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关于”比较级的句子“的英语句子5个,句子主体:Comparative sentences。以下是关于比较级的句子的xx年级英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Comparative sentences

1、Only if you compare the two books, the words aren't the same. 可是如果你比较两本书的话,二者的辞句是不一样的。

2、Introverts choose their words carefully and they think small talk is a waste of time. 内向的人总是斟词酌句,认为闲聊比较浪费时间。

3、I don't have a large family, but we get along well. 这是比较随意的句型。

4、F: I don't think that it will rain this weekend. 现在我们来作一些否定句. think 这个动词的用法比较特别, 比方有一句话:我想这个周未不会下雨, 这句话英文必须这样说: I don't think that it will rain this weekend.

5、Can you change the comparative form into its superlative form in this sentence? 你能把这句话的比较级改为最高级吗?

6、i hope you can know better about me,thank you! (希望你用这句,因为这样比较有礼貌) 我对自我介绍非常有经验!

7、Her nose is much smaller and pointier. 她的鼻子变得比较小也比较挺。

8、By the way, be warned: change your clothes to chinese-style chest covering, pants also make a fork, it is beautiful. 对了,提醒一句:把你那衣服换成肚兜,裤子也开个裆吧,那样比较靓。

9、There are two special overlapping sentences in Hui an dialect in Fujian Province. 安丘方言的比较句在山东方言中有一定的代表性。

10、For TYPE 1, the comparative reading is inferred by juxtaposing two nominals or adversative clauses. 第一类结构利用两个对比的句子或名词来表现比较关系;

11、A speck of mouse dung will spoil a whole pot of porridge. 一粒老鼠屎, 坏了一锅粥。 这句是大家比较熟悉的。

12、F: I don't think that it will rain this weekend. 现在我们来作一些否定句. think 这个动词的用法比较特别, 比方有一句话:"我想这个周未不会下雨", 这句话英文必须这样说: I don't think that it will rain this weekend.

13、From distribution, Chinese and Korean rhetorical mood adverbs are mainly used in rhetorical sentence but they can also be used in interrogative sentence and indicative sentence. 从句中的位置分布上,汉韩反诘语气副词的位置比较灵活,多数成员可以位于句首和句中,有的还可以位于句末或独用。

14、Black and white children to previous sentence more general and begged linghu chong to preach him four sentences, so make fox blunt then and beard plait four sentences to black and white children. 黑白子一听先前句比较普通便央求令狐冲再传他四句,于是令狐冲便又胡编了四句传给黑白子。

15、The two SQL statements are compared as text for easy viewing and modification. 这两个 SQL 语句作为文本比较,以便轻松查看并修改。

16、The vice-presidential debate suggests that longer sentences may not always correspond to greater eloquence. 而副总统的辩论表明,使用了比较长的句子并不等于你有更好的口才。

17、My uncle is a teacher in a middle school. 下面的一句比较俗

18、⑦i came by plane. ⑧anne wanted to skate. 对事物的比较:比较级和最高级。

19、In other words, the comparator merely compares the dimension of the worn part with the standard reference part. 换句话说,比较仪不过是将磨损部分的尺寸与标准的基准部分进行比较而已。

20、It can do both word-level and character-level comparison. 它既能进行单词级别的比较,也能进行字符级别的比较。

21、It is discovered that the action words responsible for the compared events must undergo a deverbalization process in all comparative constructions, except the juxtaposition comparatives . 研究发现,除了并列比较句之外,代表比较事件的动词必须进行一个「去动词化」的过程。

22、When two person or things are compared, we use the comparative degree. 当两个人或事进行比较时,使用形容词的比较级形式。

23、If a particular sentence gives you trouble, you can write it and hang it on a wall or a door. 如果某个句子比较麻烦,你就可以把他写下来挂在墙上或门上。

24、It also demonstrates that you have a superior command of the English language. 这样的句式变换也证明你的英语语言掌握的比较好。

25、The comparative sentence and the complex interrogative sentence in Hisamitsu dialect is different from the standard chinese. 山东寿光方言的比较句和反复问句与普通话有一定的差别。


26、If we compare an English sentence with its Chinese version, we find a great difference in word order especially in the position of adverbs. 我们如果把英语句子和它的汉译句子比较,就会发现在语序上有很大的不同,尤其是在副词的位置方面。

27、The complexity of tied filehandles makes them a more advanced topic. 因为绑定文件句柄比较复杂,所以它们属于比较高级的主题。

28、11he Believed in the theory that the advanced animals have evoluted from the low-class animals. 他相信比较高级的动物是由比较低级的动物进化而来的。

