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关于”鼓励学习的经典语句“的英语句子2个,句子主体:Classic sentences that encourage learning。以下是关于鼓励学习的经典语句的中考英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Classic sentences that encourage learning

1、鼓励小朋友上学的故事的英文翻译 鼓励小朋友上学的故事 The story of encouraging children to go to school

2、They must also instil a culture that encourages continuous learning and improvement. 他们还必须被灌输一种文化,鼓励持续学习和改进。

3、The old people should be encouraged to learn science and culture, give full scope to their potentials participating into the social life, and cultivate independence and self-assistance. 鼓励老年人学习科学文化知识,发挥老年人参与社会生活的潜力,倡导和鼓励老年人自主、自助。

4、Yes, we need lots of encouragement and support when we first come to know Christ. Yet, equally important is to study God's word. 当我们初信主的时候,需要鼓励和支持,但是,学习神的话语也同样重要。

5、Encourage South Korea ball exercises, collision Chinese fishing boats. 鼓励南韩实弹演习,冲撞中国渔船。

6、He often encourages me to study maths. 他经常鼓励我学数学。

7、It said school meals programmes marked greater efforts to encourage healthier eating habits among children. 报告说,学校供餐计划显示了鼓励孩子养成健康饮食习惯的更大努力。

8、Stephen Van Wyck: As an English teacher, I believe in encouraging my students to synthesize6 language, not only memorize it. 斯蒂芬•范怀克: 作为英语教师,我主张鼓励学生去学习综合语言,而不仅仅是记忆。

9、In a learning organization, workers are encouraged to pick up good ideas from everywhere. 学习型组织鼓励员工们从每个地方摭拾好的创意。

10、They give advice, encourage academic success and stress achievement, Geary said. 吉尔里说,他们给孩子提出建议、鼓励他们争取学科成就,并且重视他们的学习成绩。

11、Luckily, Bingxin's parents all supported her studying and writing. 冰心很幸运有鼓励她学习和写作的父母。

12、They seem accustomed to rote learning, which translates to good grades, but does not encourage creativity. 他们看上去习惯于死记硬背的学习,这样能得到好的分数,但并不鼓励创新。

13、Child psychologist Dr Woolfson added that "supportive parenting" and regularly listening to classical music can also aid a child's memory. 儿童心理学家伍尔夫森博士补充道,“鼓励式教育”和经常听古典音乐也有助于提高儿童的记忆力。

14、There is no whetstone like praise, to sharpen a good wit and encourage a will to learn. 没有比褒奖更好的磨刀石了,它能成就聪慧,鼓励学习的决心。

15、It is an exciting place to be as students are encouraged to engage in their studies and become life-long learners. 加拿大高中班是个令人兴奋地地方,因为我们鼓励学生全力投入学习从而成为终身学习者。

16、I tend to favor the student- centered approach to teaching. Encouraging and fostering learning with as much student activity as possible. 我偏好以学生为中心的教学方法。尽可能以很多的学生活动鼓励并培养学习。

17、David:There are two solutions: encourage foreigners to study Chinese and encourage Chinese to study English! 有两种方法:鼓励外国人学中文和鼓励中国人学英语。

18、Mother often encourages me to learn English. 母亲常鼓励我学英语。

19、We use strong visual imagery to encourage students to learn and think in a foreign language, which helps instinctive retentions of words. 我们用最强有力的视觉表象鼓励学生用外语去学习和思考,自然的记住和使用标准外语单词。

20、The company encourages the staff to study the argon arc welding technology, free provides each kind of tool and the equipment studies the use for the staff. 公司鼓励员工学习氩弧焊技术,免费提供各种工具和设备供员工学习使用。

21、I was encouraged to study both modern and ancient scientists by Professor Waldman, my favorite teacher. 在我最喜欢的老师——瓦尔多教授的鼓励下,我投身于现代科学与古代科学的学习中。

22、Bing Xin was fortunate to have parents who encouraged her to study and write. 冰心很幸运地有鼓励她学习和写作的父母。

23、Slovenian pharmacologist has done it and now urges the world to learn from his example. 斯洛文尼亚的一位药理学家就做到了,现在他鼓励全世界向自己学习。

