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关于”诗歌的单词“的英语句子4个,句子主体:Poetry words。以下是关于诗歌的单词的考研英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Poetry words

1、Qing documents of ci theories are represented by comments, selections, prefaces, epilogues, notes and essays. 清代词学理论文献的主要形式有词话、词选、论词诗词、词律词韵、序跋批注、书札专论文等。

2、Like his poetic creation, Yuan Haowen's success in Ci creation was due to his respect for and modeling after Du Fu. 与其诗歌创作一样,遗山的词创作始终贯穿着对唐代大诗人杜甫的尊崇和追摹。

3、He poetry (lyrics) literariness and the work musicality carries on the perfect union, excavates the poetry the intrinsic emotion; And has promoted the steel. 他将诗歌(歌词)的文学性和作品的音乐性进行完美的结合,挖掘出诗歌的内在情感;

4、This edition Chinese lyrics very are also touching also a richer poetic sentiment. 这个版本的中文歌词也很感人也更加富有诗意。

5、Tao Yuanming's poems are said to be perfect unity of naturalness and artistry. 陶渊明诗歌“癯而实腴”,陶诗叠词平实中透着纤巧,诗意盎然。

6、Second, advertising language or quote poetry Jiaju, or use of poetry in the usual rhetorical approach to writing. 广告的语言文字或引用诗词佳句,或化用诗歌中惯用的修辞手法来进行撰写。

7、Although has studied the poems and songs, actually cannotapprove to teacher the love. 虽学过了诗词歌赋,却赞不完对老师的爱。

8、In Chinese literature, there are much more lotus-related poetries. 在中国文学里,与莲有关的诗词歌赋,更是不计其数。

9、A poet sometimes falsifies accent. 诗人有时改变词的重音。

10、And his shy nature and poetic lyrics have also given him the nickname "Poetic Musician". 他腼腆的性格、充满诗意的歌词,则让他拥有了“音乐诗人”的雅号。

11、Here is a sampler of various English-language poetry which, I hope, will give non-readers of poetry, in particular, the impetus to follow through and discover the joys of poetry for themselves. 这是我编写的一个英文诗歌集锦,希望能给读者(尤其是不喜阅读诗歌的人)带来读诗的动力,使他们跟随诗行,享受诗词带来的无穷乐趣。

12、All of those elements declare the contribution from poet and poem to the development and style building of ci in its early history. 对于中唐词这一特征的考察,揭示了诗歌对于早期词发展的影响以及早期词体建设所作的贡献。

13、Poetry is the rhythmical creation of beauty in words. 诗歌缘于优美词汇的有节奏性组合,这个解释很新奇。

14、Ancient poetry word middle have the verse "translating" the sum "day lily"? 古诗词中有“译”和“萱”的诗句么?

15、In Chinese ancient poetry, sensibility was often expressed with diverse images by poets. 在中国古代诗词中,情感常常被诗人和词人通过不同意象表达。

16、In more than 60 years of his career as an artist, He Jingzhi created a large number of new opera (including Yangko opera), new poetry, "new ancient poetry" and songs. 在六十余年的文艺生涯中,贺敬之创作了大量的新歌剧(包括秧歌剧)、新诗、“新古体诗词”、歌词。

17、Readers of poetry will know that modern poets like to use big and esoteric words. 读过诗的都知道,现代诗歌惯用大量晦涩的词汇。

18、There are more than 60 poems associated with the images of plum blossom in Cao Yin's poetry. Cao Yin liked seeing and writing plum blossom. 在曹寅流传下来的众多诗歌中,涉及梅意象的诗歌有60多首,其中提及梅的词就有6首。

19、He is especially influential in folk song such as Zhuzhi-Ci. 他在竹枝词等民歌体小诗方面的影响表现得更为集中、典型。

20、Don't profane the sacredness of the word poetry with your premature ejeculation. 不要用你那无力的早泻来亵渎“诗歌”一词的神圣。

21、The lyrics almost read like a W.B. Yeats poem. 歌词读起来几乎就象叶芝的诗。

22、In this essay, by researching Chinese modern poesy indite, it opens out 3 different ages to inherit classic poesy's tradition and discusses Chinese modern poesy's disciplinarian of indite. 本文通过对中国现代诗歌创作进行梳理和研究,揭示了三个不同时期的诗歌创作对古典诗词传统的继承与发展,进而探讨中国现代诗歌的创作规律。

