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关于”时间的短句“的英语句子2个,句子主体:Short sentences of time。以下是关于时间的短句的高一英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Short sentences of time

1、Twins intuitively understand each other and use shortened sentences and words when they talk. 因为他们心领神会,谈话时只需简短的句子和言词。

2、Influenced by ancient chinese expressions and folk colloquialism, he is capable of writing short sentences in soft and lively language. 句式以短句为主,深受古汉语和民间口语影响。

3、Epigram: A short, witty, pointed statement often in the form of a poem. 警句诗:一种简短、智慧、蕴含深刻的诗。

4、Brief is life: but love is long. 生命虽短,爱却绵长。文句。关于爱情的英文句子。

5、Consider the paragraph in p. 30. Try to use "always, usually, often, sometimes, never" in your sentences and complete a paragraph about your life. 参考课本第30页,试著在你的句子中使用「总是、通常、时常、有时候、从不」等频率副词在句子中,然后完成类似的短文。

6、Since the middle of the Tang Dynasty, there had appeared Ci lyrics written by the literati apart from the folk Ci lyrics which had become popular far and wide. 中唐以后,除了民间广为流行的长短句外,还出现了文人亲自创作的长短句。

7、Grammatical relations:the structural and logical functional relations between every noun phrase and sentence. 句法关系:指每一个短语和句子之间的结构上与逻辑上的关系。

8、Is my sentence structure varied, or do I use all long or short sentences? 句子结构多样化吗?抑或只是单一的长句或短句?。

9、You add a question tag to a statement to turn it into a question. 在陈述句后面加一个简短问句可将陈述句变成反意疑问句。

10、Sentences can be broken up into clauses, and clauses into phrases. 句子可以分成分句, 分句能分成短语。

11、Only the subject and the predicate are sentence elements while the rest are phrase elements. 句子成分和短语成分属于不同层面,只有主语和谓语属句子成分,其余均属短语成分。

12、The Sentence Outline-In this outline each head or sub-head is a complete sentence. 句子提纲—由完整的句子而非短语组成。

13、Bell has adjusted duration and the duration of the intermittent function. 具有调整打铃时间长短和间歇时间长短的功能。

14、I have spent much time considering this brief word. 我花过许多时间思考这简短的话。

15、Be involved. Verbal "I'm paying attention" signals might be brief interjections when appropriate. 多投入:在合适的时候说句“我在注意听”来表示一个简短的感叹。

16、Generally his ideas were expressed in brief sententious phrase, spoken in low voice. 他发表意见总是用柔和的声音,简短的句子。

17、Monosyllabic words are best. 句子要短,短小的词比长词好,单音节的词是最佳选择。

18、Use short sentences and short paragraphs. 使用短小的句子和短小的段落。

19、Idioms are fixed phrases and short sentences derived and refined from long real life experience. 习语是经过长时间的使用而提炼出来的固定短语或短句,具有浓厚的民族文化色彩。

20、When both words are in negative sentences, or with recognize-meaning verbs above, they can be changed with each other, but the words are still emphasized on different modal. “原来”所在句为感叹句,前后有疑问句,上下文有表短时、短暂动作的词语或出乎意料义副词,在一些固定的判断句中时,不能换为“其实”;

21、IV, Listen and fill in the form. 听句子, 填表格。短文念三遍。

22、The solution is to go short wherever possible: short words, short sentences and short paragraphs. 在任何情况下,都要尽量使用简短的词汇、简单的句子、简洁的段落,做到简洁明了。 这才是解决之道。

23、How long" can be used in a question and it refers to a length of time or a length of distance. How long” 句型用于问句中,用来询问时间或距离的长短。

24、You can use negative statements with positive question tags to make requests. 由否定陈述句加肯定简短问句构成的反意疑问句可用以提出请求。

25、That first entry was the hardest. I remember writing a short and rather largely printed statement that simply stated when he passed and how I felt. 正如万事开头难,我记得仅写几句简短的、相当大部分是印刷体的声明,简单表明它离去的时间和我的感受。


26、Our fondness for the short and tweet-worthy may also explain our fondness for phantom biblical phrases. 我们对简短的、值得传唱的句子的喜爱也可以解释对伪圣经句的喜爱。

