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关于”中秋节的古诗“的英语句子5个,句子主体:Ancient poems of the Mid Autumn Festival。以下是关于中秋节的古诗的高一英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Ancient poems of the Mid Autumn Festival

1、How few Yingxu, Rachel variable heritage. 美人清江畔,是夜越吟苦。

2、It is a collection of Pound's translations of Chinese classical poetry. 这是庞德翻译的中国古典诗词集。

3、Odes, History, Changes, Spring 'nd Autumn, Rituals, and Music are collectively called Six Classes. These are important Confucian literatures to be read closely. 《诗》、《书》、《易》、《礼》、《春秋》,再加上《乐》称作六经。这是中国古代儒家的经典,应当仔细阅读。

4、Some classical Chinese poems were translated into English by Wai-lim Yip and collected in his Chinese Poetry --- An Anthology of Major Modes and Genres. 叶维廉英译了一些中国古典诗歌,收集在他的《中国诗歌》一书中。

5、Alas, the moon was unable to drink and my shadow tagged me vacantly; 暂伴月将影,行乐须及春。

6、Included in Cathay are 18 English texts translated from 19 classical Chinese poems. 《神州集》收录的18首汉语诗歌英译文译自19首中国古典诗歌。

7、Next, the author illustrates both the employment and the function of metaphors in ancient Chinese poetry and interprets the skills being adopted in the translation practice. 以中国古诗为载体,探讨了古汉语诗歌中隐喻的使用及其功能,并系统阐述了古汉语诗歌翻译实践中隐喻翻译的策略和技巧;

8、So, to the ancient poets moon to the most exciting heart daydream … … 于是,中秋月给古今诗人以最撩人心弦的遐思……

9、Prose-Poetry poem reflects the unification of poem with ceremony, music and dance It also displays the separation of poem from ceremony, music and dance during the progress. 春秋时的赋诗,既反映出诗与礼、乐、舞的统一,同时也呈现了诗在演变中与礼、乐、舞的分离。

10、Inscription on a painting is a superb flower in the garden of Chinese poetry. 题画诗是我国古代诗歌园地中的一枝清采。

11、Cool autumn, yellow leaves, the season of harvest, poem. 凉爽的秋天,金黄的落叶,丰收的季节,如诗如画。

12、Chaucer introduced from France the rhymed stanzas of various types to English poetry to replace the Old English . 乔叟从法国引进了各种押尾韵诗节,取代了古英诗中的押头韵。

13、Waterway suspected frost, arboreal see feather. 此时瞻白兔,直欲数秋毫。

14、Ever since Tang and Song dynasties, Chinese classical poetry has confronted with contradiction and entanglement of witticism and poetry rhyme. 唐宋以后,中国古典诗学在范古问题上形成了“诗法”与“妙悟”两条路线的对立与纠结。

15、Autumn scenery is undoubtedly of the most poetic and picturesque charm. 秋景是最富有诗情画意的。

16、Wu Science teacher poem Mid-Xin… 吴晓科老师诗

17、Many of Rexroth's works have features of Chinese ancient poems. Although it is a total edification by Chinese culture and literature, the influence by Tu Fu is absolutely the most important to him. 雷氏的很多诗歌都具有中国古诗的特点,虽然这是其所接触到的中国文化和中国古诗总体熏陶的结果,但杜甫的影响无疑处于重要地位。

18、The swan goose is an important imagery in Na Lan lyrics and classical poetry. 雁在我国古典诗词中是常见的意象,其原始意蕴起源于《诗经》。

19、Homeric Epics and Gesar are two of the best heroic epics in the ancient Greece and the old Tibet in China. 荷马史诗和《格萨尔》是分别产生于古希腊和中国古藏区的两大英雄史诗。

20、Many of his poems are the re-creation of some Chinese classical verses based on translation. 他的很多诗作都是对中国古典诗歌的创造性重构。

