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关于”句子的基本成分“的英语句子5个,句子主体:Basic elements of a sentence。以下是关于句子的基本成分的初中英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Basic elements of a sentence

1、Using mobility of basic loop or sub-chains formed from the union of basic loop to distinguish negative sub-chain. 利用基本回路或基本回路的并所形成子链的活动度识别消极子链。

2、In other words, the essential purpose of language use is to communicate. 换句话说,语言的基本功能就体现在其交际性。

3、The terms included in DCMI are divided into a minimal set of base elements and an optional collection of refinements to these base elements. DCMI 中的术语被划分成最小化的基本元素集和对这些基本元素细化的可选集。

4、The most basic element of meaning is traditionally called morpheme . 传统上把意义的基本成分称为词素。

5、Bone china porcelain is basically made by adding bone ash to kaolin and petuntse. 骨瓷的基本成分是加入骨粉的高岭土和白墩子。

6、You don't need to separate this into two strings in localization packs. 您不必将本地化包中这样的句子拆成两个字符串。

7、In some cases, you might need to alter the SQL statement for a specific database back end's SQL dialect. 这句话的基本意思看明白了:有些情况下,需要修改SQL语句以用于特定数据库的SQL方言。

8、Ether particles are the units of elementary particles, such as the weight or the light particles, each elementary particles have different internal structures. 以太粒子是基本粒子的构成单元,不管重子还是轻子都是如此,每种基本粒子都有不同的内部结构。

9、Main ingredients: ossein , BIO herbal invigorating factor, complex vitamins, chamomile and amino acid. 主要成份:骨胶原、BIO草本活醒因子、复合维生素、洋甘菊、氨基酸等。

10、Conclusion Low-molecular-weight heparin domestically manufactured is safe and efficient for anticoagulation during hemodialysis as compared with the imported heparin. 结论国产与进口低分子肝素在血液透析中的抗凝效果及安全性基本相同,国产低分子肝素可替代进口低分子肝素。

11、The following subsections describe the basic processes. 以下的子部分介绍了基本的过程。

12、The fundamental constitute and working elements of electronic thermometer was elaborated. 阐述了电子温度表组成部分的基本构成和工作原理。

13、These words are the basic Legos of pop songs, nothing but overly familiar shapes until they’re built into something. 这些词句是流行乐里最基本的素材,其本身太过面熟,只有成为构建其他意象的一部分时才会被赋予含义。

14、They put a gene like the insulin gene in place of the milk protein, but behind the promoter that is used to produce milk proteins. 人们将产羊奶蛋白的基因,换成了胰岛素基因,在启动子后面的基因,原本是编码羊奶蛋白的

15、From the phrasal and sentential level, following points are discussed in this thesis: the characteristic of structural relationships between the head noun and its adjective clause; 本文主要从短语和句子层面上,探讨了以下几点:中心名词与形容词性分句结构关系的特征;

16、Due to their kinship, the English and German languages are quite similar in grammatical hierarchies, which can be seen at the levels of morphemes, words, word groups, clauses and sentences. 基于英语德语两种语言在历史上的亲缘关系,两种语言在语法层次构建方式上十分相似,分别体现在词素、词、词组、分句、句子各层面上。

17、Segmentation is the breaking down of a block of text into smaller translatable segments of text, such as a sentence, a paragraph, or a phrase. 分段就是将文本块分解成更小的可翻译文本段,比如句子、段落或短语。

18、Services become the primary conceptual elements that are managed, introduced, developed, that are assigned a budget, an owner. 服务成了最基本的用于管理、引入、开发的概念元素,也是用于计划、分配任务的基本元素。

19、LMWXJ-1 has a typical glutenin structure similar to those of published LMW-GS genes. 序列分析的结果表明LMWXJ-1具有典型的低分子量谷蛋白亚基基因的基本结构。

20、As the atom is the unit particle for elements, so the molecule forms an indivisible unit for compounds. 犹如原子是元素的基本单元粒子同样,份子形成为了化合物的1个最小单元。

21、The basic requirements for students to grasp all the characters in this book, Radical, and the understanding of the use of words and sentences; 基本要求学生能掌握本册所有的汉字,部首,及词语的理解运用和造句;

22、Frequently used practical phrases in everyday life act as warm-ups for students before they dive into the main theme of the current volume. 精选日常生活中最实用的基础短句,让学习者在进入本期主题的内容前先做暖身,迅速掌握本期必学的五个重要关键句。

23、Scientists have found that everything in the Universe is made up from a small number of basic building blocks called elementary particles, governed by a few fundamental forces. 科学家们发现宇宙中的一切物质都是由一小部分基本组块(我们称之为基本粒子)组成的,这些基本粒子被一些基本力所支配。

24、would like to do sth 想要做某事

25、Some fundamental principles, such as the principle of quantum state superposition, quantum entangled state and quantum decoherence etc. 在实现信息处理的过程中,量子态叠加原理、量子纠缠和量子退相干等基本原理和基本概念应当充分考虑。