29、The concessive complex sentences have subjective, so they have more pragmatic functions. 让步复句是主观性较强的复句,故它的语用性也较强。

30、If a particular sentence gives us trouble, your can write it and hang it on a wall or a door, Every time you see the sentence, speak it out. 如果某个句子比较麻烦,你就可以把它写下来挂在墙上或门上。每看到一个句子都将它喊出来。

31、The use of disjunctive questions in spoken English is rather changeable. 英语口语中反意疑问句的运用比较灵活多变。

32、As far as the meaning is concerned, it belongs to the limint of comparing inferiorly in comparatives, including comparing character, strength of acting, and quantity. 从意义上来讲,它属于等级比较中的差比范畴,包括性质比较、动作强度比较、数量比较。

33、In this lesson, we have learned three grammar concepts: Negative Interrogative Sentence, Comparatives and Emphatic Sentence. Please fill in the blanks of the following sentences to practise them. 这节课,我们学习了三个语法点:否定疑问句,比较级和强调句。现在试着填上下面句子的空白来练习这些语法点吧。

34、Which sentence is clearer? 哪个句子比较清楚?。

35、He believed in the theory that the advanced animals have evoluted from the low-class animals. 他相信比较高级的动物是由比较低级的动物进化而来的。

36、She never said we were working with obsolete equipment , any more than she said she was the pilot of the ship. 这个句子就比较费思量。她说还是没有说她是轮船的引航员?

37、For comparison, Figure 3 illustrates the access plan where I forced the DB2 optimizer to ignore the index by adding the clause SELECTIVITY 1 to the predicate in the WHERE clause. 为了便于比较, 图 3 显示了通过将 SELECTIVITY 1 子句添加到 WHERE 子句的谓词中,强迫 DB2 优化器忽略索引的访问计划。

38、No matter the ending is perfect or not, you cannot disappear from my world。 我个人认为这句比较好。

39、Experts are collating and annotating difficult sentences in The Romance of West Chamber. 专家们在校注《西厢记》中比较难懂的字句。

40、The second part is also a research of the main special sentence patterns, such as passive sentence research, comparative sentence research, interrogative sentence research, and so on. 同时,对一些主要的特殊句式,如处置句、受事前置句、被动句、比较句、疑问句等进行了讨论。

41、A great change will certainly be produced in the world’s communications. The computer has brought about many changes in education. 表示比较的常用句型

42、5The moon looks brighter and rounder on this day. 在这里brighter and rounder是比较级,指中秋节的月亮比其它晚上更明亮、更圆。 单音节形容词的比较级是在其后加(e)r构成。

43、Sorghum and maize with their stouter stalks do better. 高粱、玉米比较好些,秆子比较粗。

44、In this method, the algorithm performs the optimal matching between the word type sequences of two compared sentences. 该方法比较两个句子的词类信息串,进行最优匹配,得到一个结构相似性的值。

45、Finaly, I will compare different methods to define the truth in the calculus of classes. 最后,针对类演算语言,在不同的真句子定义方法之间进行一些比较。

46、C. Rewrite the following sentences, using the right forms of the adverbs in brackets. 重写以下的句子,并采用括号里副词正确的比较形式。

47、OK. We use comparatives to compare two people or things. 我们使用比较级来比较两个人或者事物。

48、This study is an attempt to explore the following aspects concerning Korean and Chinese comparative sentences based on the summary of former insightful studies on this field. 第二章汉语“比”字句研究和韩语比较句研究综述。本章分成三个部分进行综述:汉语“比”字句研究、韩语比较句研究、汉韩比较句对比。

49、This means execution of the statement was comparably trivial and hence fast enough to not worry about. 这意味着语句的执行比较普通,因而无需担心其速度。

50、A sentence like 'We need one box of a certain type of screw' is something that a machine could translate reasonably accurately - though primitively. 机器能够相当准确地翻译这样的句子——尽管比较简单粗糙。


51、Comparatives and superlatives; 比较级与最高级;

52、Triatomic and larger molecules have more complex energy-level diagrams. 三原子分子和更大的分子的能级图比较复杂。

53、Jason Isaacs (Lucius Malfoy): My favourite line is actually one of Daniel’s. 詹森.艾萨克(卢修斯.马尔福):“我比较喜欢丹尼尔说的一句话。

54、I like to talk with my parents seated in the living room。 (seated in the living room做状语,是比较高级的句型了)

55、The Chinese word order is rather agility, so different word order can often change the sentence frame and its meaning in syntax, semantics and pragmatics . 汉语的语序比较灵活,不同的语序往往可以在句法、语义、语用上改变句子的结构和意义。


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