21、In Hardy here, and in other poems, there's this sort of wonderfully, self-consciously archaic language. 哈迪的这首诗还有其他诗中,有一种,绝妙的不自然的古英语。

22、In Chinese ancient poetry, “eternal love” is from “long separation”. 古代诗词中的“长相思”,来自于“久别离”。

23、Imagery and artistic conception function as the soul of classical Chinese poems as well as the standard for aesthetic appraisement. “意象”和“意境”是中国古典诗歌的灵魂,也是古诗的审美评价标准。

24、What's more, Chinese ones have more complaint for the females while the western ones often sing the praises and admirations … 此外,中国古典爱情诗中出现了一类怨妇诗,而西方爱情诗中充满了对女性的赞美与崇拜。

25、Palindrome poem is a unique literature type of the ancient poems of our country. 回文诗是我国古典诗歌中一种较为独特的体裁。


26、Tang-dynasty poetry is regarded as the summit of classical Chinese five-character verse and seven-character verse like a brilliant pearl in the history of Chinese poetry. 唐诗是中国诗歌史上的一颗璀璨明珠,也是中国五言、七言古今体诗的高峰。

27、However, others show no interest in Chinese poems. 然而,其他人对中国古诗不感兴趣。

28、From a pot of wine among the flowers I drank alone. There was no one with me. 举杯邀明月,对影成三人。

29、"Flavor", as the core of Chinese classical Shilun, is a classical poetry theory with distinct national features. “味”是中国古典诗论的核心范畴,是富有鲜明民族特色的古典诗歌理论。

30、Although Bly's imitation poems have the Chinese style, these poems lack the essence of Chinese classical poetry due to the differences of the Chinese and American culture. 勃莱的仿中国诗极富中国色彩,但是,由于中美文化的隔膜,这些诗歌并不真正具有中国古典诗歌的神韵。

31、Changhe poems(poem of writing and replying) are a particular category of the Chinese ancient poems. 唱和诗是中国古典诗歌的一个特殊的类别。

32、Xing", or Stimulation, is an important concept in traditional Chinese poetics." “兴”是中国古典诗学的一个重要范畴。“

33、Classical Chinese poetry is the gem of the Chinese literature. 古典汉诗是中华民族的文学精华。

34、Chapter two: China classical poesy sing. 第二章、中国古典诗词演唱。

35、The Tang Dynasty was the golden age of classical Chinese poetry. 唐朝是中国古诗的极盛时期。

36、playing with lanterns, appreciating osmanthus flowers and drinking osmanthus wine. 中秋节自古便有祭月、赏月、吃月饼、玩花灯、赏桂花、饮桂花酒等民俗

37、But still for a while I had these friends to cheer me through the end of spring. 我歌月徘徊,我舞影零乱。

38、Traditionally, Chinese poetry is to express the author's emotion, namely, the theory of "poem expressing ideal". 中国诗歌历来走的是抒情的道路,“诗言志”一说古已有之。

39、Kong Zi once reorganized the antiquity the cultural ancient book, and by "Poem", "Book", "Ritual", "Happy", "Easy", "Spring and Autumn Period" and so on book professors disciple. 孔子曾整理上古的文化典籍,并以《诗》、《书》、《礼》、《乐》、《易》、《春秋》等书教授弟子。

40、Many of the poems were elegant and virile. 这类诗中颇多高古、雄浑之作。

41、To study its production and consumption is of great theoretical significance for us to understand overall the history of ancient Chinese poetry. 研究中国古代歌诗艺术生产与消费问题,对我们全面认识中国古代诗歌史具有重要理论意义。

42、Yijing(artistic mood) is an important concept of the classic Chinese poetry as well a key to appreciation and interpretation of the classic Chinese poetry. “意境”是中国古典诗歌中的一个重要概念,也是理解和阐释中国古典诗歌的一把钥匙。

