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关于”保护动物的句子“的英语句子2个,句子主体:Sentences for protecting animals。以下是关于保护动物的句子的八级英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Sentences for protecting animals

1、Conclusions There are rich amphibian resource in the area witch should be protected. 结论大沙河保护区的两栖动物资源丰富,具有保护价值。

2、保护珍贵动植物 protect rare animals and plants

3、Establish ing nature reserves is the most effective method for the in- site conservation of wild plants and animals. 建立自然保护区是就地保护野生动植物的最有效措施。

4、we should accept the punishment given by the nature due to our destruction to the nature 保护濒危动植物,保护好我们的自然环境

5、Protection of the wildlife and the ancient famous trees and restoration of the rare plants and animals will receive high attention. 抓好重点保护 野生 动植物保护和全市古树名木保护工作,结合 保护区建设保护和恢复珍稀 动植物栖息地。

6、The third, called “protectionists,” strive to be the animal’s advocate. 第三类被称为“保护者”,为保护动物奔走疾呼。

7、开展保护野生动物 advocate to educate the public the protection of wildanimals

8、The SPCA medal is usually awarded to people for their bravery in defending animals. 爱护动物协会的奖章通常颁赠给勇于保护动物的人士。

9、The Wild Animals Protection Ordinance prohibits the hunting of wild animals or the possession, sale or export of protected wild animals from Hong Kong. 《野生动物保护条例》严禁狩猎野生动物,也禁止管有、售卖或出口受保护的本港野生动物。

10、The males in the herd protect the females and the young . 兽群中的雄性动物保护雌性动物和幼仔。

11、The protection of birds, wild animal protection, everyone's responsibility. 保护鸟类,保护野生动物,人人有责。

12、Tyva has 2 nature reserves, 17 wildlife preserves and 12 natural monuments. 图瓦有两个自然保护区,17个野生动物保护区,和12天然石碑。

13、A motor protective device based on MSP430 integrates several protections into traditional motor protective device to diagnose and protect the motor faults. 基于MSP430的电动机保护装置是在传统的电机保护装置上集成了多种保护措施,实现了对低压电动机故障的判断和保护。

14、Despite the efforts of conservationists, the cheetah is still in peril. 除了动物保护主义者的保护,猎豹仍处于极大的危险之中。

15、 Something must be done to stop the pollution. 人类必须采取一些措施来制止污染。

16、Hunters are barred from wildlife sanctuaries. 野生动物保护区内禁止狩猎。

17、 They waste a lot of water in their daily life. 日常生活中他们浪费很多水。

18、Key Protected Wild Plants List plays an important role in forestry enforcement, science research and biodiversity conservation. 保护植物名录是林政执法、科学研究、公众参与生物多样性保护等活动的重要工具。

19、To protect animals, everyone duty! 保护动物,人人有责!

20、Operator safety protection structure for crawler type dozer is kind of passive protection device to protect operators, consisting of two functions of ROPS and FOPS. 履带式推土机司机安全保护结构是一种用于保护司机安全的被动保护装置,具有翻车保护和落物保护两种功能。

21、Compared with it, China's animal protection legislation does not protect the individual interest of animals. 与之相比,我国现行动物保护法,尚非真正意义上的以保护动物个体利益为目的的法律。

22、Guoguo: We should also protect animals. 我们也应该保护动物。

23、To protect birds and wild animal. 保护鸟类保护野生动物人人有责。

24、A pair of animal cruelty, also will become the human cruelty.——Thomas, equinox. 一个对动物残忍的人,也会变得对人类残忍。

25、The Yanchiwan Natural Reserve situated in the southern of Subei County is a natural reserve for conserving wild animal, especially for alpine ungulate. 甘肃盐池湾自然保护区是野生动物类型自然保护区,主要保护高山有蹄类动物。


26、Even ferocious beasts, if always kept in cages, will lose their courageous nature. —— Tacitus 即使是凶猛的野兽,如果总关在笼里,也会失去自己的勇猛本性。

