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关于”唐诗“的英语句子3个,句子主体:Tang Poetry。以下是关于唐诗的专升本英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Tang Poetry

1、The view of the "poeticized Tang Dynasty" is great theoretical implication, which facilitates us to reevaluate the poetry of the late Tang Dynasty. “诗唐”说有巨大的理论启示意义,其一就是促使我们重新评估晚唐诗。

2、Through such poems, something about the scholars marriage in Tang and Song Dynasties, and about the creation of such poems can be learned. 透过“悼亡”诗词 ,可以窥视到唐宋文人们的婚姻状况、唐宋“悼亡”诗词的创作情况 ;

3、The Song Poetry was another climax after the Tang Poetry in the history of the Chinese poetry. 宋诗是中国诗歌史上继唐诗之后的又一高峰。

4、The chivalrous poems were quite flourishing in the Tang Dynasty, especially in its early period. 侠义诗在唐代十分繁荣,尤其是初盛唐时期。

5、I think I am going to read one poem from Tang Dynasty every day. “熟读唐诗三百首,不会作诗也会吟”。

6、He not only inherited the poetry style of middle Tang Dynasty, but also exploited the style of Late-Tang, so his position can not be ignored. 项斯诗歌有对中唐诗风的继承,也有对晚唐诗歌的开拓,在晚唐诗坛上的地位是不容忽视的。

7、Collections of exchange of poems almost cover one third of all poem collections in Tang Dynasty. 唱和是唐代诗人创作的重要形式之一,唱和集几乎占唐代诗歌总集的三分之一。

8、Born in Henan, he made prominent contributions to the transition of the poetic styles from the early Tang Dynasty to the flourishing period of it. 在由初唐诗风到盛唐诗风转变的过程中,刘希夷做出了杰出的成就。

9、With the efforts of translators both at home and abroad, Tang poems, including Li Shangyin's, are able to be spread in the West. 通过国内外诸多名家的翻译,唐诗,如晚唐诗人李商隐的诗歌,在西方得到了广泛传播;

10、Thus, the study of reception of Tang poetry should focus on classics. 一部"唐诗接受史"实质是一部"唐诗经典接受史"。

11、There have existed a large number of poems with "heart-broken" themes in the middle and late Tang Dynasty. 中晚唐诗人具有不同于初唐和盛唐诗人的敏感性。

12、Li Hua is a poet of Tang China, whose poetical composition contains three categories namely miscellaneous poems, historical poems and lyrics. 唐代诗人李华的诗歌创作包括杂诗、咏史诗和抒情诗三类。

13、The Buddhism not only influenced the creation and theoretical development of the poetry of the Tang Dynasty widely and profoundly, but infiltrated it's people's moral quality. 禅宗广泛而深远地影响了唐诗创作和唐诗理论的发展,并深深地渗透于唐人的人格精神之中。

14、The poems of Tang and Song Dynasty are two wonderful works in the history of Chinese poem. 唐宋诗是中国诗歌史上的两朵奇葩,但有明一代“诗必盛唐”的强大呼声将宋诗淹没了二百多年。

15、His poems have generally been accepted as History of poetry since the Tang Dynasty. 自唐以来,他的诗就被公认为“诗史”。

16、The research of Tang poetics in Yuan dynasty is mainly about the reception of Tang Dynasty poems, the core of which is the development and deviation of Tang poetics at that time. 元代唐诗学研究,即研究元代的唐诗接受状况,其核心是研究元人唐诗观念的流变。

17、Employing the temperament Tang poetry as his critical criteria, he worships Tang poetry, despises Song poetry and affirms Ming poetry. 他以唐诗性情本质作为诗歌批评的标准,崇尚唐诗,轻视宋诗,肯定明诗。

18、The inn poems in the Tang Dynasty is characterized by their outstanding vulgarization, which is a good window observing the vulgarization of the poems in the Tang Dynasty. 唐代馆驿诗带有鲜明的俗化特征,是观察唐诗俗化的极好窗口。

19、Shen Qianyun was an important poet during the flouring poetry age in Tang Dynasty. 沈千运是盛唐诗坛上一位重要诗人。

20、Huang Tao was famous, in late Tang Dynasty, for his great number of poems and their influence to the literary world. 晚唐诗人黄滔诗作繁富而且影响较大,是研究晚唐语音的重要语料。

21、Han, Tang Dynasty poet, the great Romantic poet of the Tang Dynasty, who was later known as the "Poetry". 汉族,唐朝诗人,我国唐代伟大的浪漫主义诗人,被后人尊称为“诗仙”。