43、The different emotion between the Tang and Song poets and their works had much relation with the difference of the age and the great diversity of the poets' thought and cultural character. 唐宋两代诗人中秋情怀的不同及其中秋诗作的各具特色,与两代时代风貌、文化氛围的不同以及由此形成的诗人思想文化性格的巨大差异密切相关。

44、Common how thousands of miles, breeze blows Lan Du. 中秋月 Autumn Moon 苏轼 Su Shi 暮云收尽溢清寒,银汉无声转玉盘。

45、Origin of Ancient Poems is a very important and famous classical anthology in Chinese poetic history. 《古诗源》是中国诗学史上一部十分重要而且著名的经典选本。

46、Bixing, belonging to the method of Chinese classical literature theory, appears firstly in the Book of Songs. “比兴”概念,属于中国古典文艺理论领域“诗法”的范畴,最早在《诗经》中出现。

47、In ancient China, emperors followed the rite of offering sacrifices to the sun in spring and to the moon in autumn. Historical books of the Zhou Dynasty had had the word "Mid-Autumn". 中秋节有悠久的历史,和其它传统节日一样,也是慢慢发展形成的,古代帝王有春天祭日,秋天祭月的礼制,早在《周礼》一书中,已有“中秋”一词的记载。

48、and evolved from the worship of the moon on the autumn evening in ancient times. 中秋节源自天象崇拜,由上古时代秋夕祭月演变而来。

49、Atrium white arboreal crow, wet cold silent dew fragrans. 今夜月明人尽望,不知秋思落谁家!

50、Imagism, greatly influenced by ancient Chinese poetry, dramatically came back to China several times and exerted great influence upon both modern and contemporary Chinese poetry. 深受中国古典诗歌影响的意象派诗歌,曾先后几次反弹回中国,对中国诗歌产生了巨大的冲击和影响。


51、"Theories of Poetic Prosody in Yi's Ancient Poetics. " Studies of National Literature Bimonthly, 1996-2 issue. “彝族古代经籍诗学体系中的诗体论说”,《民族文学研究》1996:2。

52、All this shows that LI Pan-long, in the course of poem selection, does not carry out completely the poetic thought of back-to-the-ancient School. 这表明他在具体的选录古诗过程中,并未完全贯彻复古派的诗学主张。

53、Chapter Five discusses the poetics significance of the Banquet Poetry of Mid-Ancient Times. 第五章:探讨中古公宴诗的诗学意义。

54、Du fu, ancient Chinese poetry history one of the greatest poets. 杜甫,中国古代诗歌史上最巨大的诗人之一。

55、Firstly, the chapter traces back to the banquet poetry in ShiJing times and discusses the relations between the traditional customs and the arising of the Banquet Poetry of Mid-Ancient Times. 第二章:探讨中古公宴诗兴起的渊源和环境。首先以溯源的方式,从《诗经》时代的宴饮诗及其形成原因追溯起,探讨宴饮赋诗的传统习俗与中古公宴诗产生及风格形成的关系。

56、Crickets sound, cicadaes sound and wild geeses sounds are symbols of melancholy autumn in Chinese classic poetry and fu, and were frequently employed to express homesickness, sadness, frustration etc. 中国古典诗歌中悲秋的表达方式很多,蟋蟀声、蝉声和雁声是中国古典诗歌中典型的悲秋象征之一。

57、The situation of drought concentrated in ancient poems. 旱灾的复杂情形浓缩于古代诗文之中。

58、Though his only collection of poems Floating Clouds, belong to the modern, they grow from the same root of the Chinese ancient poetry. 其唯一诗集《流云》,虽是新体诗,却同中国古典诗歌一系根须。

59、The epics of Homer and (Medieval) heroic poetry provided referable experience in the plot structure and the description of character. 荷马史诗和中古英雄史诗在情节结构和人物性格的刻画上为小说提供了可资借鉴的经验;