26、I learned it thoroughly. Thus I got into my bones the essential structures of the ordinary English sentence-which is a noble thing. 我学得很彻底,就这样,普通英语句子的基本结构便深入到我的骨髓里——这是件上好的事。

27、They also listened to sentences about everyday activities, such as ringing doorbells and pushing brooms across the floor. 他们都听过如摁门铃,扫地等一些日常最基本的词汇和句子。

28、He read several extracts from the poem. 他从那本书中摘录了几个句子。

29、After uploading source text or retrieving abstracts from MEDLINE, users can extract sentences based on predefined or user-defined template categories. 在上传源文本或来自MEDLINE的检索摘要后,用户能够基于预定义的或用户定义的模板类别提取句子。

30、Dumbbell-shaped compounds for building the first one and 3-aryloxy-1,2-epipropan as basic building-blocks for building second one have been synthesized. 合成了组装第一种分子梭的哑铃型化合物及组装第二种分子梭的基本砌块3-芳氧基-1,2-环氧丙烷。

31、First we'll study the nuts and bolts of writing: how to write a good English sentence and how to organize your ideas first. 我们首先要学习写作基本技能: 就是怎样写出通顺的英文句子以及怎样组织思路。

32、As long as you love them and provide their basic needs, your kids will turn out fine. 只要你爱孩子并提供给他们基本的需要,您的孩子会成为最好的孩子。

33、He learned from an English-Chinese booklet the words, "Do you want children?" and asked this question of everyone he met. 他从一本英汉对照的小册子上学了一句“你要孩子吗?”

34、He's a very nice fellow though badtempered. you can count on it.你尽管相信好了,尽管放心。

35、As you may have seen in the screenshots of the previous examples, some statements have no costs assigned to them. 正如您在前面例子的屏幕快照中可以看到的,一些语句没有成本分配。

36、Standing from the relation of the language and perception, simply discuss the pupils' perception foundation, language foundation and means, process , mechanism of the two-sentence generation. 从语言与认知的关系出发,简要讨论了小学生句联生成的认知基础、语言基础以及手段、基本过程和机制。

37、The basic syntax for an include statement that uses an xpointer attribute is 使用 xpointer 属性的 include 语句的最基本语法是

38、Using mobility of basic loop or sub-chains formed from the union of basic loop to distinguish negative su… 利用基本回路或基本回路的并所形成子链的活动度识别消极子链。

39、 you are a great help.你帮了大忙 I couldn't be more sure. 我再也肯定不过。

40、The process of this article is from elements to integrity , namely, firstly investigate sentences'subjects, then predicates and at last the whole sentence. 本文考察的思路是先要素后整体,即先考察主谓主语句的主语,接着考察谓语,再综合考察整个句子。

41、Postpositioning the sentence elements and prepositioning sentence elements are the two major means of stress by shifting the order of words in a sentence. 通过改变词序来实现强调的手段主要有“句子成分的后移”和“句子成分的前置”,而“成分后移”在这两种主要的强调手段中又占主要部分。

42、Iron liberated from hemoglobin, and hemoglobin itself, are associated with the generation of reactive oxygen species (ROS) and reactive nitrogen species (RNS). 血色素分解产生的铁离子和血红素本身与反应性氧自由基(ROS)和反应性氮自由基(RNS)的产生相关。

43、Words are the most basic elements of a language and the ingredients with the largest culture load. 词汇是语言最基本的要素,也是文化负荷量最大的成分。

44、Analyze two typical functions in details. (3)Describe the basic mind of red-blue problems. 讨论了红蓝问题的基本思想,重点分析了平面扫描算法具有的三个基本要素。

45、The design theory consists of architecture conspectus, basic elements, basic knowledge, and steps of the design and conformation structure. 设计原理部分包括:建筑概论,建筑的基本要素,建筑的基本知识,建筑(方案)设计的步骤,形态构成。

46、It seems to me that hardiness is the chief essential for success. 看来坚韧是成功的基本要素。

47、Nouns and verbs is the main in notional words and the two words is the most basic terms in human language, and also is the fundamental factor of the composition of the sentence. 实词中名词和动词为主,说明这两种词在人类语言中是最基本的词,也是组成句子的最基本因素。

48、Our research provided the basic information for revealing the molecular mechanism of Pesudostellariae Radix. 本研究为揭示太子参药材品质形成的分子机制提供基础资料。

49、What happens in the intestine is that food gets broken down into constituent molecules, some of those molecules are absorbed into our bodies. 在肠道中,食物必须分解成基本的组成分子,其中一些分子才能被我们的身体吸收

50、This includes the structure and elementary characteristics of atom, and others such as isotope , isomer , as well as the fundamental concepts of stable nuclide and radionuclide; 重点介绍原子的基本结构以及元素、同位素、核素、同质异能素、稳定性核素与放射性核素的基本概念。


