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关于”句子的软件哪个好“的英语句子3个,句子主体:Which is the best sentence software。以下是关于句子的软件哪个好的四级英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Which is the best sentence software

1、Right thermocouples, heat resistance , is a very good tool. 对热电偶,热电阻的计算,是一个很好的工具软件。

2、e-mail was produced using Urdu-language voice-recognition software to "anonymatize" regional spellings and accents so police would be unable to identify their ethnic or geographic origins. 电子邮件是采用乌尔都语语音识别软件生成的,并大量采用了地方语言。 使警方无法追踪他们到底是哪个民族或来自哪个地区。

3、In other words, what is the equilibrium state? 话句话说,哪个是平衡态?

4、You'd better sew that loose button before it comes off. 一句译成 “你最好在那个松了的扣子掉下来之前把它缝好。”

5、When you compare "contract.d1" to "contract.d2", save the comparison as "contract.c21" and print it to show the client what changes were made. 当你用软件比较"合同.草1"和"合同.草2"两个版本时,最好将软件的分析结果打印出来送给客户看,让他知道变化在哪里。

6、The global software industry is a prime example. 全球软件行业是一个典型的例子。

7、I've put the letters in this green file. You see the old Rolls-Royce, over there on the right?I've just met that Mrs Smith-perkins, who wants to buy your car. 在这些句子里,即使是省去黑体字,我们可能仍然知道所指的是哪一个文件,哪一辆汽车,哪一位史密斯-珀金斯夫人。

8、Then I taught her how to cut sentences using software. 接着,我教了她如何利用软件来切割句子。

9、Do as a small electronic book software. 如做电子书籍一个小软件。

10、What makes it different from more traditional software development methods? 它同传统的软件开发方法的区别在哪里?

11、People is also very good: This is 45 girls in the 36 girls and I said the last sentence is "you people are really good. "1 W/ X; 人也很好:这是45个女孩子中有36个女孩子和我说的最后一句话就是“你人真的很好”。

12、Figure 3 is an example of the HA Software solution. 图 3 是 HA 软件解决方案的一个例子。

13、This is a good idea with software as well. 对于软件设计,这也是个好主意。

14、Any specific need on the software? 对目标软件,有哪些明确的要求?

15、It just really wasn't designed very well. 是那个程序或软件没有设计好。

16、Getright - One of the best download managers available. 最好的下载管理软件之一。

17、What the decisions are made about the design? 对于软件和网页的设计和作出了哪些决定?

18、We need a sentence letter, what should we have? 我们与要一个句子的字母,应该是哪个呢?

19、So what's going on in this case is, I want to distinguish between shallow equality and deep equality. 第一件事情就是,测试浅意义上的相等,这什么意思呢,这是个不太好的英语句子。

20、She talks about it again and again as though she could never end. 她反复谈论哪件事,好像永远谈不完的样子。

21、Which sentence is clearer? 哪个句子比较清楚?。

22、What are the best practices and "gotchas" that software architects should keep in mind when documenting their software architectures? 哪些是软件架构师们在记录他们的软件架构时需要牢记的最佳实践和“陷阱”(gotchas)?

23、Where do have typewriting exercise software download free of charge? 在哪里有免费的打字练习软件下载啊?。

24、Badder Adder is an example of a robot software that many think is the best on the market . 膀胱加法就是一个例子,许多软件机器人认为是最好的市场。

25、What are the keywords or key sentences in this article? 文章的中心词或句子是哪些?。


26、I am not aware of any software that can validate these in this manner. 我还没有听说哪个软件能以这种方式来完成以上验证。

27、ZIM is one such package that helps you create a wiki on your desktop. ZIM正是这样一个软件,可以帮助你在自己的电脑上建立一个维基。 换句话说,你可以把ZIM当作一款极棒的笔记软件使用。

28、Gartenberg highlighted social networking service Twitter as an example. Gartenberg强调,社会网络服务软件Twitter就是一个很好的例子。

29、Edward: Well, what we recommend is that someone comes down with the software to go through the procedure. 爱德华: 好吧,我们的建议是你那边最好来一个人,带着软件走一遍程序。

30、Hardly any software is maintained for its whole life by the original author. 几乎没有哪个软件终身维护都是由原编写者进行的。

31、The focus of Figure 51 is highlevel, that of the enterprise, and therefore, the minute details of which software components are deployed to which hardware nodes do not need to be shown. 图51中关注的是高层次企业级的情况,至于哪个软件组件部署在哪个硬件节点上这样的细节根本不需要显示。

32、What irreplaceable software smooths out your desktop? 还有哪些不可替代的软件让你的电脑更好用呢?

33、Cotton fabrics, soft Rou Rou's close, this season just parts jacket. 纯棉的布料,软软柔柔的贴身,这个季节配件外套刚好。

34、He had only seen the movie once and had no idea what it was from. 那个片子他只看过一次,不知道这句话是从哪来的。

35、To you , which is better , a hand-written letter or email ? 你认为,手写信和电子邮件,哪一个更好?

36、The best place to find downloadable information products (i.e. eBooks) or downloadable software is at a place called Clickbank.com. 获取可下载信息产品(电子书)或软件 最好的 的地方是Clickbank.com。

37、Who can translate this sentence better? 谁能把这个句子译得更好些?

