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关于”颜色的句子“的英语句子3个,句子主体:Color sentence。以下是关于颜色的句子的小学英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Color sentence

1、I like your red shoes. 我喜欢你那双红颜色的鞋子。

2、Material, good color, head is good, it is good. 料子大,颜色好,水头好,雕工好。

3、An example is an MP3 player that has red, green, and blue variants. 一个例子就是具有 红色、绿色 和 蓝色 等不同颜色的 MP3 播放器。

4、Monkey, color the bear black. 小猴子,把熊涂成黑颜色。

5、Neither he can adjust the color, the color of color, or the color of the brush a tuning out. 他可以调剂颜色,无论是彩色笔的颜色,还是毛笔的颜色都调得出来。

6、It is a little big. It is white and green. I like my desk. 桌子有点儿大,它的颜色是白色和绿色。

7、What color is a chameleon placed on the mirror? 放在镜子上的变色龙是什么颜色的?

8、What colour is the electric cooker? 电炉子是什么颜色的?。

9、In the doorway lay at least twelve umbrellas of all sizes and colours. 门口放着一堆雨伞,少说有十二把,五颜六色,大小不一。 如果把这个句子译成"门口放着至少有十二把五颜六色大小不一的雨伞",中文明显有些拐扭,效果肯定就差远了。

10、Most hat colors look good on any man. But some go particularly well with certain complexions and hair colors. 大多数的帽子颜色每个人戴起来都还可以的,但是某一些帽子与某一种肤色和头发颜色尤其相配。

11、One colour faded into another. 一个颜色变成了另一种颜色。

12、Dress, or pants and hosiery and shoes all one color. 衣服、裤子、袜子、鞋子统统一种颜色。

13、103.Look at the colored box underneath. 请看下面有颜色的盒子。

14、Subtractive primary colours: Refer to colour of pigment. 减色法原色: 是指颜料的颜色。

15、The building was old. The color was brown. 那幢房子是旧的,颜色是棕色的。

16、Color - Black, wheaten or brindle of any color. 颜色-- 黑色、 麦色或者有任何颜色的斑点。

17、Where are my socks 我的袜子在哪儿 What colour is it It’s white. 它是什么颜色的白色的。

18、Each of the houses is painited a different colour. 每栋房子都漆成不同的颜色。

19、There are two color ( white and black ) chessmen in a row. 有两种颜色( 白色和黑色) 棋子连胜。

20、The color of many Leonids is like the color of our sodium discharge lamps. 多数狮子座流星雨的颜色就像 钠灯发出 光的颜色。

21、Kate's, what, dress, silk, colour, is. 凯特的绸子连衣裙是什么颜色?

22、Leaves - Why do they change colour? 叶子为什么会变颜色呢?

23、He had very light hair, with darker patches here and there, and a moustache just beginning to show. 他头发的颜色很淡,偶尔有些地方颜色稍深,胡子刚刚冒出茬来。

24、Beluga usually ranges from purple to black, the palest being the most expensive. Beluga鱼子酱的颜色一般从紫红色到黑色到有,颜色最淡的的最昂贵。

25、Otherwise, pick the third sock. Now the first two socks already cover both color cases. The third sock must be one of those and form a matching pair. 否则,我们在再挑选出一只袜子,我们原先挑出的袜子已经有了两种不同的颜色,第三只袜子的颜色必是其中的一种,这样,我们就挑选出了一双颜色相同的袜子。


26、Those pants clash with that shirt.裤子与那衬衫颜色不配。

27、Wooden Valet Box Colors: These striking wood boxes are colorfully accented with dichroic glass, stained glass, sleek aluminum or shimmery iridescent film . 木制代客框颜色:这些惊人的木盒子五颜六色重音与二色玻璃,彩色玻璃,光滑的铝或闪闪虹彩膜 。

28、Hello, $750 for a set of color price, the bag has several kinds colour, pay a few color plate charge. 你好,750元为一套颜色的报价,袋子上有几种颜色,就付几套颜色的版费。

29、Her shoes tone in with her skirt. 她的鞋和裙子颜色很匹配。

30、Add the decorations to the Christmas tree in their exercise books and colour them in with the correct colour according to the sentences. 将练习本上的圣诞树增加上装饰品,并将装饰品根据句子的要求涂上正确的颜色。

31、What colour is the wizard's house? 男巫的房子是什么颜色的?

32、The colorimetric methods involve the bleaching of a preformed color by the fluoride ion. 比色法涉及氟离子对预先形成的颜色的消色作用。

33、What colour are your hat? 你们的帽子是什么颜色的?

34、General color is not anti-static computer cabinets white, anti-static cabinet color is dark brown. 普通不防静电柜子颜色为电脑白,防静电柜子颜色为黑褐色。

35、That dress is a beautiful hue of red. 那条裙子的红颜色真好看。

36、With this you get the benefit of Visual Studio color coding and statement completion. 这样,您就可以利用 Visual Studio 的颜色代码和语句完成特性。

37、Green is a healing color, the color of nature. 绿色是疗伤的颜色,大自然的颜色。

38、What colour are your tickets? 你们的票子是什么颜色的?

