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关于”地点的句子“的英语句子5个,句子主体:Sentence of place。以下是关于地点的句子的考研英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Sentence of place

1、Party refuses to obey first instance of local people court adjudicates, authority is in on 15 days of since day introversion of judgment service court of one class people mentions appeal. 当事人不服地方人民法院第一审判决的,有权在判决书送达之日起xx日内向上一级人民法院提起上诉。

2、At last, adaptive threshold is used to distinguish ground points and non-ground points. 设置自适应阈值, 完成地面点与非地面点的判断。

3、The players refused to accept the linesman 's decision, so the judge decided to play that round through. 球员们拒绝接受巡边员的判定,所以裁判决定再完整地打一枪。

4、And forget about getting a foreign court judgment against a Chinese company enforced in a local court. 更别想当被强制在地方级法院判决的时候能得到不利于中国公司的外国法院的判决。

5、Basic judgments include: repeal judgments, performance judgments, modification judgments, overruling judgments, affirmation judgments. 基本判决包括了以下几种:撤销判决、履行判决、变更判决、驳回判决、确认判决;

6、Place of work: Jurong City, Jiangsu Province. 工作地点在:江苏省句容市。

7、China will make its own judgment fairly and objectively and decides on its position according to the own merits of the issue. 中方将根据事情的是非曲直,公正、客观地作出判断,决定立场。

8、my hometown (故乡,但不一定生长在那里,只是祖籍)/the place where I grew up (我生长的地方)

9、According to psychologists, you can correctly judge a person just by looking at their shoes. 心理学家表明,通过看人们的鞋子就可以正确地判断该人的一些特点。

10、The two judges responsible for doling out the punishment have considerable leeway in sentencing. 负责此案刑罚尺度的两位法官在判决中有很大的弹性裁决馀地。

11、The higher people's court may review decisions of the local court. 高级人民法院可以复查地方法院的判决。

12、By means of indirect test, changing datummark and expanding sample, etc, ingeniously solves the problems in product quality inspection with sensors. 本文采用间接测试、改变基点和扩充子样等方法,巧妙地解决了传感器在产品质量检验中某些不能解决的问题。

13、She popped off about the injustice of the verdict. 她怒气冲冲地说判决的不公平。

14、Besides, a method using target words cooccurrence degree was presented to identify the correct frame for the sentence. 并提出了一种根据问句目标词共现率来判别句子所属框架的方法。

15、The District Court denied petitioner′s motion for a judgment of acquittal. 地区法院驳回上诉人提出的无罪判决的动议。

16、In front of the negotiation table, his impassioned speech demonstrated our points in a way neither servile nor overbearing. 在谈判桌前,他慷慨陈词,不卑不亢地表述了我方观点。

17、There are three P’s to ***ing a sentence! First Pronounce each word in the sentence accurately and with exaggeration. 要掌握一个句子有三大要决:首先,准确而夸张地发出句子中的每个单词。

18、The defendant was summoned before a magistrate. 被告被传唤出庭(听候地方法官判决)。

19、The activists, Junichi Sato, 33, and Toru Suzuki, 43, were found guilty of theft and trespass by the Aomori district court on Monday. 积极分子,Junichi佐藤,xx岁,和naj铃木、xx岁,被判定犯有窃盗犯,由青森地区法院星期一判决。

20、But in Hopi, locations or regions of space cannot function by themselves in a sentence. 但在霍皮语里,地点或者空间地域的词语本身不能在句子里单独使用。

21、The parents will never forget the night when their son was born. 描写地点的:

22、The court ruled that he had defamed Liu. Fang was asked to apologise publicly and pay Liu's family US$2500 compensation. 北京市第二中级人民法院判决方是民侵犯了刘子华的名誉,判决方公开道歉并且赔偿原告精神损害抚慰金二万元。

23、Third, follow the accepted norms of international relations and peacefully solve regional hot-spot issues through dialogue and negotiations. 第三,遵循公认的国际关系准则,通过对话和谈判和平解决地区热点问题。

24、A court in January found EDS liable in certain areas, but dismissed other claims. 一法院xx月时判决EDS在某些地方负有责任,同时也驳回了其它一些指控.

25、A three-judge district court ruled that the comptroller general's role in the process was unconstitutional. 三位法官组成地方法院的判决中指出,总审计长的过程中的作用是违宪的。


26、The judge decided the case. 审判官判决了这个案子。

27、Phrase to cover Media expressed the view of the referee and the linesman penalty is open to question. 这句话隐讳地表达了媒体的观点,主裁判和边裁的判罚值得商榷。

28、when and where shall we hse the dinner? 其实这个问题问的不准确,不知道该如何回答!

