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关于”疯狂动物城里的句子“的英语句子4个,句子主体:Crazy animal City sentences。以下是关于疯狂动物城里的句子的初三英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Crazy animal City sentences

1、That plan worked, as the movie's biggest competition last weekend was from Disney's popular animated holdover Zootopia and another sequel in comedy My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2. 这项决定起了作用,上周末《蝙超》的最大竞争对手是热映多日的迪士尼动画电影《疯狂动物城》以及喜剧片《我的盛大希腊婚礼2》。

2、"Zootopia" " director Byron Howard said that discovery helped build the film's themes of prejudice and inclusion in a diverse world. 《疯狂动物城》导演拜伦·霍华德说,这个发现帮助构建了电影的主题——在一个多样世界里的偏见和包容。 。

3、Animal-mad Alan and Heather Hewitt share their home with over 80 exotic creatures. 疯狂的动物爱好者艾伦和希瑟-休伊特在家里有80多只奇怪的动物。

4、Our love is crazy, we're nuts, but I refuse counsel in' 我们的爱的确疯狂,我们就是疯子,但我拒绝谏言。

5、It thundered at the town, and thundered at the cliffs, and brought the coast down, madly . 它大声恐吓城市,轰击悬崖,而且疯狂地打坏堤岸。

6、What an insane day! 真是疯狂的一天!

7、This one, her madness will be to steal food and stuff herself when she’s not even hungry. 这人,她疯狂的行为,当她不饿的时候都会去偷食物猛劲儿往肚子里填的。

8、◇◆__________゛〆~l'm insane lunatic , only love you insane . ◇◆__________゛〆~我是疯狂的疯子,只爱你的疯子。

9、At this hour in the morning, only wildlife filmmakers, seasoned wildlife viewers, and crazy people scurry through Yellow-stone. 早晨的这个时间,只有野生动物电影工作者、老练的野生动物观察者和疯狂的人才会在黄石公园疾奔。

10、He was insanely jealous. 他疯狂地嫉妒子爵

11、It was mad from the hairlike parts of some plants. 它是疯狂的一些植物因地区。

12、Marauder: A mage given over to dynamism, and tainted by insanity. 劫夺者: 彻底放弃动态,陷入疯狂的魔法师。

13、For most Chinese, "Zootopia" is the first time that they have even seen a sloth, but people now are keen to know more about these animals. 对于大多数中国人来说,《疯狂动物城》是他们第一次看到树懒这种生物,但是人们现在很想知道更多关于这些动物的信息了。

14、Critics shave strongly praised "Zootopia" for its sharp humor and strong message in its portrayal of relations between two kinds of animals in the city. 评论家高度赞扬了《疯狂动物城》在城市中两种动物之间关系的描写上,有着敏锐的幽默感和非常大的信息量。 。

15、He's crazy. 他是疯狂的。

16、I am a jerk, a hysteric jerk, cheating myself that you still care about me. 但我疯狂地,歇斯底里地疯狂着,我自欺欺人地以为你仍是在乎我的。

17、She is always crazy at modish things . 她疯狂热爱流行物品。

18、It was a madhouse as usual. 那里一如既往的疯狂。

19、Not only are these dogs fierce assault weapons, they are loyal guardians. 这些犬科动物不仅是疯狂的攻袭武器,还是主人最忠实的保护者。

20、Just another crazy day in Longyearbyen. 在朗伊尔城又度过了近乎疯狂的一天。

21、Over the weekend, Zootopia joined the ranks of all-animal animations created by Disney, and certainly made its own mark on the genre by showing animals living in a world just like ours. 上周末,《疯狂动物城》加入了迪斯尼创作的全动物动画排行榜,当然通过展示像我们一样生活在世界上的动物,这部作品在这一类型的动画中做出了自己的成绩。

22、The result is an avian feeding frenzy that ranks as on of the greatest wildlife spectacles of North America. 结果这里上演了一场疯狂的免费大餐,演出了北美野生动物行为中最壮观的一幕。

23、“Mad” Max Rockatansky Mad Max &Sequels (1979) “疯”麦克斯 疯狂的麦克斯&续(1979)

