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关于”冬天的句子“的英语句子2个,句子主体:Winter sentence。以下是关于冬天的句子的xx年级英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Winter sentence

1、Dry and cold in winter, when weather and sandstorms. 冬季干冷,时有风沙天气。

2、Everything is shining in the sun.   冬天是个美丽的季节,尤其是下雪的日子。

3、From the west bank one can walk to the Orange Islet during the winter dry season. 冬天枯水季节可以从河西走到橘子洲头。

4、I wish all the people will be heathy in the winter and live a happy life in the winter. 我希望所有的人在冬天都健康,并且在冬季生活的愉快。

5、Winter is my favourite season. Winter's coming also means snow's following. 冬天是我最喜欢的季节。

6、Latitude impact : the prevalence of winter winter wind. 纬度影响:冬季盛行冬季风。

7、The variations of wind stress curl are dominated by the monsoons in Japan Sea and South China Sea and the value is stronger in winter than in Summer. 日本海与南海的风应力旋度周期变化由其冬夏季风决定。 冬季影响强于夏季。

8、The wheat is buried in the place, has hibernated for one winter. 麦子被埋在地里,冬眠了一个冬天。

9、261. Winter is a cold season. 冬天是一个,寒冷的季节。

10、My favourite season is definitely winter, because I was born in winter. 瘿我最喜欢的季节是冬季,因为我是在冬季出生的。

11、The faulting layer derived from the cork cells of the isolation was the last defensive structure by which new G. elata could safely live through the winter. 冬季,天麻进入冬眠期,隔离区的木栓细胞层形成断裂层,此层细胞是新生麻能够安全越冬的最后一道防御结构。

12、I think winter is a white season. In winter, it often snows and everything becomes white. Every winter, children are the happiest because they can make the snowman. 我认为冬天是一个白色的季节。在冬天,它经常下雪,一切都变白了。每个冬天,孩子们都是最快乐的,因为他们可以堆雪人。

13、Kiyofuyu: Winter Everything depression, between heaven and earth a raw cold, so winter, and "clear Winter" is another name. 清冬:冬季万物萧条,天地间一片清寒,故冬天又“清冬”之别称。

14、. Winter is a cold season. 冬天是一个,寒冷的季节。

15、"To produce superior caviar, the fish need to hibernate in water cooler than six degrees Celsius for 45 days during the winter, " said Han Sung Hun. 韩升说,“匈奴”产生优越的鱼子酱,鱼需要冬眠比六度摄氏45天在冬季温度低的水。

16、Then half the winter mice stayed in a winter cycle, while half switched to a summer schedule. 随后,“冬季”小鼠中的一半仍在“冬季”周期中生长,另一半则被转移至“夏季”周期。

17、On a snow coverd winter day, you gave birth to your first child. 在冬季大雪纷飞的一天,您生下了第一个孩子。

18、Several thousand year ago, the ancient race discovers the daytime compares in summer winter long, but the dark night is then shorter than winter in summer. 数千年前,古代民族发现白天夏季比冬季长,而黑夜则夏季比冬季短。

19、It was a mini nuclear winter. 这是一个袖珍型核子的冬季。

20、The Vancouver Olympics ended on Sunday and it could not have been a much better finish for host country Canada, which won the final gold medal. 温哥华冬季奥运会星期天闭幕。对东道国加拿大来说,他们把最后一枚金牌揽入囊中,给冬奥闭幕画下完满的句号。

21、Winter days shorter and the nights long. 冬季天较短和夜长。

22、The heavy rain and snow period has adversely affected the construction progress. 因贵州达地乡山区进入冬季天雨和霜冬期,严重影响建筑工程的进度。

23、Water consumption decreased during the winter. 冬季期间水消耗量减少。

24、Winter could be beautiful even without snow, it is the season of trees who write poems upon sky. 无雪的冬天依然美丽,冬天是树以大自然的语言在天空写诗的季节。

25、When the winter AO index was in a low(high) phase, the winter air temperature in northeast China underwent a successive cold(warm) winter. 冬季北极涛动处于低(高)指数期,东北冬季气温为持续冷冬(暖冬)期。


26、It's the last day of school before the winter holidays and Wanda plans to see The Nutcracker ballet. 这天是冬季假期前的最后一天上课日, 云达计划去看「胡桃夹子」的芭蕾舞表演。