38、Avraham demonstrated the OS' ability to assign specific webapps to different files and links by clicking an .xls (Microsoft Excel) file, which then opened in Microsoft's online Office suite. 亚伯拉罕通过点击了一个 xls (微软Excel 电子表格)文件,连接到“微软Office在线版”证明了这句话。

39、The docutils package consists of quite a few subpackages, in fairly complicated relation to each other. docutils 软件包包含很多子软件包,各子软件包之间的关系相当复杂。

40、Most of these malwares like viruses, trojans, spywares etc. are undetected by the best of the Anti-Virus. 大多数恶意软件如病毒,木马,间谍软件等,都是由最好的反病毒未被发现的。

41、The recording software I am using is just the one Harmonica Univeristy provides. That is really a good tool. 我就是用草堂提供的那个录音软件录的用的耳机麦这个软件很好用的!

42、Which of the sentences below best expresses the essential information in the highlighted sentence in the passage? 下列哪个句子最好地表达了文中用阴影标识的句子的基本信息?

43、Where is Meta in software engineering? 哪里是梅塔在软件工程?

44、Who can tell me that my dear friend Forum (English Forum) up the software compared well! 哪位仁兄可以告诉我那种论坛(英文论坛)注册软件比较好啊!

45、I divided the content she reviewed this afternoon into many sentences using software. 我用一个软件把她今天下午复习过的内容切割成一句一句的音频材料。

46、Measuring productivity by features or story points is not much better. 通过特性或故事点数衡量软件也好不到哪里去。

47、The kit offered a 256-byte memory, just about enough to contain one sentence of text. 这一套电脑元件提供一个256字节的存储器,容纳一个句子的文字刚刚好。

48、Who does Wuchang have sell stock software company? 武昌有哪些卖股票软件的公司?。

49、Its authors had detailed knowledge of Siemens’ software and its security weaknesses. 笔者已经详细的了解了西门子软件的安全漏洞在哪里。

50、April Fools RAZZ is the best way to prank on your friends using your mobile. 这个软件是作弄用你手机的朋友最好的软件。


51、BONUS: Another incredibly useful package is "virtualbox-guest-additions". 另外:virtualbox-guest-additions也是一个非常实用且好用的软件包(该软件包也可从VBox软件中安装)。

52、Symbian is a characteristic example of a software platform. Symbian就是一个软件平台的典型例子。

53、InfoQ: What are some of the major issues encountered when trying to make feature-complete software production-ready? InfoQ: 那要想将功能完备软件变为产品级软件,我们应该做哪些工作呢?

54、Google is still a software company dabbling in hardware. And its mobile smart phone software is very, very good. Google只是一个初涉硬件市场的软件公司,它的智能手机的软件做的实在是好的没话说。

55、Not many of the arrows hit the target. 哪句话表达的是箭射中靶子的更多?

56、The SECTION clause as part of the text search criteria identifies the part within the XML document structure where text search shall occur. SECTION 子句作为文本搜索条件的一部分,标识出应该在 XML 文档结构的哪个部分中进行文本搜索。

57、To my most happily, she learned how to use software to cut the sentences. 最让我高兴的是,她学会了如何利用软件来切割句子。

58、Becky Bristow: Oh, that's like asking a mother which child is her favorite. 贝基-布里斯托:哦,这个问题好像问一个母亲她最喜欢的孩子是哪个。

59、If you just scramble a sentence, it's pretty useless because the recipients are never going to be able to reverse the process. 如果你只是加密一个句子,这是毫无用处的,因为收件人没法将这个句子,反加密出来。

60、The market for malware in China includes a software known as Grey Pigeon, originally designed to remotely control users' own computers, that turned out to be an ideal tool for hacking. 中国的恶意软件市场中有一种被称为灰鸽子的软件,最开始该软件用于远程控制他人的电脑,而这正好是黑客最理想的工具。

61、In Barcelona, for instance, Microsoft and Nokia, the world’s largest software firm and handset-maker respectively, announced their own application stores. 在巴塞罗那,举个例子,微软和诺基亚,各自作为全球最大的软件商和手机制厂家,均宣布了其软件商店。

62、This brings the crucial advantage ofhaving a honeypot which provides exactly the same software in the same configuration. 这带来了一个至关重要的好处,就是蜜罐提供了相同软件、完全相同配置的软件。

63、This is an example of “filler” words being used as props, to try to shore up a lame sentence. 这个例子展示了“填充语”是怎么被用来支撑软弱无力的句子。

64、It's a great alternative to the commercial Matlab software. 它是商业 Matlab 软件的一个很好的替代品。

65、Movie worl has the most comfortable seats. 最好的电影院是哪个?

66、Where there is so hard to become read-only software ah! 哪里有使硬盘变成只读的软件啊!?

67、This world, already can't tell which sentence is the true which sentence is false. 这个世界,已分不清哪句是真哪句是假。

68、Viruses, worms, spyware, malware, adware, X-ware...but where? 病毒,蠕虫,间谍软件,恶意程序,插件, X-ware……在哪里?

69、In other words, PaaS is IaaS with a custom software stack for the given application. 换句话说,PaaS 就是 IaaS 加上一个用于给定应用的定制软件栈。

70、Software are born equal, one software does not have jurisdiction to another software. 软件是生而平等,一个软件不具有管辖权到另一个软件。

71、There can be multiple files specified in this clause. 在该子句中可以指定多个文件。

72、Which season do you like best?------I like summer best. 这两个句子都是询问:你最喜欢的季节是哪个?

73、A very good free anti-spyware program is AdAware. AdAware是一个很好的免费反间谍软件程序。

74、It definitely works best when dictating directly into Microsoft programs. 在命令进入微软的软件时,它的表现当然是最好的。

75、What hobbyist can put 3-man years into programming, finding all bugs, documenting his product and distribute for free? 哪有业余爱好者会花费3人年的精力去编写软件,去修正软件,编写使用手册却免费发放给别人使用。


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