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关于”食物的句子“的英语句子5个,句子主体:Food sentence。以下是关于食物的句子的小升初英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Food sentence

1、As the old Chinese saying goes: food is everything。 就跟一句中国古话说的那样:食物即一切。 (沪江小编:这算是哪门子“中国古话”!?)

2、Animal food and vegetal food , food not only contains protein, there are other substances. 动物性食物和植物性食物,食品中不仅包含蛋白质,还有其他的物质。

3、The links of the chain are formed by the herbivores that eat the plants and the carnivores that feed on the herbivores. 食物链的链环是以植物为生的食草动物和捕食食草动物的食肉动物。

4、Catering, Specialty, and Multicomponent Foods. 准备食物, 专门, 和多成份食物。

5、Because food intake can be driven by a variety of factors including how it tastes, how hungry the mice were beforehand and how 'sated' or full the food made them feel. 是因为老鼠食物摄取量由多种因素决定,包括食物味道如何,实验前老鼠的饥饿程度以及食物本身的油腻感和饱食感等等。

6、Condemn: means in respect of a food animal or a meat product, to determine that the food animal or the meat product is inedible. 禁止食用:意即就某种食用动物或肉类产品而言,决定该食用动物或肉类产品是不适于食用的。

7、The audience throws the food to them, the moneys fight for it, it is so funny. 观众扔给它们食物,猴子们在争夺食物,那是多么的有趣啊。

8、Do you eat foods that contain hydrogenated fats, such as margarine, or do you eat any foods that contain canola oil or cottonseed oil? 你食用含有氢化脂肪的食物:例如麦淇淋,或食用含有菜籽油或棉花子油的食物吗?

9、Is there any proof that the food of plant differs from that of animals ? (同位语从句)有没有什么证据说明植物性食品不同于动物性食品?

10、If we think about what is food and what isn't food, we have to ask what are the definitions. 当我们判别何为食品时,我们得知道食物如何定义

11、We have chicken,duck,fish,pork and such as. Dumplings are the most traditional food . 我们吃鸡鸭鱼肉和类似的食物.饺子是最传统的食物.

12、Eating non-vegan dream food would be like eating dream sawdust or dream bugs. 进食非素食理想食物如同吃进木屑或虫子。

13、When refilling chaffing dishes, new food must not be added to existing. 在加添新食物时,不可把新食物倒在旧食物上。

14、The objective function on line 20 minimizes the total food cost as the total of each decision variable (amount of food) multiplied by that food's cost per unit. 第 20 行的目标函数要对食物的总体成本实现最小化,该值是每个决策变量(食物数量)乘以每单位食物成本的结果。

15、Dumplings are the most traditional food .  饺子是最传统的食物 

16、Records of eating a certain type of food and having a certain gender of baby does NOT mean that the food CAUSED the gender. 食用某种食物并怀上某种性别的孩子并不意味着食物决定性别。

17、Experiment with your food intake to determine the optimum size meal to have in the evening. 你的饮食经验决定了晚餐最适的食物份量。

18、Cassia seed, the leguminous plant, is the food material which can be used as medicine and food. 豆科植物决明子,是药食两用的食品原料。

19、The forks poked and moved food. 叉子叉和移动食物。

20、We have chicken, duck, fish, pork and such as. Dumplings are the most traditional food . 我们吃鸡鸭鱼肉和类似的食物。饺子是最传统的食物。

21、Dumplings are the most traditional food . 饺子是最传统的食物 

22、Favorate food : All chicken foods. 喜欢的食物:所有鸡类食物。

23、Dumplings are the most traditional food . 饺子是最传统的食物

24、The museum celebrates the development of food around the world. 该食品博物馆彪炳全世界食物(食品)的发展史。

25、When you take your food next time, take care of the food what you are taking. Because the food you take determines your character. 下次当你选择食物的时候,注意你所选择的食物,因为这些食物决定你的性格,你不一定要相信,但这是事实。


26、F. atra was omnivorous. The food list was mainly made up of vegetations, but also contained some animals. 骨顶鸡是杂食性鸟类,食物以植物为主,但也摄取动物性食物。

27、PROCESSED FOODS:- Processed foods include ready meals, crisps and chocolate bars. 加工食物 :-加工食物包括速食食物,炸土豆片和巧克力棒。

28、The plant tissues form food for the plant-eating animals which are in turn eaten by the flesh-eating animals. 植物组织成为食草动物的食物,食肉动物又以食草动物为食。

29、Cleptobiosis Robbery of food, in which one organism takes the food that another has collected; the act of plundering food. 掠夺食物食物的抢夺,掠夺另依生物以收集的食物的行为。

30、You're worm food! (realises his tactlessness). 就成了虫子的食物!

31、We have chicken,duck,fish,pork and such as. Dumplings are the most traditional food . 我们吃鸡鸭鱼肉和类似的食物.饺子是最传统的食物.

32、The animal food is 74.51%. 动物性食物占总食物量的74.51%。

33、The box is considered as arena where they can hunt and gather food. 这个盒子呗想象成一个可以捕获食物和存放食物的平台。

34、True or False: Food allergies and food intolerances are the same thing. 判断:食物过敏和食物不耐受是一回事

35、Juding from the smell, the food must be delicious. 从气味来判断,这食物肯定很好吃。

36、The food and nutritional needs of any population at risk is based on its level of food security. 受灾人口的食物和营养需求是根据其食物安全水平决定的。

37、Let's just put together some criteria for what-- if you had to say what defines a food, what makes something a food, what would you say? 我们来总结一些,用来定义食物的判断标准,什么决定了某种东西是否是食品,你们认为是什么

38、Serve hot with butter, maple syrup, and fresh berries. Serves 希望能解决您的问题。

39、Again, berries, whole grains, things like oatmeal , are much better for you. 还是那句话,浆果、全谷类食品,燕麦片等食物对你更好。

40、Herbivores eat the leaves, buds, flowers or fruits of plants. 食草动物以植物的叶子、花蕾、鲜花或果实为食物。

41、So, move away from food. 所以,抛开食物的例子。

42、I am still in recovery with liquid diet, then pureed food, then soft foods. 我仍然在恢复流质饮食,然后食物泥的食物,然后软的食物。

43、Grazing herbivores would be deprived of their food source and die, depriving carnivores of their food source too. 食草动物会因失去食物而死,紧接着食肉动物也会因它们的食物缺乏而灭亡。

44、Consider how the foods you eat condition your body. 思考一下饮食对身体的影响。 你不会变成下一顿食物的样子,但是食物却会影响你的生理。

45、Those results above support to the hypothesis: the forage availability and food quality decide food selection. 从而进一步验证了食物选择决定于饲料可利用量和食物质量的假设。

46、I like mooncakes best.Do you like mooncakes,too? ————————转摘自网络。

47、And there is also cold food, liquid food, soft food, hard food, and jelly-filled food. 而且还有冷的食物,流食,软性食物,硬的食物和水果味的食物可供选择。

48、Preferably, eat "real" food. Eat food your great-grandmother would realize as food. 最好吃真正的食物,就是你的曾祖母认为是食物的那些食物。

49、Jiaozi is my favorite food. 饺子是我最喜爱的食物。

50、FAQs about the World's Healthiest Foods 世界上最健康的百种食物评判标准


51、He was poisoned by the poisonous mushrooms. 他因为误食菌类食物, 引起食物中毒。

52、Green leaves make food for the whole plant. 绿色叶子为整个植物制造食物。

53、We have chicken,duck,fish,pork and such as.Dumplings are the most traditional food . 我们吃鸡鸭鱼肉和类似的食物.饺子是最传统的食物.


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