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关于”丧的句子“的英语句子3个,句子主体:Mourning sentence。以下是关于丧的句子的初中英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Mourning sentence

1、Under torture, Alexis--who probably dies of cold, not of torture, in a very frozen cell-- named Boyar accomplices. 严刑之下,阿列克谢命丧黄泉,他本人可能并非死于严刑,而是在冰冷的牢房里冻死的

2、Barry will cope with the sentence; he's done time before. 巴里将能挺过这次刑期,他以前服过刑。

3、Our inmates, properly supervised, will be put to work outside these walls performing all manner of public service. Cutting pulpwood, repairing bridges and causeways, digging storm drains… 我们的服刑人员,被正确的监管的服刑者,将走出高墙,为各种公共服务进行劳动。

4、The longer the term of imprisonment, the level of interpersonal trust get lower, and the level of objective support was higher. 刑期愈长,服刑人员的客观支持水平就愈高,人际信任水平愈低;

5、Mr Toots was dressed in mourning. 图茨先生是穿着丧服的。

6、He has still got about six months to pull. 他还要服6个月的刑。

7、This mourning was noticed in the town, and commented on. 城里的人都注意到他的丧服,议论纷纷。

8、The boys wore black tail coats in mourning for George III. 男孩身穿黑色燕尾服为乔治三世服丧。

9、If a supplementary punishment is imposed on a criminal whose sentence is suspended, the supplementary punishment shall still be executed. 被宣告缓刑的犯罪分子,如果被判处附加刑,附加刑仍须执行。

10、She went in to mourning on the death of her mother. 她母亲死了, 她穿上了丧服。

11、Mr. Leeson later served time in prison. 李森后来因此入狱服刑。

12、In the clinical trials, people with depression were treated with either and antidepressant all preceptor . 在试验过程中,那些患有沮丧症的人,或者服用抗沮丧药物或服用安慰药。

13、Semi-torture for a pigeon. 在对鸽子的"半酷刑"后

14、Mammy:You ain't supposed to be around people. You're in mourning. 奶妈:你不该出去见人,你正在服丧。

15、Students are judged ready to leave only when they have demonstrated a sincere belief that they deserved to be sent here, and that the programme has, in fact, saved their life. 这些少年只有在证明他们由衷的认为在这里服刑是他们应得的,这个服刑计划能够拯救他们的生命。

16、The judge calls a recess to determine Michael’s sentence. 法官宣布暂时休庭一下来决定Michael的服刑期。

17、Fecteau had served 19 years and 14 days of his 20year sentence. 费克图在狱中服了xx年零14天的刑,而他的刑期是xx年。

18、Self accusation is a strong predictor of relatives of prisoners, which can explain 28. 3% the variation of subjective well-being. 回归分析发现,自责的应付方式是服刑人员家属幸福感的有效预测指标,它可以服刑人员家属幸福感28.3%的方差。

19、Former NBA star Charles Barkley has begun serving a 3-day sentence on a drunk-in-driving charge. 由于酒后驾车,被判3天徒刑,前NBA球星查尔斯·巴克利已开始服刑。

20、Directly caused today's funeral man's losing the anguish of son. 直接导致了今日的丧夫丧子之痛。

21、SCARLETT: We aren't wearing any, we're in mourning. 斯佳丽:我们没戴,我们在服丧。

22、When Confucius is eating with a mourner, he never satiated himself. 孔子跟服丧的人吃饭时,从来不吃饱。

23、She has just completed an 12- month jail sentence. 她刚服完了一个月的刑期。

24、In South Africa, red is the color of mourning. 在南非,红色是丧服的颜色。

25、For a prisoner who has retained employee status during the term of imprisonment, resettlement is the responsibility of the former work unit. 服刑期间保留职工身份的,刑满释放后由原单位予以安置。


26、As he wished always to appear in mourning, he clothed himself with the night. 他要永远居丧,只好以夜色为丧服。

27、He has to serve his full sentence. 他必须满期服刑。

28、According to Russian law, the current five year sentence he is serving must be subtracted. 按照俄罗斯的法律,他现在所服的xx年刑期将不会和新的刑罚累加。

29、But a smart TV reporter dug the dirt up anyway and now these top city officials face criminal charges and maybe jail. 如今市府的那些高级官员面临刑事起诉甚至可能服刑。

30、Community Service Penalty plays a special role in reducing the application of imprisonment, promoting criminals socialization and cutting down the cost of detention execution. 社区服务刑在减少监禁刑适用、促进罪犯社会化和降低行刑成本等方面发挥着异乎寻常的作用。

31、He has to serves his full sentence. 他必须满期服刑。

32、Criterion for sentencing is the basis of the People's Court to decide criminal penalty and extent of punishment. 量刑根据是人民法院在对犯罪分子决定是否判处刑罚以及判处什么刑罚与刑度的依据或理由。

