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关于”花的诗歌“的英语句子5个,句子主体:Poetry of flowers。以下是关于花的诗歌的高三英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Poetry of flowers

1、The poetry of imagery style is the real free poem in English poems which only un-extremely reforms in writing style English poems with rules and forms of classical poetic composition. 意象派诗歌是英语诗歌中真正意义上的“自由诗”,但是只是对格律体英语诗歌作了并不极端的文体改良。

2、Poems on flowers in English and Chinese are never in lack; 咏花诗在中英诗歌中因此向来不乏上品之作。

3、During banquet, we sang, and recited poetry in Mongol. 席间,我们歌唱,并用蒙语朗诵诗歌。

4、This fact about English has long been exploited by poets in creating the English language's most common verse form, iambic pentameter. 英语里的这种语言现象在很久以前就被诗人运用在诗歌里,如英语里最常见的韵律形式,抑扬格的五步音诗。

5、Poet Steve Kowit gives us a grammar lesson. 诗人用诗歌给我们讲述复杂的语法。

6、The restriction of verse form is much similar to old Turkic poem and the traditional folk song of Kirghiz . 《玛纳斯》史诗的诗句构成总体上保持了古代突厥语民族诗歌的特征,并且与柯尔克孜族传统民歌的形式一致。

7、Includes Butchart Gardens, BC Ferry. 包括宝翠花园、卑诗渡轮。

8、There was no time for flowers, song, and love poems. 没有时间考虑鲜花、情歌和情诗。

9、Included in Cathay are 18 English texts translated from 19 classical Chinese poems. 《神州集》收录的18首汉语诗歌英译文译自19首中国古典诗歌。

10、Plum-blossom , each tree was a poem in itself. 梅花,每一树梅花都是一树诗。

11、From 1949 to 1978, the language of poetry was normalized estranging force and thus its poetic and aesthetic features vanished. 从xx年到xx年的诗歌写作基本上处于他者化力量的规范之下,诗歌语言消解了诗性和审美性。

12、The second chapter is on the musical elements of Thai poetry, including the history of Thai poetry, conversational habits, and the versification of Thai poetry in details. 第二章是泰语诗歌的音乐性,包括泰语诗歌的简史,口语的习惯,泰语诗歌详细节律与关于押韵的解释。

13、We have Guange poets, poet, mountain forests, flowers will be on the poet … there is no poet. 我们有馆阁诗人,山林诗人,花月诗人……没有都会诗人。

14、Poetry as discourse is written in dialogue and monologue, and the separation of sender and addresser as well as addressee and receiver leads poetry as discourse to having four participants. 将话语分析理论用于诗歌批评,讨论诗歌话语形式的两个方面:话语方式和话语参与者。诗歌选择了对话体和独白体作为话语方式;

15、Her works include a poetry collection named Wind Takes Me Away and a play named Charm of Purple Veil etc. 著有诗集《风带我走》、散文诗集《花语》、剧本《紫纱魅影》等。

16、The fuzziness of poetry language, which contains the fuzzy beauty, composed the aesthetic poetics of the poetic art. 诗歌语言的模糊性蕴含了诗歌艺术的模糊美,构成了诗歌艺术的审美诗性。

17、That is to say, it coexists with poetic language. 这就是说,实用语言和诗歌语言并存。

18、Love was poetically compared to flower. 爱情在诗歌中被比作花朵。

19、Japanese poets have great affection for plum blossom and oriental cherry. 梅花和樱花是深受日本诗人青睐的名花。

20、And, by the incantation of this verse, Scatter, as from an unextinguish'd hearth Ashes and sparks, my words among mankind! 而且凭着我这一诗歌的经咒把我的话语传遍这人间各处, 像由未灭的炉中吹送出火花!