22、Later Tang body, Xikun, body and Bai, body during the early Song dynasty, all of these sytles come from Tang, especially the later tang have a big effect on them. 唐诗是诗歌史上不可逾越的高峰,宋初的晚唐体、西昆体、白体均由唐而来,尤其是中晚唐对它的影响最大。

23、There are Tang poems everywhere. 这里到处都是唐诗啊。

24、Tang Dynasty is a period of great prosperity in which plenty of frontier fortress poems were written. 唐代是边塞诗发展的极盛时期,中唐大历十才子和盛唐边塞诗派都写作了大量的边塞诗作。

25、Tang Poetic creation counts much for the development of Tang poetics, but the aspects were not always well-coordinated in progress. 唐诗学的发展与唐诗创作关系极为密切,但两者并不总是同步。


26、The merchants poem of the Tang Dynasty is what poet of the Tang Dynasty writes reflect the merchants image and merchants life poem. 唐代商贾诗就是唐代诗人所作的反映商贾形象和商贾生活的诗作。

27、Li Bai, Li He, and Li Shang-yin are the distinguished representatives of poems in the Tang Dynasty. 盛唐李白、中唐李贺、晚唐李商隐是唐代诗歌不同时期的杰出代表。

28、Li He, Du Mu and Li Shangyin, the late Tang overlapping time poets, the poetry creation mainly from Tang Xianzong to Tang Xuanzong the time, have been through six dynasties. 李贺、杜牧与李商隐,中晚唐交叉时期诗人,诗歌创作主要在唐宪宗至唐宣宗时期,历经六朝,他们是中晚唐诗坛上比较特别的三位诗人。

29、The Tang Dynasty child poem is a Tang Dynastypoetry important constituent. 唐代儿童诗是唐代诗歌的一个重要组成部分。

30、Read Tang poetry 300 will not make poetry can alsochant. 熟读唐诗三百首,不会作诗也会吟。

31、The introduction offers a pandect on palace poets and palace poems in early Tang period. 引言部分总论初唐宫廷诗和宫廷诗人。

32、The Collection of 300 Tang Poems will be reprinted next month. 《唐诗三百首诗集》将于下月再版。

33、Tang poems are gems of Chinese culture. 唐诗是中华民族的文化瑰宝。

34、Good one, "Tong Yan San poem"! Sugar out of people's thoughts! 好一首“唐人诗”诗!说出了糖人的心声!

35、Tang Danhong, born in 1965, now living in Chengdu, has published Selected Poems of Tang Danhong. 唐丹鸿,xx年生,现居成都。出版的诗集有《唐丹鸿诗选》等。

36、Under his auspices, Huzhou poetry will not go beyond the limitations of the local poetry, has a nationwide impact, but also become an important part in the Poetry Forum. 在他的主持下,湖州诗会不单超越了地方诗会的局限性,而且还成为了连接盛唐、中唐诗坛的重要环节。

37、There are about 300 "Jitang" verses in the script of "Peony Pavilion" concerning more than 120 poets of Tang Dynasty. 《牡丹亭》剧作共有“集唐”诗近三百句,涉及唐代诗人一百二十多人。

38、Culture is in central position to Tang Poetry translation. 质言之,文化是考察诗歌意蕴和英译唐诗的核心。

39、The accepting to Tang Poems in the writing in Liao Dynasty, mainly shows in two aspects:one is of the type applying, the Liao Poems straightly inherit Tang Poems, nearly have all kinds of Tang Poems; 辽代诗歌创作中的唐诗接受,主要体现在两个维面:一是在体裁运用上,辽诗直承唐而下,几乎唐代各种体裁诗皆备;

40、The ancient poetry reached its peak in terms of poetry, creation in tang dynasty the creation of poetry's. 从唐朝诗歌的创造看,唐代是中国古代诗歌的艺术高峰,唐诗的意境创造也是一个跨时代的超越。

41、His poems are considered to be" A great reform to Tang Poetry". 他的诗歌被后人评价为“唐诗之一大变”。

42、Whose poetry is it? 这本唐寅诗集,是谁的?

