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关于”表达情绪的句子“的英语句子5个,句子主体:Emotional sentences。以下是关于表达情绪的句子的xx年级英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Emotional sentences

1、It expresses each of these moods, and many others, in a numberless variety of subtle shadings and differences. 它表达任何一种这样的情绪,或许多其它的情绪,以无数的微妙的细微差异和不同。

2、Compared with other basic emotion, fear is one of the most widely-studied emotion due to its evolutionary and adaptabable function. 由于恐惧情绪的进化和适应功能,相对于其他基本情绪而言,恐惧情绪是被最广泛研究的情绪之一。

3、Emotional, but will not back-stab others. 情绪化,但不会背后捅刀子。

4、This expression conveys the poet's homesickness through the depiction of phenological change. 此句所表达的是游子的物候之惊、思归之情。

5、Affect-- emotion. Behavior-- action. 情感代表情绪,行为代表行动。

6、While interjections and final particles directly express emotion and affect, emotion can also be described and expressed via descriptive emotion words. 除了感叹词与语尾助词外,情绪的描述或表达亦可透过描述性的情绪词汇。

7、Humans often use their animals to express their unexpressed emotions. 人类经常用自己的动物去表达他们未表达的情绪。

8、Kathak dancing is very good for expressing certain sentiments. 卡萨克舞蹈是表达某些情绪非常好。

9、A woman leaves a man not because she is unhappy with what he can provide, but because she is emotionally unfulfilled. 情绪化的男人能像爬虫一样横行霸道 ; 情绪化女人更喜欢“讨论情绪”。

10、Fourth chapter shows the syntax contrast of the mood adjectives for Chinese and Korean languages. 第四章为汉韩表情绪形容词的句法对比。

11、He coloured deeper, with a different feeling, muttered an oath, and turned away. 他的脸更红了,情绪全然不同了,低声咒骂一句,便转过身去。

12、We can choose which emotions we lean into, " says McKee. 换句话说,我们可以选择我们的情绪。

13、The problem is we have not just primary emotions but also secondary ones—emotions about other emotions. 问题是我们不仅有一级情绪,还有二级情绪——关于其他情绪的情绪。

14、Let your emotions be expressed and released. 把你的情绪表达出来,让它释放。

15、He's got a chip on his shoulder today. 指“要打架的样子”、“情绪不好的态度”。

16、Try not to become too emotional. There will be plenty of time to be emotional at a later time. 请不要太过情绪化,在以后的日子里你还会有很多难以克制情绪的情形。

17、The administrators should pay much attention at the emotion and Emotion Regulation of employees, and they should keep tracing after the of emotion of employee. 管理者应重视员工的情绪与情绪调节,并就情绪做后续情绪追踨。

18、Next time your child is obviously distressed while doing homework, ask him to name the feeling. 下次当你的孩子在做家庭作业有明显的烦躁情绪是,让他给这种情绪起个名字。

19、Remember Paul Ekman's work on the basic emotions, the universals of emotional expression? 还记得Paul,Ekman对基本情绪的研究,情绪表达的共性吗?

20、An emotional man can lash out like a reptile; an emotionalwoman prefers to 'talk about it'. 情绪化的男人能像爬虫一样横行霸道 ; 情绪化女人更喜欢“讨论情绪”。

21、I pull around a few non-emotional. 几句是非,牵绕我的情绪。

22、In study 1, we examined the cognitive development of children's EDRs in different emotion situation, grade and gender by interviewing children one by one. 研究二主要考察父母的情绪表露对研究一中儿童情绪表达规则发展的影响。

23、In some cases, the computers are actually parsing writers’ words, sentence structure, even the odd emoticon. 在有些情况下,计算机实际上在分析作者的词汇、句子结构,甚至各种各样的情绪。

24、He organized oral language by using prose sentences, and expressed modern people's emotions by using natural rhythm of spoken language. 他将口语化的语言用散文化句式连缀起来,以自然的口语节奏表达现代人在日常生活中的情绪。

25、Expresses emotion in exaggerated and theatrical ways. 074. 用夸张的、戏剧的方式表达情绪。


26、The first line introduced the song, and set the tune and the basic mood; so it was particularly important. 首句是全体的陈述句,具有开启并确定音乐的基本情绪、形象的作用,所以特别重要;

27、An expression that shows sullenness or which is suggestive of any other breed is entirely foreign. 表情所表达的情绪或许与其他品种完全不同。

28、Were you able to put into words what it was? 你能够用语言表达出这种情绪吗?

