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1、The absence of poetic style, in consequence, would make the absence of aesthetic expressive force in Modem Chinese Poetry as well as the aesthetic impressive power to the mind of its readers. 诗体的缺失,不仅使诗人感到新诗诗体缺乏审美表现力,也使读者感到新诗诗体缺乏审美感染力。

2、Some poems in the painting elucidate poetic, painterly theories and aesthetic thought through portraying of picturesque scenes. It is another form of blending between poetry and painting. 题画诗不仅诗中有画,有些诗还借画境阐发诗画理论和美学思想,这是诗画艺术又一种形式的融通。

3、A poem With weak rhymes halts. 她以无韵诗体作诗。

4、Although free verse is the main poetic style of Chinese poetry in 20th century. Metre poetic style which is reformed is the most important poetic style used by ironic poetry. 尽管自由诗是20世纪汉语诗歌的主流诗体,但是讽刺诗采用的主要诗体是在传统的基础上适度改良了的格律诗体。

5、Collection of Poems by Thirty Poets of the Ming Dynasty is a full manifestation of Wang Duan′s understanding of poetics and her aesthetic taste. 《明三十家诗选》是清代女诗人汪端所选的明代诗歌总集,充分展现了选诗者的诗学观和审美取向。

6、Also on the Characteristics of Poetry of Song Dynasty--Some Thoughts "Poetry with Wording, Argument and Scholarship"; 也论宋诗特点——关于“以文字为诗,以议论为诗,以才学为诗”的若干思考。

7、Metrical poetry, free verse and prose poetry are three basic poetry genres. 格律诗、自由诗、散文诗是诗的三种基本体裁。

8、In this poem, some lines are printed in black, some in capital letters, and some in italic. 诗中有些诗行是黑体,有些诗行是大写,有些诗行是斜体。

9、For the centre of poetic, poetry composition practice is also poetry art. 诗歌创作实践作为诗学的中心,这就是诗艺。

10、The essays submitted to the Sixth International Symposium on "Classic of Poetry" can be classified into five types: document, history, art and literature, cultural anthropology, and linguistics. 第六届《诗经》国际学术研讨会论文大致可分成《诗经》文献学、《诗经》学史、《诗经》文艺学、《诗经》文化人类学和《诗经》语言学五大类。

11、This shape construction is of greater significance for the stylistic reconstruction of Chinese new poems. 目前新诗界的“诗体重建”运动更要高度重视新诗的“诗形建设”。

12、Music is an important subject of Tang Poetry, and almost all famous poets in Tang Dynasty wrote chant poems with different styles. 音乐是唐诗的重要题材,几乎唐代所有的著名诗人都写有过咏乐诗。而不同诗人的咏乐诗又体现出不同的风格。

13、Kim Yong-Lang is one of the colleagues engaged in poetry literature in the 1930s. 金永郎是xx年代诗文学同人之一,凭借《诗文学》登诗坛后活跃展开诗作活动的诗人。

14、We have Guange poets, poet, mountain forests, flowers will be on the poet … there is no poet. 我们有馆阁诗人,山林诗人,花月诗人……没有都会诗人。

15、While "On Poetry" and the "preface" of Mao Poems are quite different in purport, the former has an advantage over the latter in literary significance, and probably it did have influence on the latter. 通过与《毛诗序》的比较,可见《诗论》与《毛诗序》旨趣迥异,其文艺价值远胜于《毛诗序》,同时《诗论》也可能对《毛诗序》的形成有一定的影响。

16、Grieved poem have the nature quality of poem which have aesthetic feeling. There are lots of sad and gentle poems in China's classical poems. 中国古典诗歌中哀婉的诗颇多,情思哀婉的诗尤具诗性的美。

17、Music was poem in ancient times; 乐即诗,诗是口耳相传的历史。

18、She has published poems in literary journals such as Shi Kan, Stars, Selected Poems. 曾在《诗刊》、《星星》、《诗选刊》等刊物发表诗歌作品。

19、There have been thousands of poets in this land of poetry, but Du Fu is a holy poet of excellent character and poetic quality. 中华诗国,诗人万千。伟哉杜甫,诗中圣贤。人品诗品,齐驱并驾。

20、Secondly, Arthur Waley's aesthetics of poetry agrees with the orientation of Bai's poetry style; 第二,韦利诗学审美与白诗诗风取向之契合;

21、His poetry has been published in many periodicals, including Poetry, The Hudson Review, Poetry Northwest, and Southern Poetry Review. 他的诗发表于《诗》、《哈德森评论》、《西北诗刊》、《南方诗评》等许多诗刊中。

22、A division of a metrical composition, such as a stanza of a poem or hymn. 诗行,诗节:诗节韵文的一部分,例如诗节或独唱部。

23、Those poems can be mainly divided into three types as follows: wuti-first love poems, wuti-wife poems and wuti-amorous poems. 李氏无题爱情诗可分作三类:无题初恋诗、无题夫人诗和无题艳情诗。

24、Li Hua is a poet of Tang China, whose poetical composition contains three categories namely miscellaneous poems, historical poems and lyrics. 唐代诗人李华的诗歌创作包括杂诗、咏史诗和抒情诗三类。

25、He has published 23 works including Selected Verses of Liuzhang, Selected Verses by Liuzhang. 已出版《刘章诗选》、《刘章自选诗》等诗文集23部。


26、Reading and writing a poem? 读诗和写诗都是如此?

