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关于”查句子的软件“的英语句子5个,句子主体:Sentence checking software。以下是关于查句子的软件的六级英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Sentence checking software

1、We could have saved valuable time simply by offloading low-level inspections to a software inspector. 如果把这些低级检查工作交给软件检查器,我们会节省许多宝贵的时间。

2、Additionally, a test suite will be offered to ensure compliance with an as-yet determined set of standards. 另外,还提供一套测试软件来检查与已有标准的一致性。

3、Activate the IRD Software to check data correctness. 启动软件查看资料是否正确。

4、Software, Microsoft Excel calculation experience with test data process as plus. 具备微软程序软件,微软电子表格办公软件相关知识者优先。

5、Then I taught her how to cut sentences using software. 接着,我教了她如何利用软件来切割句子。

6、Verify whether your distro LVM2 package is installed. 检查您的 Linux 发行版是否安装了 LVM2 软件包。

7、Check your software preferences in the menu "Adminstration". 请检查“管理”菜单里的软件首选项。

8、Check each sentence to make sure it has a subject and a verb and that it expresses a complete concept. 仔细检查每一个句子,确保每个句子都有一套完整的主谓结构。

9、Most software blindly performs arithmetic on numbers without actually examining them first. 多数软件盲目地对数字执行算法,而不首先检查数据。

10、In other words, they’ve got rickets. 换句话说,越来越多的英国孩子得了软骨病。

11、Get ready! A Five Word Review - Is Your Child Too Materialistic? 做好准备,用五句话来检查你的孩子是否太追求物质享受了?

12、You should check with the vendor to make sure the application you are using to protect you from malware is actually checking for spyware as well. 你应该与软件商沟通,以确保你正在使用的防病毒软件实际上也能检查间谍软件。

13、Check that your form attributes name and type match with the ActionForm name and package. 检查表单属性名称和类型是否与 ActionForm 名称和软件包匹配。

14、Software inspections: Peer review inspections to uncover defects, inconsistencies, and trouble spots in products that might affect quality and performance. 软件检查:同级评审检查可以发现在产品中缺陷、不一致性和影响软件质量和性能的问题点。

15、A final check on conflicts and dependencies will be done - here too you may see a sublist. 在这时,程序会最后 作一次冲突和依赖性检查……对了,您在这里可能还会看 一次相关软件的子列表。

16、The software design involves the CAN module setup of PIC18FXX8 and some basic subprograms, such as inquiry mode sending sub-program and receiving sub-program. 软件设计包括PIC1 8FXX8的CAN模块的初始化、查询方式发送子程序和查询方式接收子程序等应用中最基本的子程序。

17、In particular, the addition of metaclasses makes it difficult to have static type checking , a required condition of the production of reliable software. 尤其元类的加入使得静态类型的检查更加困难,而这个检查是软件产品可靠性的必要条件。

18、In particular, you should check that you meet the hardware and software prerequisites. 特别地,您应该检查您是否满足了硬件和软件必备条件。

19、It includes element validity check, element quality check and element size check. 单元检查包括单元合法条件的检查,单元质量条件检查和单元尺寸检查。

20、The points and times you perform ODC assessment will affect quality-improvement effort and effectiveness. 你执行ODC评估的检查点和检查时间将影响软件质量的提高和效率。

21、Use free spreadsheet software from Open Office, Zoho or Google. 使用办公软件,Zoho或Google的免费电子表格软件。

22、The questions in checklists may be tailored or selected to suit the target software. 可以根据目标软件的需求修改或选择检查列表中的问题。

23、By repeatedly revising unlikely or incorrect letter assignments, Dr Tygar's software extracts sense from sonic chaos. 通过反复地检查不太可能的或者不正确的字母搭配,泰格博士的软件从无序的音波中整理出了可理解的文句。

24、There are some other things you should do; 呸呸呸,初创软件公司前,要检查的三件事;当然有很多其他的事要做,Bob在书里都讲到了。

25、One of the most effective techniques for detecting software defects is through code inspections and reviews. 最有效的探测软件缺陷的技术之一是通过代码检查及复审。


26、Two types of queries can be used in the WHERE clause of an UPDATE statement: a scalar subquery and a table subquery. 两种查询可以用于 UPDATE 语句的 WHERE 子句中:标量子查询 和表子查询。