27、If this action does occur, begin re-hydration immediately, and over-winter for the remaining hibernation period. 如果发现有尿,要马上给它补充水分,度过余下的冬季的冬眠期。

28、Butt the real pain began that winter, one of the coldest on record. 但真正的痛苦在那年冬天开始,那是记录中最寒冷的冬季之一。 糚。

29、Winter Wonderland: There are plenty of strategies for keeping safe in cold-weather flying. 冬季奇景:寒冷冬季飞行保持安全的几手高招。

30、Before the flood year, wintertime polar vortex expanded eastward, and the East Asia major deep trough and the East Asian winter monsoon were stronger than normal years. 涝年的前期冬季极涡向东扩展,东亚大槽和东亚冬季风较常年偏强;

31、Because Beginning of Winter is at the turn of seasons, in the northern China, Beijing and Tianjin in particular, people prefer to eat Jiaozi on the day. 因为立冬是秋冬季节之交,在北方,特别是老北京人、天津人都爱吃饺子。

32、Instead, turn to a metaphor you have certainty about, e. g. , "Life has its seasons, and I'm just in winter right now." 换一个样子,用一句你确信的隐喻,像“人生有四季,而我不过现在正逢冬天罢了。”

33、She had been dismissed towards the end of the winter; the summer passed, but winter came again. 她是在冬季将完时被撵走的。 夏季过了,冬季又来。

34、It was a cold winter’s day that Sunday. 这是冬季里的一个寒冷的礼拜天。

35、That is the name of a very popular song about winter. 冬季仙境”像这是一个关于冬天非常流行的歌曲名称。

36、It not only represents the winter winter, complete said, it is the beginning of winter, all things, to avoid the coldness. 看来,立冬不仅仅代表冬天的来临,完整地说,它是表示冬季开始,万物收藏,规避寒冷的意思。

37、In winter they wear leather caps with ear flaps. Women wear white cloth socks and patterned shoes in summer, donning leather boots and long gowns in winter. 冬天他们戴有帽耳的皮帽,女子夏季穿白布袜子和有图案的鞋子,冬季穿皮筒靴和长袍。

38、This is my favorite season, like autumn and winter. Like the autumn chrysanthemum, resists the snow in love clivia supercilious in winter. 这就是我喜欢的季节,喜欢秋天和冬天。喜欢秋天中傲霜斗雪的菊花,喜欢冬天中不卑不亢的君子兰。 。

39、But microbial amounts of cropland were increased from spring to winter, and were the most in winter. 在农耕地中,从春季到冬季一直增加,在冬季最大。

40、冬季期间水消耗量减少。 Water consumption decreased during the winter.

41、When winter comes , baby bears are going to hibernate. 当冬季来临的时候,熊宝宝将要冬眠。

42、HANS: Is it very cold in winter? 汉 斯:冬季的天气很冷吗?

43、It is the first solar term in winter, in this season, myriad activities tend to repose to the dormant winter. 立冬是冬季的第一个节气,进入这一时节,天地万物活动都趋向休止,准备蛰伏过冬。

44、Fall is the next-best season, then winter. 其次是秋天最好,然后为冬季。

45、The concentrations of both Alkali metals and anions in winter and spring were higher than those in summer and autumn, with the maximum value in winter. 碱金属和阴离子月变化均是冬春季浓度值大于夏秋季,冬季值最高。

46、Black bears hibernate in winters. 黑熊在冬季蛰居过冬。

47、Start tof Winter is the first solar term of winter, which means winter is coming and crops harvested in autumn should be stored up. “立冬”意味着冬天的到来,秋季丰收的作物全部收藏入库,是冬季的第一个节气。

48、Sunspot Hibernation? 太阳黑子进入冬眠期?

49、Winter is coming, Mummys, it's time to learn baby care knowledge for winter season. 随着冬天的到来,妈妈们,大家做好宝宝冬季保健的准备了吗?

50、The results showed that the average temperature in winter and the minimum temperature during winter wheat overwinter time had increased significantly. 结果表明:河北省冬麦区冬季平均气温、小麦越冬期最低气温显著升高;


51、I like summer and winter. 我喜欢夏季和冬季。

52、Hokuriku winter sun, this means the location where, later said that people used on behalf of the winter. 北陆本指太阳冬季所在的方位,后来被人们用来代称冬天。


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