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关于”爱情的诗句“的英语句子5个,句子主体:Poetry of love。以下是关于爱情的诗句的高三英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Poetry of love

1、Write an acrostic love note or poem. 用离合诗体形式写几句充满爱意的话或一首小诗。

2、4经典英文爱情诗.Forgive me for needing you in my life;

3、Love was poetically compared to flower. 爱情在诗歌中被比作花朵。

4、The Book of Songs, the first collection of poems in China, leaves later generations lots of beautiful lyric poems, in which a profusion of Plants-picking images are employed. 我国第一部诗歌总集《诗经》给后世留下了许多优美的情爱诗,在这些情爱诗中有大量的采摘意象参与表达。

5、New love is brightest, and long love is greatest; but revived love is the tenderest thing known upon earth. ---Thomas Hardy, English novelist and poet. 新生的爱情绚丽多彩,长久的爱情崇高伟大;但复苏的爱情则是世界上最温柔的事情。---托马斯。哈代,英国小说家和诗人。

6、经典英文爱情诗4 My river runs to thee. Blue sea, wilt thou welcome me My river awaits reply.Oh!

7、The traditional motifs of the Chinese poetry are being faithful to the monarch and dedicating oneself to serving country. 中国诗歌传统主题是忠君爱国,西方诗歌以爱情为中心。

8、Yeats is famous for his lyricism, which comes from five sources. 叶芝是爱尔兰著名诗人,其诗歌以抒情性著称,其来源有五个方面。

9、Most of Dai love poems have sad, dreary and graceful style which was much alike the style of Li love poems. 戴望舒之感伤凄清、朦胧婉曲的爱情诗,与李商隐开创的玉溪诗风,特别是他的爱情诗风格非常接近,十分类似。

10、In a word, the main spirit of Tang Dynasty love poetry is positive, optimistic and sentimental. 总之,唐代爱情诗的主要精神是积极乐观、感情充沛的。

11、Most of early written love poems of the modern poet He Qifang are singing elegiac songs for his own flown loves. 现代诗人何其芳的早期爱情诗作,往往是在为他逝去的爱情吟唱挽歌。

12、In his gloomy poem "Farewell to love-"we can see his disillusionment. 在忧愁的诗作《离去爱情》中,我们就可能感遭到他对爱道理想的幻灭。

13、The writer of this article tries to indicate the similarities and differences of two poems by Sappho and in the Book of Songs through the language, the imagery and the point of view towards love. 本文对古希腊女诗人萨福与我国《诗经》中 的 爱情 诗歌在语言表达方式、 诗歌意象营造以及所宣扬 的 爱情观等方面进行了简要比较,呈示出二者 的异同。

14、26经典英文爱情诗.how do i say i love you?

15、Love is usually poeticized, decorated with roses, nightingales; 爱情通常都被诗意化,用玫瑰、夜莺来装饰。

16、Fengzhi is an outstanding poet in the history of modern new poetry of China. 1n 1920s, he has created massive love poems. 冯至是中国现代新诗史上杰出的诗人,20世纪xx年代,他创作了大量的爱情诗。

17、Wu Zetian's poems can be classified into three kinds; odes, poems about nature and love. 武则天的诗歌分成三部分:颂诗、山水诗、爱情诗。

18、As long love narrative poems, their love subjects, special view from women, the contradiction between sense and sensibility are very attractive. 作为长篇叙事诗,这三部诗歌的爱情题材,独特的女性视角,情与理的矛盾都表现得较为充分。

19、Robert Burn's A Red, Red Rose is a very popular love poem in the English literature. 苏格兰农民诗人彭斯的爱情诗《红红的玫瑰》是英国文学史上的名篇。

20、In poetry the rose is often a metaphor for love. 诗歌中常用玫瑰花来隐喻爱情。

21、31经典英文爱情诗.I love the way you smile at me, I love your laugh, so much

22、Love lives in cottages as well as in courts. 他给我们读了一首歌颂爱情的十四行诗。

23、Love Poems in the Tang Dynasty absorbs nutrition from folk love songs, becoming lively, secular, classical and overshadowed by the rich sentimental color. 唐代爱情诗汲取民间情歌营养,走向生活化、世俗化和经典化,晚唐爱情诗笼罩着浓郁的感伤色彩。

24、Perhaps all his poems were really love poems, expressive of love for someone. 也许他所有的诗歌其实都是爱情诗,表现了对某个人的爱。

25、He likes to write amatory poem to the lady he loves. 他喜欢给自己所爱的女孩写情诗。


26、28经典英文爱情诗.You haven't always been here for me, or loved me just the same。

27、Ever mind sadness, love song, listen to the sad love writing log or sad mood miscellaneous poems! 伤感从此浮上心头,爱上了听伤感情歌,爱上了写伤感日志或是心情杂诗!