33、The man served a term behind bars. 这个人在狱中服过一段刑。

34、Objective To explore the mental health state of female criminals. 目的调查女性服刑人员心理健康。

35、Let their wives be made childless and widows; 愿他们的妻子丧夫失子;

36、Build your funeral pyre; beside it, my carpenters will build a gallows. 堆起你们的丧礼柴堆,我的木匠会在那旁边见一个绞刑台。

37、A prisoner may have his sentence reduced for good behaviour or be released on parole according to law. 罪犯在服刑期间表现好的有获得依法减刑、 假释的权利。

38、Vanunu served 18 years in jail, 11 years of it in solitary confinement. 瓦努努在狱中服刑xx年,其中xx年都是隔离服刑。

39、A group of inmates listen to instructions before a small birthday celebration for a child in the classroom. 照片中是在一个孩子小型生日会前,一群服刑人员在听相关说明。

40、Just have a spotless record for the last 30 years. 要有xx年没有污点的服刑档案。

41、You did a stretch in Cashman too? 你还在凯什曼服过刑?

42、The pictured victim is one of the lucky ones because most occupants were caged completely naked to expose them to either extreme cold or hot weather conditions. 图片中的受刑者还算是比较幸运的了,因为大多数受刑者都是被扒光衣服被放进笼子,并暴露在极冷或者极热的环境中的。

43、If a supplementary punishment has been imposed on a criminal whose sentence has been suspended, the supplementary punishment must still be executed. 被宣告缓刑的犯罪分子,如果被判处附加刑,附加刑仍须执行。

44、He awakened and dressed again in black and returned to the parlor. 他醒来,穿上丧服,回到殡仪馆。

45、It comes from Bloch and Von Wartburg – and means, according to them, to become discouraged. 我只是引用布洛克及范、欧伯格的句子。依照他们的用法,那个意思已经变成「垂头丧气」。

46、A long sentence is one with several attributives, subordinate and adverbial clauses, which are interdependent on and linked to each other. 长期徒刑是与几个定语,服从和状语从句,这是相互依存和相互关联。

47、Whereas, Although there are many services available for parents who are incarcerated and their victims, there are relatively few available to the children of incarcerated parents; and. 鉴于,虽然已有许多项目为服刑人员和受害者服务,但为服刑人员未成年子女提供的服务却相对较少。

48、He sentenced Roger to three years on one charge and two years on the other, and suspended the three-year sentence because of his cooperation. 他判处罗杰为一项罪行服刑xx年,为另一项罪行服刑两年,由于罗杰比较合作,有xx年的刑期被暂缓执行。

49、Third, the addition community service accessory punishment, with solves the fine punishment objective payment not to be able the question. 增设社区服务附加刑,用以解决罚金刑客观缴纳不能的问题。

50、The treatment measures of offenders in the community are the execution of punishment toward offenders in the community corrections and relevant measures. 社区服刑人员处遇措施是指在社区矫正中对服刑人员采取的刑罚执行和其他相关矫正措施的总称。


51、The convict was pardoned after serving five years of his sentence. 罪犯服刑xx年才获赦免。

52、Please buy a smashing dress, something mournful yet elegant. 请买一件最好的礼服,一件高雅的丧服。

53、So, Derek trudges through his sentence, complaining all the way, and totally not getting the lesson the fairies are attempting to pound into his head. 就,德里克艰难地度过的服刑生涯,抱怨连连,丝毫领悟仙子们试图塞进他脑子里的道理。

54、These news depressed her; The bad state of her child's health demoralizes her. 这些消息使她沮丧;她的孩子的健康的情形使她沮丧。

55、Fully influenced by concepts of liberty, equality and civil rights, Chinese mourning garment styles were gradually dominated by western-styles. 受自由平等、民权观念的影响,西式丧服逐渐成为主流的丧服形式。

56、The plain dark dresses, akin to mourning dresses, which she and her child wore, were as neat and as well attended to as the brighter clothes of happy days. 她跟孩子都穿类似丧服的朴素的深色服装,却全都跟欢乐日子里的彩色服装一样,收拾得整整齐齐。

57、Don't greet people who are in mourning. 不要向服丧期的人们问候拜年。

58、He was sentenced to five years, but should serve only three with remission. 他被判了xx年徒刑,但减刑后仅服刑xx年。

59、He has served five years of his sentence. 他服了xx年的徒刑。

60、I'm coming home; I've done my time. 老橡树上的黄丝带 我服刑已满,我就要回来。

61、"The prison term should be served" said Hong Daode a criminal procedure law professor at China University of Political Science and Law. 中国政法大学刑事诉讼法教授洪道德称:“刑期还是要服满。”


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