21、Who says only poems about Wind and Moon are beautiful? This poem shows a beautiful soul. 谁说诗歌非要描写风花雪月?这首诗同样展示了诗人美丽的心灵。

22、The Greek word used for workmanship is poema; that’s where our word for “poem” comes from. 希腊语中,工作的意思就是诗歌;也是我们的词“诗歌”的出处。

23、The poem shows not only the poet's love for chrysanthemums but also his admiration for their fearless and lofty characters. 本诗不仅仅表达了诗人对菊花的喜爱,更含有诗人对菊花凌霜傲雪品格的赞美。

24、The modern Chinese poets, singers and their readers have been creating the history of modern Chinese poetry. 现代汉语诗史是现代汉语诗人、歌手的作品和他们的读者创造的。

25、Intellectual is the most important feature of Bian Zhilin's poetry, which is inseparable from the poet's work on wording. 智性化是卞之琳诗歌的重要特征,而智性化的实现离不开诗人对诗歌语言的把握。


26、Why Just the Peach Garden--The use of the Peach Blossom Image and Its Image; 科学综合思维的“桃花园”,比诗歌里的“桃花园”更美!

27、By the way, the extreme mistake made by free verse has been corrected and the tradition of metre poetic style of Chinese poetry has been inherited in 20th century. 讽刺诗采用格律诗体,在一定程度上纠正了同时期汉语诗歌在诗体自由化上的极端,保证了汉语诗歌的格律传统在20世纪的被继承与发扬。

28、In the section of conclusion, the hints of the study above for the modern literature and the modern poems creation and comments are involved. 结语部分是从上述研究对当下诗歌及当下文学的现实观照,更多的是艾青的诗歌创作给当下诗歌评论和创作的启示意义。

29、Poets, who can not afford flowers, express themselves by flower-like words instead. 诗人是买不起花来表达,故而用花一般的语言表达的人。

30、It was a verse about the Flower, beginning with "snowdrop" and ending with "snowdrop". 诗写的是花儿,以“雪花莲”开头,以“雪花莲”结束。

31、We can learn the main imageries of the poem are flowers and dream, and the main theme is the sentimentality of an attractive concubine to come and leave promptly. 从《花非花》这首诗的语言意象及其构思特征入手,结合诗人生平作品进行研究,可以得出该诗关键意象是花和梦,主题是感伤美人如花来去匆匆。

32、Yongming poem serves the transition from writing media to spoken media of Nan Dynasties poem; 永明体诗歌是南朝诗歌传播以书写媒介为主到以口语媒介为主的过渡;

33、The Hua Language Institute has developed a series of educational short stories, poems, and fables with coordinating animation. 花老师英语开发了一系列学习动画,包含短篇故事、诗歌、寓言故事等等。

34、As a commentary book of selected poetry, it shows the idea of criticism that advocates gentleness and involves the style, emotion, structure, language of Tang poetry. 作为一部诗歌评选著作,《唐诗评选》在诗歌的取舍褒贬之间体现出了“以平为贵”的批评观,此批评观涵摄了诗歌的风格、情感、结构和语言等许多方面。

35、This monumentality , mild and poetic, dialogs with the image of the garden. 这个纪念碑,温和和诗歌与花园的形象,对话。

36、In The Book of Songs (Shijing), the oldest existing collection of Chinese poetry, there are countless descriptions of peach blossoms. 在中国最早的诗歌集——《诗经》中有无数描写桃花的诗篇。

37、In poetry the rose is often a metaphor for love. 诗歌中常用玫瑰花来隐喻爱情。

38、Scientific " Peachblossom Garden" is more beautiful than poem! 科学的“桃花园”比诗歌更美!

