同了,低声咒骂一句,便转过身去。

73、Results indicated that EBI had 3 factors: emotional exhaustion, depersonalization, and personal accomplishment. 结果表明,教师职业倦怠具有3个因子:情绪衰竭、去个性化和自我成就感。

74、But the emotion-- that affect is the emotion, it is what it is. 但情绪,情感即情绪,是无法改变的。

75、A woman leaves a man not because she is unhappy with what he can provide, but because she is emotionally unfulfilled. 情绪化的男人能像爬虫一样横行霸道 ; 情绪化女人更喜欢“讨论情绪”。

英文句子模板76:Emotional sentences

76、Your emotions overrule your stomach and fatigue. 你的情绪否决了你的肚子和疲劳。

77、An emotional man can lash out like a reptile; an emotionalwoman prefers to 'talk about it'. 情绪化的男人能像爬虫一样横行霸道 ; 情绪化女人更喜欢“讨论情绪”。


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