27、 Planting trees Trees are very helpful and important for us. 树对我们人类是多么的重要和有用。

28、People who are cruel to animals will not be merciful to people. —— Schopenhauer, Germany 对待动物残忍的人,对待人也必不会仁慈。

29、Rare wild animals, the key protected objects in reserve, should be well conserved. 珍稀野生动物是保护区的主要保护对象,应进行重点保护。

30、The study and practice of alternative methods to animal experiment (3R) is an important way to balance the conflict between animal protection and animal experiment. 动物实验替代方法(3R)的研究与实践是解决动物保护和动物实验之间矛盾的重要手段。

31、The rare animals are always protected by the laws. 稀有动物一向被法律保护著。

32、This fuels the drive of animal welfare activists. 这推动了保护动物活动家的动力。

33、As well as supporting work to protect species such as orangutans, Asian elephants and black rhinos, Act for Wildlife has also included a project called UK Wildlife. 除了为保护大猩猩、亚洲象和黑犀牛等物种做支持性工作之外,“保护野生动物行动”还包括一个称作“英国野生动物”的项目。

34、The humanization of animals is a constant call by Spanish animal protection organizations and societies. 提倡“动物人性化”是西班牙动物保护组织和爱护动物群体的一贯口号。

35、After the establishment of animal protection organization, animal experiments are suffering the challenge from the theory on animal rights and animal welfare act. 随着世界各国动物保护组织的建立,医学动物实验受到动物保护组织所倡导的动物权利论和动物福利法的严重挑战。

36、"We have to protect these animals," he said. “我们需要保护这些动物,”他说。

37、The Michigan Humane Society shelters and cares for about 15, 000 stray animals a year. 密歇根州动物保护协会每年大约要收容和保护15 000个流浪动物。

38、To protect the earth and human beings I'm dreaming of being a vet. 我的梦想是做一名兽医,通过保护动物来保护人类和保护地球母亲。

39、Animal rights group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) Thursday urged people to stop eating fish and go vegan to help animals and the planet. 动物权益保护组织“人道对待动物协会(PETA)”周四劝告人们应立刻停止食用鱼类,转而吃纯素,以保护动物及整个地球。

40、Other animals have developed outside coverings or inside supports that protect and shape the animals' body cells. 其他的动物已经演化出外表保护层,或保护和定型动物身体细胞的内部支撑物。

41、加强珍稀野生动植物的保护工作 protect rare wild animals and plants

42、A person who is cruel to animals will become cruel to humans. —— Thomas Aquinas 一个对动物残忍的人,也会变得对人类残忍。

43、Protecting rare animals is also protecting the Earth. 保护希贵动物也是保护地球的一种表现.

44、Manghe Nature Reserve, there are 882 kinds of seed plants, 285 kinds of animals. 蟒河自然保护区内,有种子植物882种,动物285种。

45、Some people have gone to wildlife conservation Tauranga Harbour, the protection of local seabirds and other marine life. 一些野生动物保护人士已前往陶朗阿港,保护当地海鸟和其他海洋生物。

46、Marine conservation straddles both the conservation and wildlife camps. 海洋保护跨环保和野生动物保护两个领域。

47、These animals open up wide and fertile new vistas for educating the public, not just about conservation of pandas, not just about conservation in China but about global conservation, full stop. 这些动物为教育公众打开了更为广阔和丰富的事业,不仅仅是熊猫的保护,抑或中国的动物保护,还有全球的动物保护,皆大欢喜的结局。

48、Protect, checkups, survive, wildlife, clue, crocodile. 保护,检查,生存,野生动物,线索,鳄鱼。

49、Currently, Catalan animal protection laws protect all animals except the bulls and horses used in bullfights. 现在加泰罗尼亚的动物保护法保护所有动物,但不包括用于斗牛的公牛和马。

50、MFA is a national, nonprofit 501(c) 3 farmed animal protection organization. MFA悯惜动物是一个保护农场动物利益的非盈利公益组织。


51、开展保护野生动物宣传教育 advocate to educate the public the protection of wildanimals


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