39、Artistry of poem; 诗歌艺术; 宫廷诗;

40、Chinese poetry, especially classical rhymed poems, focuses greatly on the construction of imagery, which is very different from western poetry. 汉语诗歌,尤其是古典的格律诗体,是非常重视意境营造的,这一点与西方诗歌体裁的文字有着极大的不同。

41、John Burnside's Favourite Poetry Sayings 约翰·伯恩赛德最爱诗歌语录珍藏

42、If you're studying English, especially as a foreign language student, the vocabulary-boosting benefits of poetry are well worth the time you'll invest reading it. 如果你学习英语,特别是作为一个外语学生,词汇扩大得益于诗歌,值得你花时间阅读它。

43、Although free verse is the main poetic style of Chinese poetry in 20th century. Metre poetic style which is reformed is the most important poetic style used by ironic poetry. 尽管自由诗是20世纪汉语诗歌的主流诗体,但是讽刺诗采用的主要诗体是在传统的基础上适度改良了的格律诗体。

44、A delightful bilingual potpourri of links, poems, trivia, articles, etc. about language and translation from the French Caribbean island of Guadeloupe. 一个令人愉快的双语花香环节,诗歌,琐事,文章,关于语言和来自法国的瓜德罗普岛加勒比岛国翻译等。

45、Science of sports, is the flower of comfort and pleasing to the eye; ⊙、科学的运动,是爽心悦目的花朵; 是诗情浓郁的歌曲。

46、He has published a book of nonfiction Lonely Flower Falling Silently. 曾发表诗歌、散文、小说三百余篇。 曾出版散文集《寂寞的花无声落下》。

47、Poets of the Southern Society were a lively force in the modern Chinese poetry, whose writings were run through by new styles, songs, and colloquialism, especially in the form of songs. 南社诗人是中国诗歌近代化历程中的一支生力军,其创作贯穿于“新学诗” 、“新派诗”、“歌体诗”、“白话诗”等诗歌近代化阶段,尤以“歌体诗”的探索成绩突出。

48、The effective way to salvage the "soul of contemporary poetry" is the reconstruction of mood of old poem in light of the consistency of Chinese language tradition in poetry. 诗魂是当下诗歌的根本缺失,因汉语诗歌传统的必然延续性,古诗意境成为拯救当下诗魂的有效途径。

49、I once read a poem about nature in the school courtyard. 有一次,我在学校花 园里朗诵了一首表现大自然的诗歌。

50、But for long time, high school verse teaching than neglect the verse this kind of most the chemical element of the essence? 但长期以来,中学诗歌教学较忽略诗歌这种最精华的元素——诗歌语言的赏析,尤其对最具诗味的特殊性诗歌句式的关注更少。


51、The author introduces the definition, classification of English poetry, and compares English poetry with Chinese poetry in two aspects: language and culture. 第一章,介绍了诗歌的定义,和英诗的特征、分类,以及中英诗歌的语言和文化差异。

52、One day, María Medrano came to the workshop with poems written in these women's mother tongues. 有一天,玛丽亚·麦德拉诺带着这些女人用母语写成的诗歌来到诗歌班。

53、The" Peachblossom Garden" of comprehensive science thoughts, is more beautiful than" Peachblossom Garden" of poem! 科学综合思维的“桃花园”,比诗歌里的“桃花园”更美!

54、The poetic language can be exploited to pursue the flexible word order and subtle sentence structure so as to convey the multi level beauty in its entirely. 诗性语言追求灵活的语序,巧妙的句式,力求多层面地表现诗歌的整体美。英汉诗歌语序变位多为音美配置使然。

55、Cao Zhis poems embody the poetic ideal of Chinas literati. Such ideal includes the worry in the thought in the poems, the transcendence in taste and exquisite in language. 曹植的诗歌体现了中国文人的诗歌理想,这种理想包括了诗歌思想上的忧患、审美上的超越、语言上的精美。

56、With the influence of media, new-poem has been broken up to many patterns such as song-words-poem, internet-poem, mobile-phone-message-poem and so on. 在媒介的作用下,新诗的传播体式由纸媒诗歌的一统天下裂变为歌词诗、网络诗歌和手机短信诗歌等多种体式。

57、Doggerel comes from popularized scholar poetry and folk poetry. 打油诗文体源于文人诗歌的俗化和大众诗歌。

58、The histrionic discourse contrined in poetic art is an important art form for aesthetics obtaining. 诗歌艺术中所具有的戏剧性话语,是诗歌得以获得审美性的一种重要艺术形式。


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