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关于”古诗“的英语句子4个,句子主体:ancient poetry。以下是关于古诗的初二英语句子。

英文句子模板1:ancient poetry

1、The swan goose is an important imagery in Na Lan lyrics and classical poetry. 雁在我国古典诗词中是常见的意象,其原始意蕴起源于《诗经》。

2、Rippon's Selection of Psalm and Hymn Tunes (Various). voices. Classical. 里彭的选择诗篇和赞美诗曲调(各种)。 声音。 古典。

3、Reasoning-and-interesting poems, also called philosophical poems, are one type of Chinese ancient poems. 理趣诗又名哲理诗,是中国古代诗歌的一种类型。

4、Next, the author illustrates both the employment and the function of metaphors in ancient Chinese poetry and interprets the skills being adopted in the translation practice. 以中国古诗为载体,探讨了古汉语诗歌中隐喻的使用及其功能,并系统阐述了古汉语诗歌翻译实践中隐喻翻译的策略和技巧;

5、Maddie: The Hui-tsung emperor was a lover of antiquities, art, poetry, you name it. 曼蒂:宋徽宗是古文物、艺术、诗词等的爱好者。

6、The Yijing theory originates from the Chinese classical poem. Wang Guowei first established the poetic Jingjie theory in his literature RenjjianCiHua. 意境说源于中国古典诗词,王国维先生在其著作《人间词话》中首次明确地建立了诗词的境界理论。

7、A very good ancient poem! 很不错的一首古体诗!

8、There are four elements in the work of interpreting Chinese ancient poetry. 中国古典诗词译解方法亦秉持这种态度。

9、Artistic conception which covers content and form is the only approach to appreciate the ancient poetry. 意境包括内容,涉及形式,是欣赏古诗词必由之径。

10、In Chinese ancient poetry, sensibility was often expressed with diverse images by poets. 在中国古代诗词中,情感常常被诗人和词人通过不同意象表达。

11、Wang Kai Yun' Poetics is classical and different from the common custom poetics. 湘绮诗学是一个与世俗诗学不同的古典诗学思想体系。

12、Detailed description started early in classical poems in China, which can date back to very early ancient songs and the book of songs. 细节描写在我国古典诗词中发轫甚早,可追潮到远古歌谣及《诗经》之中。

13、Yu Ou Collection" is one of the latest issued collection of ancient poetry which spans 154 years." 《馀沤集》是最新出版的一本古体诗词集,收集的诗词跨度1 xx年。

14、Her poetic works have been published in 3 poetry collections over the past 7 years. xx年前,她入读老年大学专攻古典文学诗词,近xx年来已出版3本诗集,目前正着手撰写回忆录。

15、Imagery and artistic conception function as the soul of classical Chinese poems as well as the standard for aesthetic appraisement. “意象”和“意境”是中国古典诗歌的灵魂,也是古诗的审美评价标准。

16、The wild goose is our country classical poetry common image, and its primitive implication stems from The Book of Songs. 雁在我国古典诗词中是常见的意象,其原始意蕴起源于《诗经》。

17、Chivalry Poetry is a highlight in ancient Chinese poetry, which reached the peak in Prosperous Tang Dynasty. 咏侠诗是中国古代诗歌中的一股强音,而盛唐又是中国古代诗歌的顶峰。

18、Comments for the direct descriptions of cloud, fog, rain and snow in Chinese ancient poem. 对古诗词中直接描述云、雾、雨、雪的内容进行了评论。

19、Deeply impacted by German rumor and Chinese classic poem , the poet combined the beauty of poetry with his personal feeling to express his particular experience in youth . 诗人深受德国谣曲和中国古典诗词影响,以叙事诗的表现技巧,把诗的境界美、诗意美与个人化情感抒发巧妙结合,展示诗人青春时代独有的生命体验。

20、Du fu, ancient Chinese poetry history one of the greatest poets. 杜甫,中国古代诗歌史上最巨大的诗人之一。

