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关于”表建议的句型“的英语句子4个,句子主体:Table suggested sentence patterns。以下是关于表建议的句型的xx年级英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Table suggested sentence patterns

1、Apply the patterns about giving one's opinions and exemplifying. 运用表达个人观点和举例的句型。

2、to be frank, i can not agree with their opinion for the reasons below. 坦率地说,我不能同意他们的意见,理由如下。

3、The "I wonder" pattern is a great way to a little bit ambiguously state that I wonder”句型是个很棒的句型,它可以模棱两可地表达

4、Connect the words to give three pieces of good financial advice. 连词成句,给出三条好的理财建议。

5、or you can use an "I don't think" question, which, of course, is very similar, only in the negative version of the "I think" question. 当然,你也可以使用“I don't think”的句型,它与“I think”句型十分类似,只不过是以否定句的形式表示。

6、I suggest writing it down word for word. 我建议将想说的一句一句都写下来。

7、What I suggest is this. 今天要教大家一句是:"What I suggest is this." ‘我要为你建议的是...’

8、Now you can give me some advice.  现在你可以给我一些忠告。

9、We assented to her proposal. 对她的建议我们表示同意。

10、Hide the suggestion list --隐藏建议列表 ——

11、Refer to the Pattern Practice on page 6, and write out in full numbers 2 and 6. 参照第6 页的句型练习,用图片中的信息套用句型2 和6,写出完整的对话。

12、as far as i am concerned, i completely agree with the former/ the latter.就我而言,我完全同意前者/后者。

13、We advise that steps be taken at once.  我们建议立即采取措施。

14、Defines a mapping between table name and respective weights used to order the tables in the FROM clause when generating a query in the SAS dialect. 建议译文定义表名和在生成使用SAS 语支的查询时用于在FROM 子句中将表排序的相应权重之间的映射。

15、The authors recommended that intensified antiplatelet therapy might be indicated for type 2 diabetic patients. 作者建议强化抗血小板疗法可能会用于2型糖尿病患者。

16、Get the Ss to make suggestion and take advice by using the patterns in the dialogue. 本课围绕讨论旅行计划,复习如何提出建议和表达自己的意见的句型。

17、You could suggest going somewhere else by using a "let's" pattern. 你也可以用“let's”句型来建议换一个地方。

18、Another way to use the "What if" question is to ask for advice. 另一种使用 “What if”问句的情况是征求建议的时候。

19、It was crafted on the advice of police psychologists. 这句话是在警方心理学家的建议下录制的。

20、We have good reason to believe that。 表示好处的常用句型

21、i believe the title statement is valid because… . 我认为这个论点是正确的,因为…

22、i cannot entirely agree with the idea that … .我无法完全同意这一观点的…

23、And you'll like to use this in expressing yourself and your decisions about certain situations. 这个句型能够表达某些情况下的自我与自己的决定,你会喜欢这个句型的。

24、The researchers suggest that tight glycemic control may be inadvisable for older patients with type 2 diabetes if their treatment causes hypoglycemia. 研究者建议:如果2型糖尿病老年患者的治疗措施会引起低血糖,可能不建议对他们进行严格的血糖控制。

25、Because it allows you to very softly express a dislike about a suggested action. 因为这个句型能让你以一种委婉温柔的方式表达对某一提议的否定。


26、She repulsed his offer of marriage.  她断然拒绝了他的求婚。

27、Some advice to build the positive-affect′s teacher-child interaction. 构建积极情感型师幼互动的建议。

28、EX2. I do not recommend committing yourself to the purchase of the shares yet. 例句:我现在还不建议你去收购那些股份。

29、Jython provides the statement types summarized in Table 1. Jython 提供了表 2 中总结的语句类型。

30、or as in our last example, when you want to suggestnot to do something. 或者在刚才的最后一句例句中,当你想建议不要做某事的时候,也可以用这个句型。

31、Refer to the Pattern Practice on page 14, and write out in full numbers 2 and 3. 参照第14 页的句型练习,用图片中的信息套用句型2 和3,写出完整的对话。

32、, but other people conceive differently。 [英语作文常用句型] 在英语写作中,有一些句型的搭配能力非常强,基本上可以用在各种话题的议论文中,如果能将这些句型掌握并熟练应用一定会使你的英文写作得心应手。

33、At last they yield to our advice.  他们终于听从了我们的劝告。

34、Let me is a great pattern to refer to yourself and relationship to other people. et me句型是用来表示你自己和你与他人关系的绝佳句型。

35、In a less exciting example, you could use the "let's" pattern to suggest going home. 下面一个例子稍显平淡,你也可以用“let's”句型来建议大家回家。

36、Classic database normalization would say to create a Pizza table, and then a many-to-many table relating pizza IDs to topping IDs. 典型的数据库标准会建议需要先创建一张比萨表,然后再创建一张将比萨 ID 与浇头 ID 关联起来的多对多表。

37、It is recommended to replace the current hydrogen-type cation resin operation mode and the corresponding measurement instrumentation. 同时,建议更改现行的阳树脂氢型方式,并更换相应的测量仪表类型。

38、He was invited to the party. 他被邀请来参加派对。

39、If you start typing before selecting a proposal, the list reverts to the typical ranking. 如果在选择建议前开始输入,该列表会恢复为典型排序。

40、my argument for this view goes as follows.我对这个问题的看法如下。

41、By the way, I would like to make one recommendation. 顺便提一句,我有个建议

42、there is a longrunning debate as to whether… .有一个长期运行的辩论,是否…

43、Table 1. List of vmo parameters and tuning recommendations 表 1. vmo 参数和优化建议的列表

44、you could suggest going home and coming back early the next day by using the "let's" pattern. 而是建议大家赶紧回家,第二天上午早点来工作。你可以用“let's”句型来表达。

45、It's a suggestion. 这是一种表达建议的方式。

46、My recommendation is to make a small sized robot and buy 2 NiMH 6V battery packs. 我的建议是制作一个小型机器人,买2组6V的镍氢电池组。

47、we have lived in the city for ten years. 句型2:subject (主语) + link. v(系动词) + predicate(表语) 这种句型主要用来表示主语的特点、身份等。

48、Figure 4 shows the list of suggestions and the code it suggests for a local variable. 图 4 显示了该建议列表和建议创建一个局部变量之后生成的代码。

49、His recommendation letter is full of justified statements. 建议书可以说是句句昌言呀!

50、Things will work out. Q: What does the man advise Allen to do? 四个选项都是祈使句,说明问题问的是会话这一方建议另一方做什么,这样考生就可以将注意力集中于表示建议的语句上。


51、Next, you will decide which recommendation to pursue.  接下来,您将决定采用哪个建议。

52、We make this recommendation for two reasons.  我们提出此建议有两个原因。

53、Submitted by Jeremy Manson, this proposal addresses the addition of limited type inference for class instance creation expressions. For example instead of writing 由Jeremy Manson提交,该建议提出增加对类实例创建表达式的有限类型推断。

54、Refer to the Pattern Practice on page 14, and write out in full numbers 2 and 5. 参照第14 页的句型练习,用图片中的信息套用句型2 和5 写出完整的对话。

55、You also use "couldn't" in a question to suggest doing something. 用在疑问句中也可用以建议做某事。

56、Refer to the Pattern Practice on page 6, and write out in full numbers 2 and 3. 参照第6 页的句型练习,用图片中的信息套用句型2 和3 写出完整的对话。

57、"I suggest you consider a box of Legos, " I add. “建议你考虑一盒乐高,”我又加了一句。


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