27、Sentences can be broken up into clauses, and clauses into phrases. 句子可以分成分句,分句可以分成短语。

28、He opened today’s proceedings in several short sentences. 他简短地说了几句就开始了今天的会议。

29、Sentence Mastery : Sentence Mastery reflects the ability to understand, recall, and produce English phrases and clauses in complete sentences. 句子掌握:句子掌握反映了在完整的句子中理解、记忆和说出英语短语和分句的能力。

30、Although your cooking technology in such a short period of time to improve, you should keep practicing. 尽管你的烹饪技术在如此短的时间内很难提高,你还是应该坚持练习。 英语句子翻译-招财猫问答。

31、People make the sentence shorter. 请把这个句子改短一些。

32、The phrase "spending time" is a precise and accurate one. We all have only so much time this time around. Spend it well. “花费时间”这句话是一个准确而精僻的短语。我们都最多只能拥有现有的时间,好好地花费吧。

33、Use bullets with short sentences to structure the body of your resume. 在简历的正文部分,使用短句比使用长句好。

34、The header of a DP is an adverb, and the whole phrase plays the adverbial role in a sentence. 副词短语以副词为核心词,同时整个短语在句子中,仍然为副词的功能。

35、Merely by sticking a psyco.full() at the top of my script, the run time went down to 11 seconds. 仅需在脚本开头加入一句 psyco.full(), 以上测试所花的时间缩短到了 11 秒.

36、Poems and essays alike abound in neat turns of phrase, and epigrams that are immediately pleasing. 诗文中充满了简洁的短语和读来清晰可喜的短句。

37、Use short words, short sentences, short paragraphs, bulleted lists, and short pages. 使用简短词语、句子、段落、项目符号。 页面不要太长。

38、In other words, the location of a recollection in the brain varies based on how old that recollection is. 换句话说,回忆在脑中的储存部位是依据记忆内容的时间长短而变的。

39、Idioms are fixed phrases and expressions formed after long period of usage. They are the crystallization of wisdom and the essence of language. 习语是人们经过长时间的使用而提炼出来的固定短语或短句 ,是人民智慧的结晶 ,语言的精华。

40、As their meters, there are form of four sentences of seven words, form of the mixture of four, five or six long and short sentences. 其格律有七言四句体、长短句间杂的四句体、五句体、六句体,一般都押韵,大多押平声韵,衬字、衬词运用普遍。

41、Minimize commas use — this naturally helps you keep sentences short. 尽量不用逗号 —— 不用逗号的句子自然都是短句。 不要。。。

42、The Queen left hospital after a briefer-than-expected stay. 女王在医院经过简短的治疗后出院,时间比预期要短。

43、Minimize time, minimize distance. 要求最短时间和最短路程。

44、Most research on time recognition is sentence - oriented or phrase - oriented, and adopts static mechanism. 而当前面向事件的时间识别大多是基于句子或短语的,并采用静态时间值机制。

45、And he does his best to speak Chinese with Chinese colleagues; now and then he can render Wuhan dialect on his tongue tip. 短短的两年时间,他已经学会了很多中国话,平时与员工闲聊都尽量说中文,偶尔还能蹦出两句武汉话。

46、Long passages are harder to read, and to read brief sentences readers need more time. It holds also for links, buttons, forms, search boxes and other elements. 试用太小的字体,长文章更难阅读,而阅读简短的句子读者需要更多的时间,因为它还包含链接、按钮、表格、搜索框和其他元素。

47、An idiom is a phrase refined from a longtime use with the features of conciseness , metaphor and penetration, etc. 习语是经过长时间的使用而提炼出来的固定短语或短句,它一般具有文字简练,比喻形象,含义精辟等特点。

48、a short period of time 短时期,短时间

49、Could you put me through to the personnel department, please? 翻译:通常句子都是越长越礼貌,太简短会让人有鲁莽的感觉。

50、Broadcasters write shorter sentences so they can read them aloud without running out of breath. 广播电视报道要使用较短的句子,以便在播报时不至于要在句中停顿换气。


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