28、I think of all the poetry that I've read about romantic love, what sums it up best is something that is said by Plato over 2, 000 years ago. He said, "The god of love lives in a state of need. 我脑海中浮现出读过的所有关于爱情的诗篇, 其中最适合概括这一点的是 2000多年前的诗人柏拉图的一首诗,"爱神栖于爱欲之国。

29、The flourish of poems of love is a special phenomenon of literature in the circle of poets of the late Tang Dynasty. 爱情诗的兴盛是中晚唐诗坛一个引人注目的文学现象。

30、英文爱情诗.I love the way you smile at me, I love your laugh, so much

31、18经典英文爱情诗.Thoughts of you dance through my mind. Knowing, it is just a matter of time.Wondering。

32、Pondering on Love is an expression of love poems on men and women. 《有所思》是一首表达男女情爱的诗。

33、Donne's idealistic love finds its expression in poems affirming and celebrating true love, and these poems portray a much broader world for readers. 多恩诗歌中所表达的理想的爱情集中体现在正面表达歌颂爱情的诗歌中,这些诗歌为我们提供了一个更为广阔的空间。

34、What's more, Chinese ones have more complaint for the females while the western ones often sing the praises and admirations … 此外,中国古典爱情诗中出现了一类怨妇诗,而西方爱情诗中充满了对女性的赞美与崇拜。

35、Is probably Elizabeth Barrett Browning's most popular love poem. 可能是黄钱其濂贝瑞特褐变最受欢迎的爱情诗。

36、Love is the poem and sun in life, love is the byname of understanding and care. 爱情是生活中的诗歌和太阳,爱是理解和体贴的别名。

37、Carew: english poet whose amorous light lyrics were favored by charles i. 卡鲁:英国诗人,其爱情诗和轻快的抒情诗受查理一世的喜爱。

38、经典英文爱情诗 classical love english love poems 这裏是一些经典英语爱情诗。

39、2经典英文爱情诗.If you were a teardrop;In my eye,

40、People attribute the achievement of Dai Wangshu's lyric poetry to his failure in love and the style of his poetry to his sense of inferiority and melancholy in disposition. 戴望舒不成功的爱情成就了他的爱情诗,他的自卑、忧郁的心理气质决定了他爱情诗哀怨悲愁的情感内涵和旷男诉爱的抒情模式。

41、经典英文爱情诗.And if you get tempted and start debating, Be reminded again for YOU。

42、经典英文爱情诗.I love the way you smile at me, I love your laugh, so much

43、Those poems can be mainly divided into three types as follows: wuti-first love poems, wuti-wife poems and wuti-amorous poems. 李氏无题爱情诗可分作三类:无题初恋诗、无题夫人诗和无题艳情诗。

44、He finally pumped up a poem to express his love for her. 他终于写出了一首诗,表达他对她的爱情。

45、These love poetry appear the "tranquil and restrained" artistic feature in the early time of the poet's love poetry with rich philosophical connotation, unique image and deep sentiment. 这些爱情诗歌以丰富的哲学内涵、独特的意象和深沉而平实的感情,彰显了诗人早期爱情诗歌“静敛”的艺术特色。

46、经典英文爱情诗4 my river runs to thee. blue sea, wilt thou welcome me my river awaits reply.oh!

47、About poetry, he likes heart-to-heart short Poems, loves pure and beautiful tone of poetry, advocates that philosophy , integrating thinking and feeling, should be melt into poetry habitat . 诗歌创作上,他倾心于小诗、短诗,热爱清丽淡远的诗风,主张诗歌哲理化入诗境,思致和情感相融合。

48、英国最经典的爱情诗 How do I love thee by Elizabeth Barrett Browning (18061861) How do I love thee?

49、"I have been used to consider poetry as the food of love," said Darcy. “我却一贯认为,诗是爱情的食粮,”达西说。

50、The Sons and Sonnets, by which Donne is probably best known, contains most of his early lyrics. 《歌与短歌》是邓恩最有名的诗集,包括了他早期大多数爱情诗作。


51、Here nice book about Love Poems & Love Letters for your references. 这里有关于爱情诗及情书的好书可为你参考。

52、Plato said: when love, even when the tap shoulder of poetic shrugged off all on the man will become a poet. 柏拉图说:当爱情轻敲肩膀时,连平日对诗情画意都不屑一顾的男人,都会变成诗人。

53、Poetic interpretations of this Orpheus complex may be seen in Rilke's orphic lyricism, as a lyricism which egotistically lives out an indeterminate love of others. 在里尔克的奥费斯抒情诗中,我们可看到这种奥费斯情结的诗意诠释:抒情诗虽然以自我出发,却能爱恋他人而不一定求回报。

54、Shuting's love poetry is significant works in the history of Chinese love poetry. 舒婷的爱情诗是中国爱情诗史上不可或缺的力作。

55、At the touch of love, everyone becomes a poet. 当碰到了爱情,每个人都成了诗人 ——柏拉图

56、Courage and love are the motives. 全诗的主题是:勇气和爱情。

57、They sing for love, they dance for love, they compose poems and stories about love. 人们为爱情歌唱,人们因爱情起舞,人们经由过程诗赋和故事来表达爱情。

58、The poems that describe lovers separation are an important part in love poems. 爱情是诗歌中一个永恒的主题,惜别诗则是爱情诗的重要组成部分。

59、And also the patriotism filled in these poems influenced the patriotic poems of Song Dynasty greatly. 中唐边塞诗中饱含的爱国情怀对宋代爱国诗词的影响也很大。

60、When love tap shoulder, even dismissive of poetic daily man, will become a poet. ⊙、当爱情轻敲肩膀时,连平日对诗情画意都不屑一顾的男人,都会变成诗人。

61、There's lyric poetry, there's love poetry, there are proverbs, there are psalms of thanksgiving and lament. 有抒情诗,有爱情诗,有谚语,有感恩,悲叹时的圣咏诗。

62、A short poem, often about love, suitable for being set to music. 抒情短诗一种短诗,通常是爱情诗,适合于谱曲。

63、I would love to burn my poem with immortalized love. 我愿用永生之爱,燃烧我的诗句。

64、34经典英文爱情诗.And if you get tempted and start debating, Be reminded again for YOU。

65、Love is an eternal subject in poems. The poems that describe lovers' separation are an important part in love poems. 爱情是诗歌中一个永恒的主题,惜别诗则是爱情诗的重要组成部分。


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