51、And so the probability, in other words, that the molecules are in this state or this state are essentially equal. 那么对于概率,换句话说,分子处于这个状态或这个状态的概率,基本相等。

52、Classification methods become helpful in sentence-level retrieval, escaping from considering the term mismatch problem. 基于分类的方法绕过了这一难题,成为实现句子检索的一个可行方法。

53、Sentence boundary is an important initial task for many natural language processing applications, such as part-of-speech tagging and parsing etc. 句子边界识别是词性标注和句法分析等自然语言处理系统的基础问题。

54、Saving face is a fundamental value. 给人留面子是基本要求。

55、PCA classified three different cuscuta with an accuracy rate of 93%; 主成分分析结果3种不同菟丝子可以基本分开,分类正确率达93%;

56、We're typically going to use as basic steps the built-in primitives that a machine comes with. 我们要用计算机内置的原始体来,定义基本的步骤,换句话说。

57、Five hydrogen cyanide molecules can join up to make adenine -- a chemical element of the DNA molecule found in all living organisms on Earth. 五个氰化氢分子可以连在一起形成腺嘌呤—这是一种合成DNA分子的基本化学元素,在地球上所有生命体中都存在。

58、Seed: Every custom epic spell created by spellcasters begins with a base effect called a seed. Seeds are the fundamental building blocks of epic spells. 法术种子:每个传奇法术都由一些被称为法术种子的基本元素所组成,法术种子是传奇法术的根基与主体。

59、It's basically the same as the "may I" question. 它与“May I”问句的意思基本一致。

60、This book examines the basic ideas, major research methods, key elements and themes. 本书阐述斯塔克豪思公共神 学的基本思想、主要方法、基本要素和主题。

61、Basic elements of Hotel Uniform; 饭店工服的基本要素;

62、The basic sentence meaning is one of componential or the combination of componential, while entailment meaning and presupposition meaning are both hypogyny conception of the basic sentence meaning. 基本义句指义位或义位组合后产生的字面上的意义,蕴含义与预设义都是义句基本义的下位概念。

63、An argument is a logical participant in a predication. It is generally identical with the nominal element(s) in a sentence. 论元指的是述谓结构中的逻辑参与者,基本上等同于句子中的名词部分。

64、15% off with this flyer 凭此宣传品优惠15% 50% off on selected lines 部分商品降半价

65、Using mobility of basic loop or sub-chains formed from the union of basic loop to disti… 利用基本回路或基本回路的并所形成子链的活动度识别消极子链。

66、Simple.jsp -- Basic JSP that outputs two statements, one via HTML and one via a PrintWriter. jsp——基本 JSP,输出两个语句,分别通过 HTML 和 PrintWriter 进行输出。

67、Hemoglobin is a total of 574 amino acid molecules in 4 subunits. 血色素由 4 个子组中的 574 个氨基酸分子组成。

68、A proton is an elementary particle of matter. 质子是物质的基本粒子。

69、The most important elements of the academic-team is researcher. 学术团队最关键的基本构成要素是“人”。

70、The development of research of degradable plastics prepared from natural high molecular cellulose material was discussed. 本文详述了以天然高分子纤维素材料为基质的降解塑料的发展。

71、In Japan there is a proverb, 'If it stinks, put a lid on it.' 日本有句谚语:“要是闻着发臭,那就盖上盖子。”

72、Novel polymeric adsorbents containing amino-group and hydroxyl-group with high adsorption capacity for bilirubin were synthesized. 本文分别合成了含氨基和羟基的高分子吸附剂,并对它们对胆红素的吸附性能进行了研究。

73、Using mobility of basic loop or sub-chains formed from the union of basic loop to distinguish… 利用基本回路或基本回路的并所形成子链的活动度识别消极子链。

74、Basic didn't put in-laws and I put in eyes, very HaoJianGuo felt no hadn't face! 基本就没把亲家和本人放在眼里,十分要面子的郝建国觉的没有脸面!

75、Neighbor: component expressing scene, subsidiary material and components of peripheral factors in a sentence. 邻体:句子中充当动作的情景、辅助材料及外围基因的成分。

英文句子模板76:Basic elements of a sentence

76、This product is rich in vitamins, trace elements, amino acids, anti-stress factor, blood factors, health muscle factors, such as biotin. 本品富含维生素、微量元素、氨基酸、抗应激因子、补血因子、健肌因子、生物素等。

77、I started with a brainstormed list, then simplified down to the essential. 我首先以点子清单开始,然后简化到最基本的要素中。

78、I may add, too, that I was largely self-taught. 补充一句,我基本上是自学的。

79、BOPP physics performance can be mainly decided by molecular weight, molecular weight distribute and isotactic of resin. BOPP 产品的物理性能主要由树脂的分子量、等规度、分子量分布这三个基本物性决定。


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