29、Express Your Feelings – Kids wear their feelings all over their face, visible for all to see. 表达你的情绪 ——孩子的情绪全都挂在脸上,所有人都看得到。

30、The fur acts as an emotional indicator, as different moods trigger different rippling responses on a Bothan's fur. 他们的毛发是情绪的表达器,不同的情绪会触发博萨人毛发的不同颤动。

31、Your emotions overrule your stomach and fatigue. 你的情绪否决了你的肚子和疲劳。

32、In experiment 2, we examined the cognitive development of children's positive EDRs in different age, gender and target by interviewing children one by one. 实验三则考察了学前儿童消极和积极两种情绪表达规则认知能力的发展差异及情绪表达规则策略的使用。

33、Colors of clothing often reflect your mood. Red makes you feel aggressive and alive. Blue, on the other hand, can be calming or it can be depressing. 在这篇短文里,每一句话就是主题句,它点明了全段要表达的意思:衣着的颜色通常能反映你的情绪。

34、The most difficult thing was repressing his emotions while playing Woomin, Song says. 宋说最困难的事是表达宇民的情绪。

35、As one of the important parts of children's emotional socialization, children's emotional display rules (EDRs) have attracted more and more researchers'attention. 儿童情绪表达规则作为儿童情绪社会化的重要内容之一,得到越来越多国内外研究者的关注。

36、He has a bad temper. He's in a bad mood. 表示“现在碰巧情绪不好”,和上句的语气不太一样。

37、Methods: 191 students in a middle school in Beijing and 174 juvenile delinquents were assessed with Aggression Questionnaire, Emotion Regulation scale and Emotion Expression Scale. 目的:考察青少年暴力犯的情绪调节方式,以及不同性别的青少年的情绪调节方式和情绪表达方式对其是否为暴力犯的预测作用。

38、In the study, emotion labor included expression of positive emotion and suppression of negative emotion. 在本研究中,情绪劳动有「正向情绪表达」与「负向情绪克制」两种内涵。

39、The order of mean of each dimension by the self-report sub-scale is: emotional perceivability, emotional evaluation, emotional adaptability, emotional management, emotional expressiveness. 用自陈式分量表测得大学生情绪智力在各个维度上表现出来的高低水平依次是:情绪觉知力、情绪评价力、情绪适应力、情绪调控力、情绪表现力。

40、Acting out is indirectly expressing feelings and emotions through behavior. 耍脾气是用过行为间接地表达情绪。

41、Second, positive family emotion environment was related to childrens more knowledge and use of EDRs and lower negative affect. 家庭情绪环境分别从不同方面对儿童情绪表达规则的认知发展水平有显著影响;

42、Actually notice the sensations of this feeling (e.g., heaviness, lightness, tightness, tension, etc…). 我们的练习就是将这种情绪自内而外转化为外部表达,事实上就是对情绪(比如沉重感,轻盈感,密闭感,精神紧张等)的感觉。

43、He has a good temper. He's in a good mood. 表示“现在正好情绪不错”,和上句的语气不一样。

44、It includes the preparations of primary emotions, emotions among teaching materials, and emotions of students. 教师在德育教学中的情绪准备内容包括:备主导情绪、备教材内容中的情绪、备学生的情绪;

45、In the expression of energies, there is an alternating current between assertiveness and apathy. 在表达情绪时,可能会有着坚定自信及无动于衷之间的不稳定情绪流动。