29、He was in the very place where the judges deliberated and condemned. 他恰巧到了这些审判官平时商议和下判决书的地方。

30、The amount of water depends on the water equivalency factor of the Reagent and on the method of endpoint determination. 水的数量是由水与卡尔试剂的等价因子和终点判断的方法决定的。

31、Think of all the ways in which you might solve your problem. The sky's the limit. Now isn't the time to judge whether one solution is better than another. 考虑一下所有能解决问题的方法,你可以天马行空地去想象所有可能,无须判断哪种解决方案更优。

32、The action on the 11th District Court in Hamamatsu, Shizuoka branch for the verdict. 该诉讼于xx日在静冈县地方法院滨松支部进行了判决。

33、Geomagnetism makes a great contribution to the time forecast, but it is difficult to predict the place. 地磁对时间预报的贡献较大,但在地点判断上相对困难,预报时地点必须参考其它观测项目。

34、Judges should be impartial, sometimes even desensitised, to give a sentence. 法官必须公平地,甚至撇开个人恶好去判决。

35、On one side, as judgment for conducting again is the complement of judgment for rescinding, the validity of the latter affects the former a lot. 一方面,重作判决作为撤销判决的补充,撤销判决的效力对重作判决产生重要影响。

36、Firstly, depending on the volitionality of the duplicative verbs, sentences with duplicative verbs can be classified into two types: the volitional ones and the non volitional ones. 从不同的角度对重动句进行分类,可以立体地、全方位地分析和把握重动句的特点。

37、Any simulating action anywhere on the field , which is intended to deceive the referee, must be sanctioned as unsporting behaviour. 在场地的任何地点试图欺骗裁判员的佯装行为,必须作为非体育行为而进行判罚。

38、Quantificational discrimination of mixed oils is a hot concept and difficult point in petroleum geology and geochemistry research. 混源油的定量判识是当前石油地质地球化学研究的热点与难点。

39、Slow-moving, little-by-little, second-by-second. Letter dropped next to letter, line on top of line, dot-to-dot-to-dot… and so on. 慢慢地移动,一点点,一分一秒,一个字母接着一个字母,一行行,句点,句点,再句点......

40、This is where we start from in the "You are my wife". 这就是我们从「你是我的妻子」这句话,开始论述的地方。

41、Vatican magistrate will now decide whether there is sufficient evidence to put Mr. Gabriele on trial. 梵蒂冈地方法官将决定是否有足够的证据来审判加布里。

42、The optimal decision arithmetic are obtained by minimizing the average Bayes risk, the decision form of the local detectors and fusion center can be simplified as the likelihood ratio test. 通过最小化平均贝叶斯风险来设计本地检测器和融合中心的优化判决算法,其判决形式都可简化为似然比判决。

43、I have lost my bag where I put my cell phone. 描写原有的:

44、The locality feature of the environment and environmental problems puts the primary responsibility for environmental protection on the local environmental administration. 环境及环境问题的地方性特点决定了地方环境行政在环境保护中的第一性责任。

45、When both players agreed to end territorial calculation, or when either side resigned, then its not within the referee's judgment. 经双方同意计地结束或任一方投子的棋局不在裁判范围。

46、Magistrate Nyakwawa Usiwa announced the verdict Tuesday in Malawi's commercial capital, Blantyre. 星期二,地方法官乌西马在马拉威的商业首都布兰太尔宣布了这项判决。

47、The example I use is: "Apples grow on noses." 我让他们判断的句子是“苹果结在鼻子上”。

48、A crowd gathered at the scene of the accident. 出事地点。 句意:出事地点聚集了一群人。

49、Naturally more new-line, write some words. 自然地多换行,多写点句。

50、take a rain check 换个时间再约 keep your hairs on hold your horse tier 冷静


51、It's an indirect free-kick from where he dived on the ball. 在他手球的地点判给对方一个间接任意球。

52、Taipei District Court convicted the two-term president of six charges related to bribery and corruption. 台北地方法院判决这两任总统6项牵涉行贿和贪污罪成。

53、But federal appeals courts are extremely chary of overturning state courts' decisions. 但是,在推翻地方法院判决方面,联邦法院相当谨慎小心。


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