23、Hsing is often located at the front end of a poem which is used to invoke the poet's emotion and initiate the contexts below. 兴为触物兴词,即客观事物触发了诗人的情感,引起诗人歌唱,所以大多在诗歌的发端。

24、The Yijing theory originates from the Chinese classical poem. Wang Guowei first established the poetic Jingjie theory in his literature RenjjianCiHua. 意境说源于中国古典诗词,王国维先生在其著作《人间词话》中首次明确地建立了诗词的境界理论。

25、And poets wanted to use the image of wide goose to realize their individuation. 同时诗人和词人也力图用大雁意象实现诗词的个性化。


26、He has published 9 books of poetry and lyrics including The Collected Works of Chen Lubai. 曾出版《陈侣白文集》和诗集、歌词集等共9部。

27、Detailed description started early in classical poems in China, which can date back to very early ancient songs and the book of songs. 细节描写在我国古典诗词中发轫甚早,可追潮到远古歌谣及《诗经》之中。

28、Poetry, each literary style, have their own unique style. 诗词歌赋,每一种文学样式,都有各自的独特体式。

29、Every list is subjective, and of course the use of "greatest" even more so - but these are not just "favorite" poems. 每一张清单其实都是主观的,自然“最强”这个用词或许太夸张,不过下述的诗歌不仅仅是“最爱”的诗歌。

30、Since 1919 when he began to create the first modern Chinese poem "Mei Yu", he has created nearly 1,000 poems in his whole life, including old style poems, modern Chinese poetry, lyrics and so on. 自xx年创作第一首新诗《梅雨》开始,田汉一生写作的旧体诗词、新诗、歌词共计有将近一千首,诗人田汉的称号确实是名至实归。

31、She chanted hymns and prayers with the voice of a cantor. 她用圣诗领唱者的嗓音吟唱赞美诗和祈祷词。

32、The Hao Liao Ge Zhu best manifests this role as a representative of these poems. 《好了歌注》可以说是其诗词曲赋的代表作。

33、The poetry originating in Tang dynasty and flourishing in Song dynasty holds a very important influence in Chinese traditional culture. 中国诗歌史上最具影响力和代表性的就属唐诗宋词。

34、Du Fu's poetry had an overall influence on Yuan Haowen's style. 杜甫诗歌对遗山词风的影响是全面的。

35、The complex imagoes of the moon comes down in one continuous line of 《The Book of Songs》, and it greatly broadens the culture connotation and stature of poetry, enrich the artifice of poetry as well. 中国古代诗词中月亮意象的多元化,与《诗经》 六义一脉相承,极大地拓宽了诗词的文化内涵和思想境界,也丰富了诗词的表现技巧。

36、The fourth part concludes the semantic construction features of the modifying compound words in Han Shan poetry. 第四部分对寒山诗歌里的偏正式复合词的语义构词特点进行归纳。

37、Asaph's lyrics were not as upbeat as those of Stevens. 亚萨的诗歌不像史蒂芬的词那么令人愉悦。

38、诗人有时改变词的重音。 A poet sometimes falsifies accent.

39、A word, phrase, verse, or sentence that reads the same backward or forward. 正读、反读都相同的一个单词、词组、诗节或句子。

40、The Greek word used for workmanship is poema; that’s where our word for “poem” comes from. 希腊语中,工作的意思就是诗歌;也是我们的词“诗歌”的出处。

41、With the influence of media, new-poem has been broken up to many patterns such as song-words-poem, internet-poem, mobile-phone-message-poem and so on. 在媒介的作用下,新诗的传播体式由纸媒诗歌的一统天下裂变为歌词诗、网络诗歌和手机短信诗歌等多种体式。

42、Han Liu moved to light the history of the article, Li Du poetry Susin words. 韩柳文章迁光史,李杜诗歌苏辛词。

43、A particular arrangement of words in poetry, such as iambic pentameter, determined by the kind and number of metrical units in a line. 格律:诗歌中字词的特定安排,由一行诗中韵律单位的类型和数量而定,如抑扬格五音步诗行。

44、Zhuzhici as a verse which is different from the recent genre of poetry, has its own unique characteristics in the language. 竹枝词作为一种不同于近体诗的诗歌体裁,在语言方面有其独特的特点。

45、It sounds more a lyric than a song. 它与其说是歌词,不如说是一首抒情诗。

46、I stood in the songs of childhood Yin, the backdrop of the poetry. 我的童年矗立在歌吟里,掩映在诗词中。

47、The painting rises from the brushstrokes as a poem rises from the words. 绘画出自于笔刷正如诗歌出自于词语。