24、Rewarding concision first will encourage students to be economical and innovative with language. 首先以简洁为荣能够鼓励学生经济而创新地利用语言。

25、He often encourages us to speak and write in English. 他经常鼓励我们用英语交谈和写作。


26、But teachers and parents should encourage pupils to concentrate on what they do well at school. 可是教师和家长有义务鼓励学生把精力集中在学校里学习得好的功课上。

27、I'm not good at English, so my teacher often encourages me to learn it well. 我英语不大好,因此老师经常鼓励我学 我英语不大好, 好它。 好它。

28、I’ve done quite a few Radio Free Learning podcasts here on Mission to Learn, and I encourage you to check them all out if you haven’t already. 在《任务学习》上我已经做了很多收音机免费学习播客,如果你还没有查看的话,我鼓励大家去查看一下。

29、Han people, especially officials, are also encouraged to learn the minority languages to improve mutual understanding. 也鼓励汉族人,尤其是官员学习少数民族语言来增进相互了解。

30、“Psychiatrists are attuned to encouraging patients to stick with treatment,” he noted. 他说:精神病学家习惯于鼓励病人坚持治疗。

31、When young women and girls are educated, they often receive no encouragement to study science and mathematics. 当青年女性和女孩受到教育的时候,常常没有人鼓励她们学习科学和数学。

32、His spirit encouraged me to work hard at my study. 他的这总精神鼓励着我要努力学习。

33、As far as learner's dictionary is concerned, ELDs and EJLDs on the whole have fairly good inclusion of illustrations. 对于学习词典而言,英语单语学习词典及英日双语学习词典对插图的处理整体上都不错。

34、Grounded in breath, the 5Rhythms practice invites discovery, expression, release, celebration, and integration through your unique body and journey. 以呼吸为基础,五韵律的练习鼓励探索、表达、释放、庆典及通过你自己独特的身体和经验进行融合。

35、A Slovenian pharmacologist has done it and now urges the world to learn from his example。 斯洛文尼亚的一位药理学家就做到了,现在他鼓励全世界向自己学习。

36、To encourage students to develop independent language learning strategies and to raise their linguistic competency to meet future learning needs. 配合未来社会需要,鼓励学生定立个人学习目标及增强语言学习意识。

37、Therefore, the study "The Analects" Chapters of the process, carefully read and refer to the above books. 因此,学习《论语》章句的过程中,要仔细通读并参考上述的典籍。

38、My child's middle school encouraged this behavior and set up teacher-supervised, kid-to-kid tutoring sessions. 我的孩子上中学的时候,我就鼓励他采用的这种行为,在有教师监督的情况下,鼓励孩子互帮互学。

39、The movement celebrated Irish literature and encouraged people to learn the Irish language, which many people were forgoing in favor of the more modern English language. 这个运动庆祝爱尔兰文学,并鼓励人们学习爱尔兰语,其中许多人放弃了有利于更多的现代英语。

40、The post is aiming to encourage and invite everyone to use English, especially to learn some words and expressions for everyday use. 开此贴的目的是为了鼓励和邀请大家都来使用英语,尤其是可以学习一些日常用语。

41、They were not able to receive degrees, but the progressive professors encouraged them to come and study. 她们是不能够获得学位的,但是那些进步论的教授们鼓励她们来学习。

42、When I was a worldly, very bad grades a child, my father gave me the love and encouragement; 当我还是个不谙世事、学习成绩相当糟糕的孩子时,父亲给我的爱和鼓励;

43、Encourages the pharmacy jobholders to continue to study and to pursue advanced studies, promotion culture level. 鼓励药学从业人员的继续学习和深造,提升文化层次。

44、So far, we have the following in our language. Right, we have assignment. 至今为止,我们已经学习了,该语言的以下内容,我们学习了赋值语句。

45、比较简洁的感谢父母亲多年来在生活和学习的关心和鼓励 Dear father and mother, are you confused that you get a letter from me?

46、We often encouraged Qiaolin Lee to study hard. 我们经常鼓励乔林李刻苦学习。

47、Slovenian pharmacologist has done it and now urges the world to learn from his example, Moncler Outlet. 斯洛文尼亚的一位药理学家就做到了,现在他鼓励全世界向自己学习。

48、A Slovenian pharmacologist[2] has done it and now urges the world to learn from his example. 斯洛文尼亚的一位药理学家就做到了,现在他鼓励全世界向自己学习。

49、We encourage to learn good English together, because English is in our lifes already very important, hope everyones can learn good English! 因为英国人在我们的生活方面已经非常重要,所以我们鼓励一起学习好英语, 希望每个人能学习好英语!