24、The mule was frightened and ran away, kicking wildly. 骡子惊恐不已,疯狂地踢动着跑开。

25、His improvisations set the city on its head. 他的即兴演奏令整个城市疯狂。


26、Rayman Raving Rabbids TV Party. 雷曼疯狂兔子电视聚会 欧版。

27、But of all my crazy-ass Project Teams this was by far the most crazy-assed. 但在我所经历过的所有疯狂项目里,这是迄今为止最疯狂的。

28、When it's time for Carnaval Miami , the city goes wild. 当迈阿密嘉年华会开始时,整个城市都疯狂了。

29、Or get out of the office and do something fun or crazy. 或者离开办公室做一些疯狂的举动。

30、"Zootopia" is a city of animals. “疯狂动物城”是一座动物的城市。

31、In addition to oil madness, the madness of iron ore has become a rock, coal will become the future of coal crazy? 留学解答资讯网:1。除了石油疯狂之外,铁矿石也成了疯狂的石头,今后煤炭会不会成为疯狂的煤炭?

32、The Museum of Everything Exhibition No. 4: Art or Insanity? “啥都有博物馆”系列展之4:艺术还是疯狂?

33、Call me crazy, but I love shopping at thrift stores. 这使我疯狂,但是我喜欢在廉价旧货店购物。

34、In Zootopia reside all kinds of mammals. 疯狂动物城里居住着各种各样的哺乳动物。

35、He flailed about madly with a baseball bat. 他疯狂地挥动球棒。

36、Crazily reading, crazily writing. The Universe my name, The Sun my shadow. 疯狂读,疯狂写,我的芳名是宇宙,我的影子是太阳。

37、Insane pumpkin carving of the Predator. 疯狂的南瓜雕刻——食肉动物。

38、Love made me crazy, but I am not a madman. 爱情曾让峩疯狂,但峩绝罘是疯子。

39、When cats are maddened by the midnight dance… 子夜的舞会使猫疯狂…

40、What a crazy fantasy. 多么疯狂的幻想!

41、Is there any trade crazier than the liquid biofuel business? 还有什么比液体生物燃料生意更疯狂?

42、The department of motor vehicles in "Zootopia" is staffed by sloths 5, the world's slowest mammal. 在《疯狂动物城》中,机动车部门的职员是世界上最慢的哺乳动物树懒。

43、Disney says "Zootopia" is its most complex animation yet. The extra effort is certainly paying off at the box office. 迪士尼称《疯狂动物城》是其目前为止最复杂的动画片。额外的努力确实换来了高票房的回报。

44、For others, it means frantic days of gift-shopping at the mall. 对另外一些人而言,这意味着要在商厦里疯狂地选购礼物了。

45、En revanche, certaines plantes prolifèrent. 另一方面,一些植物疯狂生长。

46、Disney says "Zootopia" is its most complex animation yet. 迪士尼称《疯狂动物城》是其目前为止最复杂的动画片。

47、Life's a little bit messy. We all make mistakes. No matter what type of animal you are, change starts with you. 生活总会有点不顺意,我们都会犯错。天性如何并不重要,重要的是你开始改变。《疯狂动物城》。

48、Babette, mad as a hornet, chases Rufus all over town. 巴贝特,作为一个大黄蜂疯狂,追逐鲁弗斯全城。

49、When you saw that I was cry about doing challenge sports, indulging alcohol or expressing my emotion to intimates , it was my dark night. 如果什么时候,见到我疯狂运动,疯狂喝酒或是疯狂找朋友倾诉了,那便是我最郁闷的时候。

50、Let us play frenziedly , let us learn English frenziedly! 让我们疯狂的玩,疯狂的学英语吧!


51、Definition of Craziness: Crazy stands for the human spirit of transcending oneself. 疯狂的定义:“疯狂”代表着人超越自我的精神

52、The background to this mania is decidedly bleak and desolate. I don't think it is right to dichotomize art as "crazy" or "not crazy". 我并不认为艺术有“疯狂”或“不疯狂”之分,我只觉得艺术品市场本身才有“疯狂”或“不疯狂”的说法。

53、I know its crazy but you still can touch my heart. 我知道这很疯狂,但你仍能撩动我的心弦。


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