27、It was in blank verse that she sang. 她以无韵诗体作诗。

28、The fourth chapter selects the two types of poems with educational function: family education poem and aphorism poem. 第四章则分论了唐诗中的两种具有教育作用的诗歌:家训诗和格言诗。

29、Gao Bing is the representative of the Fujian poetry school, of which The Collection of Tang Poem is the centralized embodiment. 高棅是明初闽中诗派诗学理论的主要代表,他所编选的《唐诗品汇》是闽中诗派诗学思想的集中体现。

30、Wang's main poetic ideas include "Sheng poem" with poetic favar, Three-School Poetry with ancient preface and "praising and satirizing". 他的诗学思想主要有“笙诗”声存诗逸、三家《诗》皆有古序和“美刺”。

31、Free verse is non-metrical poetry, another thing altogether. 自由诗体是无韵律的诗,总的来说是另一种诗体。

32、Style reconstruction of modern poetry, in the course of style creation, must meet two aesthetic tasks: standardizing free poem and advocating metrical poem. 新诗的诗体重建,在无限多样的诗体创造中,有两个美学使命:规范自由诗和倡导格律诗。

33、We do not read and write poetry beacause it's cute. 》我们并不因为诗歌华丽时髦而去读诗或者写诗。

34、The line form a prelude to his long narrative poem. 这几行诗是他那长篇叙事诗的序诗。

35、Here we regard the narrative songs and lyrics as the songs about war and corvee, which took the war and corvee as themes, with the percentage of 10%. 在这里我们把《诗经》中以战争和徭役为主要题材的叙事和抒情诗视为战争徭役诗,这类诗作占《诗经》诗篇总数的近十分之一。

36、In li He' s Poetry anthology, the most outstanding is his god - ghost poetry. 在李贺诗集中,最耀眼的莫过于神鬼诗,诗人也因此赢得“诗鬼”的称号。

37、The poetry of Wang Wei can be categorized by themes: nature, meditation, memory, frontier, political reform, offerings, sendoff, mourning and miscellaneous. 王维的诗作类型包含山水田园诗、禅诗、咏怀诗、边塞诗、应制诗、赠答诗、送别诗、悲悼诗和杂诗。

38、Satirical Poetry, Lyric Poetry, Verse Fable and Prose Poetry. 讽刺诗,抒情诗,寓言诗和散文诗;

39、Yeats's poetry dominated the poetry world in which Frost began writing and publishing. 叶芝的诗歌在弗罗斯特写诗,出版的时期主导诗坛。

40、Shoda's last epic poem became just as performative as it was poetic. 栗原贞子最后一首史诗是如诗似诗,也是行事语言。

41、The poem translated must be in possession of three beauties: beauty in sound, form and artistic conception. 诗歌翻译应坚持以诗译诗的基本原则,译诗应具备三美:音美,形美,意美。

42、German poet Hile divides the emotion modes of poetry into two groups: natural poetry and sentimental poetry. 德国诗人席勒将诗歌分为两种模式:素朴诗和感伤诗。

43、Chinese and English poems are not only vast and numerous in quantity but with respective great poets and brilliant verses. 汉诗和英诗不但数量浩繁,而且各自拥有伟大的诗人和杰出的诗篇。

44、Poems and poets are everywhere. 到处都是诗和诗人。

45、As pure philosophical poetry, the Chinese poetry, though with little poetic beauty, have great influence on the philosophical poetry of later ages; 魏晋玄言诗作为纯哲学诗本身并无诗美,却影响了中国后世的哲理诗;

46、Employing the temperament Tang poetry as his critical criteria, he worships Tang poetry, despises Song poetry and affirms Ming poetry. 他以唐诗性情本质作为诗歌批评的标准,崇尚唐诗,轻视宋诗,肯定明诗。

47、The effective way to salvage the "soul of contemporary poetry" is the reconstruction of mood of old poem in light of the consistency of Chinese language tradition in poetry. 诗魂是当下诗歌的根本缺失,因汉语诗歌传统的必然延续性,古诗意境成为拯救当下诗魂的有效途径。

48、We would talk about poetry, read poetry. 我们常在一起谈诗和读诗。

49、But when the poem turned into "Poem" and "the poetic study" turned into "the poem teaching", "the ritual" also turned into "Confucianism", the ritual poem's characteristics vanish gradually. 而当诗变成了《诗》,“诗学”变成了“诗教”时,“礼”也变成了“礼教”,礼的诗性特征逐渐消失。

50、Poetic sense is poetical thinking and emotions, a kind of artistic conception that conveys the sense of aesthetic feeling expressed in verse. 诗意是诗思,诗情,是像诗里表达的那样给人以美感的意境。


51、Wind write poem at water, cloud write poem in sky, light write poem at book, smile at your face writing the poem. 风在水上写诗,云在天空里写诗,灯在书上写诗,微笑在你的脸上写诗。

52、The four-character sentence is the main form of the Book of Songs. 四言是《诗经》的主要诗体,《诗经》中的绝大部分诗句都采用了四言的形式。

53、Welcome are those poetic works, poetic criticisms, poetic stories and interviews of poets, critics, translators and sinologists and historical materials. △凡诗创作、诗论、诗话、诗人、评论家、翻译家、汉学家专访,诗坛信息、史料等,均表欢迎。

54、The traditional poetics of the Yi people is highly summarized in the form of poetry. 以诗论诗的独特诗论,是彝族传统诗学理论的高度总结。

55、Then poetry and painting fuse each other formally. 题画诗、诗意画使诗与画形式上的融合;

56、The canonization about it has intimate relation to the misty poem, pre-poem and model changing of writing and research of modern poem history. 白洋淀诗群的经典化过程与朦胧诗、前朦胧诗、新诗史写作模式、新诗史研究方式的转换都存在着极其密切的关系。

57、In the secular society, only poetic god is the Utopia in the poet's mind, but it meets embarrassment. 其诗中频频出现诗神这个概念,在世俗社会中,唯有诗神才是诗人心中的乌托邦,但诗神却在现实社会中遭遇尴尬。


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