60、The full moon fly der, centering fold. 转蓬行地远,攀桂仰天高。

61、Ancient Chinese poems singing of the moon which presenting a splendid sight and is of long standing is the important component of Chinese ancient poems. 中国古代咏月诗蔚为大观、源远流长,是中国古代诗的重要组成部分。

62、Through the research on Phenix Imago in ancient poems, I want to excavate the deep meaning of Phenix in poems. 通过对古代诗文中凤凰意象的研究,力求厘清凤凰意象在古代诗文中所具有的丰富内涵。

63、We can make full use of the Teaching of Ancient Poetry and Prose(TOAPAP) to implement speech training(ST), and bring ST to all parts of TOAPAP. 充分利用古诗文教学实施说话训练,让说话训练贯穿于古诗文教学的各个环节。

64、Gongyang's Learning of Spring and Autumn was an ancient hermeneutics of China. 春秋公羊学是一门古老的中国诠释学。

65、In 1994, long poem Obscuration, my whole life's theme(selection) was selected in the Autumn & Winter volume of Modern Chinese. xx年——长诗《昏暗我一生的主题》(节选)被编入《现代汉诗》xx年秋、冬合卷。

66、Autumn autumn Wu -- everybody to explain things, not like the poet thorough knowledge. 秋悟——人人解说悲秋事,不似诗人彻底知。

67、Chinese ancient landscape poetry came into being in the Jin Dynasty. It is the crystallization of poets natural aesthetic. 中国古代山水诗形成于晋代,是诗人自然审美的结晶。

68、The moon tonight as the hope, not yearning falls whose home! 南斋玩月 South Zhai moon 王昌龄 Wang Changling 高卧南斋时,开帷月初吐。

69、"Eight ills" are in ancient Chinese poetry about poetry sound legal terms, often with the "four tones" and mentioning a Five Characters Ancient One Metrical rules. 八病是中国古代诗歌中关于诗歌声律的术语,是经常与“四声”并提的一种五言古诗格律规则之一。

70、Learn and memorize ancient Chinese poems. 学习和背诵中国古诗。

71、Summary:In the classic poem phrase of our country, "autumn" belongs to appreciate beauty one of the objects importantly. 浅析易安词中的秋意象摘要:在我国的古典诗词中,“秋”属于重要的审美对象之一。

72、Expressing ambitions in poems" is a classic topic of the essence of the poetry of Chinese classical poetics." “诗言志”是中国古典涛学关于诗歌本质问题的经典命题。

73、Its history is very old, and the first call century, in order to avoid after taboo, to swing. 它的历史很古老,最早叫千秋,后为了避忌讳,改为秋千。 古时的秋千多用树桠枝为架,再栓上彩带做成。

74、Trying to track down the source of ancient style poetry in light of linguistics. If the ancient poetry was closely combined with the people, it will be widely popular. 从语言学角度探索中国古代诗体之源,在追寻古诗体沉淀轨迹过程中感受到诗与歌结合的紧密可演化为该诗体是否与劳动大众联系紧密这一问题。

75、EZ Prose Poem is books which contains scores of famed poems and prose in ancient China. 《中学生必背古诗文》包括几十篇中国著名古诗词和文章,均是家喻户晓的名篇。

英文句子模板76:Ancient poems of the Mid Autumn Festival

76、This is the French translations of 84 Chinese classical poems, common sayings, slangs and idioms. 本应用收录84个中国古诗、古训、俗语等的法语翻译。

77、The ancient Chinese Poems feature "expressing ideals" and "exploring feelings", but "speaking truth"is also one of the basic characteristics of the ancient poems. 中国古代诗歌以“言志”、“缘情”为主,但言“理”也是古代诗歌的一个基本特质。

78、Clear and Mizuki, acting overflow in windows. 荏苒几盈虚,澄澄变今古。

79、Mr Ye Jiaying s unique understanding of and expounding on classical Chinese poetry run through her entire study process. 叶嘉莹先生的古典诗歌研究始终贯穿着她对中国古典诗歌本质特征的独到理解和阐述。


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