27、The software automatism check when you phone open. 当你手机打开时,该软件会自动检查。

28、All of the needed software is configured to automatically start up at boot. So check to ensure that all the software is up and running. 所有所需的软件都已配置为开机时自动启动,所以必须检查确保所有的软件都已启动并运行。

29、21Vianet and/or Microsoft may automatically check the version of any software installed by your users on any device. 世纪互联和/或微软可自动检查您的用户在任何装置上安装的软件版本。

30、Adding an ORDER SIBLINGS BY clause which is only allowed in composition with the hierarchical query clause and will return the siblings in the predefined sequence. 添加一个 ORDER SIBLINGS BY 子句,该子句只能与分级查询子句组合使用,并且将按预先定义的顺序返回同级查询结果。

31、To my most happily, she learned how to use software to cut the sentences. 最让我高兴的是,她学会了如何利用软件来切割句子。

32、There, you can view the hardware and software inventory information that has been collected by the Electronic Service Agents. 可以在其中查看电子服务代理已经收集的硬件和软件目录信息。

33、Depending on the input sentence, automatic checks with the tune. 词谱。根据输入的句子,自动检查符合的。

34、There is one clause per finder method, and the clause is appended to an SQL statement in the query initiated by the container as it executes the finder method. 每个查找器方法有一个子句,该子句被附加到查询中的一个 SQL 语句,该查询在执行查找器方法时由容器启动。

35、Microsoft said it would provide a blanket software license for advocacy groups and media outlets, and offer legal aid to such groups caught up in software inquiries. 微软说它将会为宣传团体和媒介业务提供一揽子的软件版权,并为此类团体牵涉进的软件调查提供法律援助。

36、Syntax checking: Check the syntax and grammar of the file. 句法检查:检查该文件的句法和语法。

37、Step 3: Checking the atomic software functionalities 步骤 3:检查原子软件功能

38、Our audit checks for the presence of the Code Red fix, checks for anti-virus software, and extracts its version. 我们的审计检查了“红色代码”修订是否存在,检查了反病毒软件并且抽取出它的版本。

39、These tests check the translatability and localizability of the software. 这些测试将检查软件的译本和本地化情况。

40、Usually this is related to an error in your software archive or software manager. Check your software preferences in the menu "Adminstration". 通常这和您软件封存或软件管理员的错误有关。请检查「管理」选单中的软件偏好设定。

41、As a separate proofreading step, look at each sentence in your final drafts. 一个单独的校对步骤就是检查你的定稿里的每一个句子。

42、The docutils package consists of quite a few subpackages, in fairly complicated relation to each other. docutils 软件包包含很多子软件包,各子软件包之间的关系相当复杂。

43、Check all metal hose. 检查所有金属软管。

44、These days those things constantly spell check your program for you. 现在这些软件将会为你,做程序的拼写检查。

45、In addition, the interference between parts is removed with the interference check function of I-DEAS. 同时,利用I-DEAS软件的干涉检查功能,解决了零部件的干涉问题。

46、I divided the content she reviewed this afternoon into many sentences using software. 我用一个软件把她今天下午复习过的内容切割成一句一句的音频材料。

47、The IDT caters to Traps; Hardware interrupts (devices, timers), exceptions, faults, machine checks and software interrupts. IDT用于陷阱,硬件中断,异常,错误,机器检查和软件中断。

48、In relation to the software, check the integration points between the virtual images. 关于软件方面,检查虚拟映像之间的集成点。

49、Double-check the Regional settings, before installing any software. 在安装任何软件之前再次检查 Regional 设置。

50、If you want to increase your typing speed, check out Mavis Beacon Typing software! 如果您想提高您的打字速度,检查马维什灯塔打字软件!


51、In the first column, we built a software repository that displayed and retrieved software packages using HTTP from a repository. 在第一期专栏中,我们构建了一个软件资源库,允许您使用 HTTP 从资源库查看和检索软件包。

52、But you can view any piece of software registered with the ODM using the lslpp command, checking its level and all associated files. 但您可以使用 lslpp 命令查看 ODM 中所有已注册的软件,检查它们的级别和相关文件。

53、SIW(System Information for Windo… 系统信息查看软件…

54、Bus Query : Complete a "Xi'an Bus Query" software in the school, as a software team leader during the period. 公交查询:在校的软件课程实践中完成“西安公交查询软件”,期间担任软件小组组长。

55、Overseas studies on software production show that, software project management is essential to software development. 国外软件生产调查研究表明,软件项目管理对软件项目研发至关重要。


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