46、Facial expressions don't merely reflect emotions; they also influence emotions. 面部的表情不仅仅反映人的情绪,还能影响人的情绪。

47、Age-appropriate andd situation-appropriate responses. The child shows the appropriate type andd degree of emotional response as indicated by a change in facial expression, posture, andd manner. 与年龄相符的或者和情境相符的情绪反应。孩子能够表现出类型和程度都合适的情绪反应,并体现在面部表情、姿态和行为上的变化。

48、Try reciting a few of these sentences to yourself for a quick " pick-me-up " or mood lifter whenever you are having a bad day! 遇到不顺心的日子,你自己也可试着背诵几个这样的句子,振奋一下精神,改善一下情绪。

49、I hate expresses a strong feeling. hate 表达了一种强烈的情绪。

50、The emotional geyser effect: Most stress junkies have unhealed emotional wounds. 情绪”间歇泉“效应:大部分压力瘾君子们都有未愈合的情绪伤。


51、It's a strong word "hate". ate是一个表达强烈情绪的词。

52、Chen Zijun expresses in her painting Comical Life the idea that emotion is the unique characteristic of women. 陈子君在画《 晴转多云》时曾这样表述:情绪似乎是女人的特征,好像从来都是在受到情绪的左右。

53、Emotional Labor means that one adjusts and manages his own feeing at work in order to express specific emotion which the organization needs. 情绪劳动是指在工作中对自己的情绪进行必要的调节和管理,以表达出组织需要的特定情绪的过程。

54、Eye-tracking technique and fast affective priming paradigm were used to investigate affective priming effect during sentence reading on eye movement control. 本研究拟在探讨情绪启动效应及其发展特征,并尝试采用眼动记录法,运用快速情绪启动范式,探讨在句子阅读中的情绪启动效应。

55、Emotional expressiveness is reciprocal; we respond to others' self-revelations with outpourings of our own. 情绪的表达是对等的。 我们用我们自己情绪的流露来回应他人的“自我表露”。

56、Self-conscious emotions; Emotion response; Self-construal; Culture. 自我意识情绪; 情绪反应; 自我结构; 文化。

57、If you want to meet each other's emotional needs, and you want to overcome Love Busters, one essential ingredient is an honest expression of your emotional reactions to each other. 如果想满足彼此的情绪需要,击败爱情克星,诚实地表达情绪反应就很必要。

58、Understanding the pattern of positive and negative emotions will help you put your feelings in perspective. 理解积极情绪与消极情绪的变化样式可以帮助你正确对待情绪问题。

59、he's got a chip on his shoulder today. 指“要打架的样子”、“情绪不好的态度”。

60、Research proves that it is unhealthy to repress one's emotions, and that men who do not express their emotions freely tend to die earlier than those who do. 研究证实压抑自己的情绪是不健康的,而且无法自由表露情绪的男子要比真情流露者早死。

61、One of the actor's lines aroused his nostalgia. 电影主角的一句话引动了她的怀旧情绪。

62、Dr.Scott suspected cultural norms might be at play: women are socialized to be more emotionally expressive, he said, so hiding emotions may create more strain. 斯科特博士怀疑可能是文化规范在起作用:女性社会化后表达情绪更冲动,他说,这样一来隐藏情绪可能会造成更多压力。

63、The ability to perceive emotion, integrate emotion to facilitate thought, understand emotions, and to regulate emotions to promote personal growth (Mayer &Salovey, 1997). 酝酿情绪,利用情绪激励思维,理解情绪,并能够调控情绪来促进个人发展的能力。

64、The negative emotion factors of the Chinese seafarers appear quite related to every SCL-90 factor, while the active emotion factors appear quite opposite to the SCL-90 factors; 中国海员的消极情绪因子与SCL 90各因子呈显著正相关,积极情绪因子与SCL 90的躯体化、强迫、抑郁、敌对等因子呈显著负相关。


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