43、Tang Dynasty poet Bai Juyi wrote a poem, "A Song of Unending Sorrow" about this story. 唐朝诗人白居易有一首唐诗叫《长恨歌》, 写的就是这个故事。

44、Cao song left later generations more than 100 poems. 唐代诗人曹松创作甚丰,留给后人一百多首诗歌。

45、Secondly, the Song Frontier Poems'inheritance and development of the Tang Frontier Poems. 宋代边塞诗词对唐代边塞诗的继承与发展。

46、Du Mu's mentality is a typical model of the poets' in the late Tang Dynasty. 诗人杜牧的心态堪称晚唐诗人的典型。

47、The author of this poem is the famous Tang Dynasty poet Du Fu. 这首诗的作者,是唐代著名诗人杜甫。

48、Poet Cao Tang in late Tang Dynasty was famous as his poem Immortals. His poems are sad but excellent, narrative and original and set up a new banner besides Li Bai and Du Fu. 晚唐诗人曹唐,以《游仙诗》最为著名,其作品凄艳优美,叙事性强,构思新奇,在除小李、杜之外的晚唐诗坛别树一帜。

49、Thanks to his efforts, Wang's quatrains became noted for their grace and delicacy, thus distinguishing the Song poems from their Tang counterparts, which they were greatly indebted to. 王安石的绝句以婉丽精工著称,师法晚唐诗又有所新变,在继承唐诗的同时也显现出了宋诗自身的特质。

50、"The phenomena of flourishing Tang Dynasty" and "juvenile energy" generalize the essence of flourishing Tang and make it clear how Tang poetry romanticism originated. 以“盛唐气象”与“少年精神”传神、准确地概括了盛唐诗歌的神髓;理清了唐诗浪漫主义渊源发展的脉络;


51、The poem and dance of Tang dynasty reached the summit in development of poems and dances in China. 唐诗与唐舞都是中国诗歌与中国舞蹈发展的高峰。

52、Throughout the whole Tang dynasty, "li" is the prominent perceptual characteristic of poetic beauty, and is also attached great emphasis in the poetic theories. “丽”是唐诗美的突出感性表征,在初唐、盛唐、中唐、晚唐诗歌中都有突出体现,唐代诗学理论自觉地对这种“丽”质进行了理性把握;

53、Tang Qiu was an active poet in the late Tang dynasty. 唐求,晚唐活跃于诗坛的蜀中诗人。

54、The fourth chapter selects the two types of poems with educational function: family education poem and aphorism poem. 第四章则分论了唐诗中的两种具有教育作用的诗歌:家训诗和格言诗。

55、Write down the poem of 'Yong Chong Yang' ? 唐代诗人《咏重阳》的诗是什么?

56、Poems about partridges are part of poems about birds in Tang and Song Dynasity, as well as part of poems about flowers and birds literature . 唐宋鹧鸪诗词是唐宋禽鸟诗词的一部分,也是花鸟文学的一部分。

57、In addition, Tao Yuanming's poetry also has an impact on this school. 此外,苏词还以唐诗为中介接受了陶诗的影响。

58、His theoretical monograph of poetry Bi Zha Hua Liang remarkably benefits people in the later ages. 唐初诗人上官仪的创作实绩使他成为唐诗律化的先驱,他的诗歌理论专著《笔札华梁》也沾溉后世。

59、In fact, Wen's influences on poetry at the end of the Tang dynasty and Five Dynasties surpassed Li greatly. 事实上,温庭筠诗名雄霸晚唐,他的人生遭际和倔强个性在唐末产生共鸣,温诗对唐末五代诗歌的影响远在李商隐之上。

60、In artistic style, Tang poetry is majestic, and Song poetry is graceful and restrained. 三是艺术风格不同,唐诗雄浑,而宋诗婉丽。

61、The second chapter is "Late-Tang-Dynasty Poetic Form and Constitution of its Poetry Image". 第二章“晚唐体与晚唐体诗歌意象的构成”。

62、Tang poetry didn't grow synchronically with Tang novels but the latter contained large quantities of Tang poems. 唐诗与唐人小说的发展并不同步,但唐人小说中拥有大量的诗歌。

63、Music is an important subject of Tang Poetry, and almost all famous poets in Tang Dynasty wrote chant poems with different styles. 音乐是唐诗的重要题材,几乎唐代所有的著名诗人都写有过咏乐诗。而不同诗人的咏乐诗又体现出不同的风格。

64、The poem The Yellow Crane Tower by Cuihao is the best work reputed as the No 1 among the poems in Tang Dynasty . 崔颢的《黄鹤楼》是唐七律诗中最杰出的作品,被誉为“唐人七律诗第一”。

65、In particular, Tang Dynasty poetry is regarded as the acme of this genre, represented by the poets Li Bai and Du Fu. 唐诗在中国古代诗歌史上发展到了最高峰,李白、杜甫是唐朝最伟大的诗人;

66、The Thriving and prosperous Tang Dynasty's economy, society and culture gave birth to the flouring poetry and the unique spectacle of the prosperous Tang Dynasty. 盛唐时期的经济、社会、文化孕育了繁荣的盛唐诗歌和诗歌中独特的盛唐气象。


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