48、Xing Han is a well-known poet in the modern poetic circles in our country. His poems have wide-spread influence at home and abroad. 星汉是我国当代诗词界的著名诗人,其诗词在国内外有着广泛的影响。

49、And yet even apart from those there are many poems that use that word "love," often in crucial places in the poems. 除了这些,还有很多诗歌用到了爱这个词“,经常是诗歌中的关键位置。

50、Samuel Johnson the famous dictionary maker was also into poetry and within a much longer poem included these lines 与许多大学问家一样,著名的词典编纂者 塞缪尔·约翰逊 不仅对诗词韵文很着迷,而且还热衷于诗歌创作。


51、Yu Ou Collection" is one of the latest issued collection of ancient poetry which spans 154 years." 《馀沤集》是最新出版的一本古体诗词集,收集的诗词跨度1 xx年。

52、These are words you're not supposed to use in poems or in even writing about poems. 这些是你们觉得不应该出现在诗歌中的词,或者是写关于诗歌的东西时。

53、The same set of six words ends the lines of each of the six-line stanzas, but in a different order each time; 六节中诗行的结尾必用同样的六个单词,但六个单词的排序又都不同。

54、Today, when reviving the old-style poems becomes a tendency, Zhou Xiaotian's work Xin Tuo Ju Poems and Songs has made great achievements. 在旧体诗词创作渐趋复兴的今天,周啸天的《欣托居歌诗》取得突出的成就。

55、Alliteration: The repetition of the initial consonant sounds in poetry. 头韵:诗歌中单词开头读音的重复。

56、It reflects the development of Ci cultural psychology. The second section describes that the study of Ci and Poetry had a coexistent developmental momentum. 第二部分描述宋代的词学与诗学在共时存在的发展势态下,“以诗为词”的诗学内涵。

57、It is the words that make a song sacred, not the tune. 其实,是歌词而非其音符使一首歌成为圣诗。

58、You may also get to your computer and type a friend poem or your favorite song lyrics . 你也得给你一个朋友的诗型电脑或你最喜欢的歌曲歌词。

59、In fact the word he is trying to introduce is clyming an invented pseudo-Greek word describing a poetic technique the builds the force of the idea being expressed. 事实上,作者想要介绍的是一个伪造的希腊单词clyming,这个单词用来描述如何表达思想的诗歌技巧。

60、As a chanter, Altai's poems, is the most splendid dedication that he offers to plateau homeland. 作为歌者,阿尔泰的诗歌,是他呈给故乡高原最精美的献词。

61、As to " the Book of Songs " , put it in poem among region of literature , put it in song on music field, including the lyrics and melody. 对于《诗经》,把它放在文学领域之中它是诗歌,但把它放在音乐领域里它又是歌曲,包括歌词和曲调。

62、It gave them words to attatch to their feelings. 诗歌提供了词藻来抒写他们的感情。

63、And has learned poetry, odes, and quatrains instead. 却学得了诗词、颂歌、绝句来替代。

64、Of these poems, some described partridges directly, some only mentined the name in the titles, and others just used the images of the bird. 这些诗词有些是咏鹧鸪诗词,有些是鹧鸪意象诗词,有些是以鹧鸪入名的词调作品。

65、Ci, a special fonn of the Chinese classical poetry, has more distinct aesthetic features in comparison with the traditional poetry. 词是中国古典诗歌的一种特殊形式,相对于传统诗文,更具有浓郁和鲜明的审美特征。

66、Speak to one another with psalms, hymns and spiritual songs. 当用诗章,颂词,灵歌,彼此对说。

67、Our English word "poem" comes from this Greek word translated "workmanship." You're God's handcrafted work of art. 在英文中,“诗歌”这个单词翻译自希腊文的“技巧、手艺”。

68、The 305 songs of The Book of Songs were originally lyrics for music. The present pieces still retain the qualities of songs, among which the repetitive structure is typical. 《诗经》305篇原来都是入乐的歌词,所以,现传的诗篇保留了许多歌词的性质,最为典型的是重章复沓。

69、It is normal to put new words in old poem in the history of China poetry. 在中国诗歌史上,以新词入诗之举,古已有之。

70、This collection of poetry includes ten modern poems. 这本诗词选集收录了十首今体诗。

71、It is distinctive that Zhu Xiang praised traditional culture about poem and Ci highly and he assimilated it in his lots of poems. 在诗论中对传统诗词文化的推崇及在自己的大量诗作中对传统诗词文化的融解,是朱湘的独特之处。


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