50、I am always encouraged to see how some of you take the word seriously by faithfully attending Sunday School, BSF and other bible study groups. 每每见到我们的会众忠实地参加主日学、查经团契或者其他属灵团体,认真看待神的话语并努力学习,都让我深受鼓励。


51、Teachers shall encourage students to take courses in fields that are not traditionally affiliated with their gender. 教师应鼓励学生修习非传统性别之学科领域。

52、In the learning process, we encourage students to make good use of their talents and work hard with respect to the school learning objectives and the teaching progress. 在学习过程中,我们根据学校的学习目标及教学进度,鼓励学生发挥所长,努力向前。

53、Ms. Gates encouraged her kids to study hard, play sports and take music lessons. (Bill Gates tried the trombone with little success.) 妻子鼓励孩子们刻苦学习,多运动,并学习音乐(比尔·盖茨曾学过长号,但没什么建树)。

54、He has studied yoga and philosphy for over 12 years, and has been greatly inspired by his teachers in New York City. 他学习瑜伽和哲学已经超过xx年,深受他在纽约的老师们的激励和鼓舞。

55、Give employees a chance to grow and develop new skills; encourage them to be their best. 对员工成长完善自我、学习新技能的机会;鼓励他们做最好的自己、。

56、The meeting was a chance for the Tzu Chings to learn from each other and give each other much needed encouragement. 研习营是给慈青一个相互学习、及相互鼓励的机会。

57、The answer is to encourage students to learn by creating an environment in which they can express their ideas freely and without intimidation. 鼓励学生去创造一个可以自由不受恫吓地发表想法的环境,鼓励他们在这个过程中学习,这倒是一个可行的办法。

58、Let them watch cartoons and movies in English. Children love cartoons, and seeing them in English will only increase their desire to learn. 鼓励孩子多看英语卡通片和英语影片。孩子们很喜欢卡通,英语卡通片会很大的激励孩子学习英语的兴趣和期望。

59、I also told him something about my school. He often encouraged me to work hard. 他经常鼓励我要好好学习。

60、According to Hirsh-Pasek, how you learn is as important as what you learn, which is why she encourages that babies and children get enough playtime. 帕塞克说,孩子如何学习与他们学习了什么同等重要,这也是应该鼓励孩子多出去玩的原因。

61、You are welcome, and encouraged, to work on the assignment problems with fellow students. 我们欢迎并且鼓励你在做习题集的时候和同学讨论。

62、Encourage students to think more, and be more initiative. 鼓励学生在学习中多动脑,更自觉主动的学习。

63、We have conditionals. 我们学习了条件语句。

64、Replicating best practices. Incentivizing excellence. Closing cost disparities. 学习典范,激励卓越,减少成本差异。

65、When students complete an English Learning Passport, and it is approved by the English Department, they will be rewarded. 每完成一本英语学习护照者,经由外语部审核后,即可依照奖励方式给予鼓励。

66、In teaching culture, the teacher is not just a person can teach, but a person with the names of observer, guide, arbiter and co-learner, etc. 在学生学习英语语言文化的过程中,时时刻刻陪伴学生、督导学生、鼓励学生是教师不可懈怠的责任。

67、I can't help but continue to encourage you to study hard. 我可忍不住继续鼓励你好好学习哦!

68、The composer encouraged his students to explore the fusion of jazz and classical music. 这位作曲家导师鼓励其学生尝试爵士乐与古典音乐的糅合。

69、The Spanish Enchantress" was born in Madrid in 1974 to a family that encouraged their children to study the Arts." 这位“西班牙女巫”xx年出生在马德里一个鼓励孩子学习艺术的家庭。

70、In these activities he encourages people to love their lives, learn to be perseverant and optimistic. 透过这些活动,他鼓励人更热爱生命,学习坚毅与乐观。

71、To begin as an accounting trainee and eventually become a manager. 从当会计见习开始, 问学堂句典翻译机最后成为经理。


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