21、But, in fact, it tells us the developing fact of XingPoem before ShiJing. It is important material for researching the national characteristics of China ancient poems. 与《诗经》兴诗相比,《周易》兴诗更为古朴,它客观上展示了《诗经》前兴诗的发展轨迹,是研究我国远古歌谣民族特色的重要文献材料。

22、Poetry is fond of flos mume, flower and moon; “诗写梅花月,茶煎古雨春”是古雨春人的理想。

23、Ancient poetry word middle have the verse "translating" the sum "day lily"? 古诗词中有“译”和“萱”的诗句么?

24、To adopt the methodology of reading aloud is an effective approach in teaching ancient poetry. 采用诵读法教学古诗词,是有效的方法。

25、It is observed that the round moon illuminates the ancient and modern parnassus, and it becomes attached to the Chinese poetry. 可以说,那一轮千秋明月照彻了诗坛古今,与中国古代诗词结下了不解之缘。


26、This classical poem is hard to understand. 这首古诗很费解。

27、As far as preparatory strategies are concerned, the teaching aim of ancient poetry and prose should be aesthetics at the core and aesthetic experience as the feature. 就古诗文教学准备策略而言,应确立以审美为核心、以审美为古诗文教学的切入口、以审美体验为特征的古诗文教学目标。

28、Chapter Five discusses the poetics significance of the Banquet Poetry of Mid-Ancient Times. 第五章:探讨中古公宴诗的诗学意义。

29、Using reiterative locution arts to write poem is one of the skills the ancient poem writers often used. 叠字是汉语修辞的一种方法,运用叠字艺术进行诗词创作是古代诗词作家常用的艺术手法之一。

30、Chinese ancient poetry is like a boundless sea with its charms. 中国古诗词博大精深,蕴涵着丰富的艺术魅力。

31、He had achieved great on the study of Chinese ancient literature, especial for the study of Tang Poems and the writing of poetry. 先生在中国古代文学研究尤其是唐诗研究,以及诗词创作上,取得了累累硕果。

32、Zhu Zhiqing's research methods in classic literature are the classical verses, the comments of classical verses and the scriptures in the ancient times. 朱自清古典文学研究方法集中在三个方面:古典诗歌、古典诗论和古代经典。

33、It is a collection of Pound's translations of Chinese classical poetry. 这是庞德翻译的中国古典诗词集。

34、I picked it up and found it was a collection of Pound's translations of Chinese classical poetry. 我拿起来发现这是庞德翻译的中国古典诗词集。

35、Historically, many scholars who told her history of praises, tang, song lyrics sung by the world eternal. 从古至今,无数文人曾经对她赞不绝口,那些源远流长的唐诗宋词,被世人千古传唱。

36、Wang's main poetic ideas include "Sheng poem" with poetic favar, Three-School Poetry with ancient preface and "praising and satirizing". 他的诗学思想主要有“笙诗”声存诗逸、三家《诗》皆有古序和“美刺”。

37、There are lots of sad and gentle poems in Chinas classical poems. 中国古典诗歌中哀婉的诗颇多,情思哀婉的诗尤具诗性的美。

38、In translating classical Chinese poems, one of the most difficult problems is how to well translate the reduplicated words. 翻译中国古诗词最棘手的问题之一是叠词的翻译。

39、Neo-classical poetry creators of classical poetry from the Arts draw nutrients for modern poetry, embodied in the form of poetry, rhythm, technique and so on. 新古典主义诗歌的创作者们从古典诗艺中为现代诗汲取养分,具体体现在诗歌的形式、节奏韵律、技法等方面。

40、Poetry: " moisturizes things in silence." 古诗云:“润物细无声”。

41、The word "swimming" can be found in a verse in the" Book of Songs, " Chinese earliest collection of poems. It reflects the practice of the sport in ancient times. “游泳”这个词可以在中国最早的诗歌总集《诗经》的一首诗中找到,说明古代已经有了游泳这项运动。