39、" His mustache looks like a different color, "like when you have a leaf with two different colors on it. 他的大胡子看上去像另外一种颜色,就在一片叶子有两种颜色。

40、The concept and the development of color, and the relationship of color with light, color and molecular structure of organic coloring matter are introduced. 介绍了颜色的概念与发展。论述了颜色与光、颜色与有机色素分子结构之间的关系。

41、The 5 colors particles go through. All particles cycle over this - if some have a shorter life span than others, they will animate faster. 列出5种粒子的颜色。所有粒子轮换使用这些颜色——如果有的粒子寿命比别的短,他们将动得更快。

42、When a polymer containing a color-changing molecule called a mechanophore is about to breaks, it produces a color. 当包含变换颜色分子的机械响应性聚合物要断裂的时候,它会产生一种颜色。

43、This color modulates the color of the entire particle and makes the particle appear dark near its birth and lighter just before death. 这个颜色与整个粒子的颜色进行混合,来使粒子刚出现的时候显得“黑”而在在消失的时候更“亮”。

44、Color of the snow and rock. Click the color bar to choose a different color from the Color Chooser. 积雪和岩石的颜色。单击颜色条从颜色选择器中选择不同的颜色。

45、Fill the background color with pink (#f08fb0). 背景颜色用粉红(颜色代码:#f08fb0)。

46、This kind of socks stains easily. 这种颜色的袜子不经脏。

47、You can specify a color using the color’s name, its RGB triplet, or the hex value for the color. 可以使用颜色的名称、颜色的 RGB 值或者颜色的十六进制值来指定颜色。

48、Dark green is my favorite color. It's the color of nature and the color of money and the color of moss! 暗绿是我最喜欢的颜色,它是自然的颜色,是钞票的颜色,是苔藓的颜色!

49、His wife mixes the colours for him. 他的妻子给他调颜色。

50、Background color for the submenu icons. Accepts standard HTML string or numeric color values. 子菜单象的背景颜色。 接受标准HTML串或数字颜色价值。


51、The walls are yellow. The curtains are green. 墙是黄颜色,窗帘是绿颜色。

52、A colourful mat is done! 一张五颜六色的席子做!

53、These vocabulary and syntax features a quaint gives the original colors. 这些辞汇和句法特征赋予原文一种古雅的颜色。

54、And the backdrop and colour of Varanasi were brilliant. 片子的背景和颜色都非常出色。

55、The life suddenly losed its color. 生活一下子重新失去了颜色。

56、Colors that are great for summer are bright, candy like, pastel colors. 夏季的颜色大都数都是明亮色,像糖果的颜色,暖暖的颜色。

57、Is there any gold similar to brass in color ? 金子和黄铜的颜色相似吗?

58、The houses were iced over with multicolored stuccoes. 那些房子涂着五颜六色的泥灰。

59、Tricolor pastas are bright and colorful for kids. 三色的意大利面对于孩子而言,不仅颜色明亮,而且色彩缤纷。

60、Almost assuredly, you’ve seen the use of selective chromacity: an artist will take a photo and remove color from everything except the area of focus. 你一定看到过选择性使用颜色的例子:一个艺术家拍完了照片,将所有颜色去掉,只保留焦点位置的颜色。

61、Wear one color from head to toe. Dress, or pants and hosiery and shoes all one color. 从头到脚只穿一种颜色。衣服、裤子、袜子、鞋子统统一种颜色。

62、What color was the house? 这房子是什么颜色的?

63、Unless you're a nurse, avoid white shoes. Match your skin color, or choose metallics or brights. 除非你是个护士,否则不要穿白鞋子。选择匹配你肤色的鞋子颜色,金属色或明亮色鞋子。

64、If you old three old four , i will give you same colour to see see ! 我也来加一句:如果你老三老四,那么我将给你些颜色看看!

65、Blue turns green when you mix it with yellow. 蓝色调上黄颜色就会变成绿颜色。

66、Having a background color, a content text color, a link color, a header/lightbox color, a design color and a footer color is great, as it helps separate out useful content. 背景一种颜色,内容文本一种颜色,链接一种颜色,页头和lightbox一种颜色,图案和页脚各一种颜色。

67、Foreground & background colors. The black and white squares reset colors. The arrows swap colors. Click to open the color selection dialog. 前景色和背景色。黑白小方格可以重置颜色。箭头可以交换颜色。单击可以从颜色选择对话框中选择颜色。

68、The mat colors are for both of them off white and light brown color. 在垫子的颜色,二者都是白色和浅棕色的颜色。

69、Now the first two socks already cover both color cases. The third sock must be one of those and form a matching pair. 否则,我们在再挑选出一只袜子,我们原先挑出的袜子已经有了两种不同的颜色,第三只袜子的颜色必是其中的一种,这样,我们就挑选出了一双颜色相同的袜子。

70、Why do leaves change color in the fall? 秋天叶子为什么会变颜色?。

71、The material has gone a funny colour. 这料子的颜色变得奇怪了。

72、The colour of her hat clashed with the colour of her dress. 她帽子的颜色与衣服的颜色不协调。

73、Tell them what color my dress is, Jorge. 告诉他们我裙子的颜色, 约格。

74、If you are right you see the whole sentence with the word you chose highlighted. 如果选对了,就可以看到整个句子,你也会看到你刚选的字会以别的颜色出现。

75、The colour of this wine is as distinctive as the taste and shows all the bold colour of a truly classic Shiraz. 这瓶酒的颜色也如口感一样独特, 呈现真正经典的粗犷设拉子颜色。


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