42、"Flavor", as the core of Chinese classical Shilun, is a classical poetry theory with distinct national features. “味”是中国古典诗论的核心范畴,是富有鲜明民族特色的古典诗歌理论。

43、Chapter two: China classical poesy sing. 第二章、中国古典诗词演唱。

44、Utilitarianism is prevailing in the modern Parnassus. His cognition about the internal constitution of poem is the embodiment of aesthetic pursuit of modern poets. 在诗歌功利主义思想盛行的近代诗坛,他对古典诗歌本体思想的认识,体现了近代诗人对古典诗歌的美学追求。

45、This situation has exposed the ancient poetry, teaching high school language problems. 这种情况暴露了高中语文古代诗词教学中存在的问题。

46、They are no ancient poems at all! 这哪是什么古诗词啊!

47、The origin of traditional Tibetan Eulogy Poem is related to the folk culture. 藏族传统诗体颂词起源于藏族民间民俗文化即远古文化。

48、Ci, a special fonn of the Chinese classical poetry, has more distinct aesthetic features in comparison with the traditional poetry. 词是中国古典诗歌的一种特殊形式,相对于传统诗文,更具有浓郁和鲜明的审美特征。

49、Metrical translation and unmetrical translation are two major approaches to the translation of classic Chinese verse, each having its advantages and disadvantages. 诗体译法和散体译法是翻译中国古典诗词的两种主要方法,各有其利弊。

50、It is taken that the ancient litterateurs merely loved writing and chanting poems, but cared nothing about the intrinsic spirit of poetry, such as moral comprehension and philosophical speculation. 有人认为古代文人只喜爱吟诗、玩诗,而不重视诗词的内在精神,如道德感悟、哲理思考等。


51、The complex imagoes of the moon comes down in one continuous line of 《The Book of Songs》, and it greatly broadens the culture connotation and stature of poetry, enrich the artifice of poetry as well. 中国古代诗词中月亮意象的多元化,与《诗经》 六义一脉相承,极大地拓宽了诗词的文化内涵和思想境界,也丰富了诗词的表现技巧。

52、The third chapter presents solutions problems in ancient poetry teaching in senior high school. 第三章提出了高中古诗词教学的对策。

53、In Chinese ancient poetry, “eternal love” is from “long separation”. 古代诗词中的“长相思”,来自于“久别离”。

54、I’m crazy about the ancient China poetry. 我迷上了中国古代诗词.

55、A 16-year-old student has won a televised Chinese poetry competition winning fans over with her keen knowledge of the country's ancient culture and works. 复旦附中xx岁学生武艺姝赢得了《中国诗词大会》冠军,凭借丰富的古文化和古诗知识圈了一大票粉丝。

56、In more than 60 years of his career as an artist, He Jingzhi created a large number of new opera (including Yangko opera), new poetry, "new ancient poetry" and songs. 在六十余年的文艺生涯中,贺敬之创作了大量的新歌剧(包括秧歌剧)、新诗、“新古体诗词”、歌词。

57、EZ Prose Poem is books which contains scores of famed poems and prose in ancient China. 《中学生必背古诗文》包括几十篇中国著名古诗词和文章,均是家喻户晓的名篇。

58、Seven-word chanting poetry was a popular poetic form used by ancient Chinese poets. 七言歌行是古代诗人常用的一种诗体。

59、The author points out that a special kind … 指出丘诗在七言古诗存在一种特别的押韵样式。

60、The poet archaized her work with many Elizabethan words. 诗人用许多伊丽莎白时代的词语使她的作品有古风。

61、It is normal to put new words in old poem in the history of China poetry. 在中国诗歌史上,以新词入诗之举,古已有之。

62、Learn and memorize ancient Chinese poems. 学习和背诵中国古诗。


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