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关于”句型转换“的英语句子2个,句子主体:Sentence pattern conversion。以下是关于句型转换的初中英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Sentence pattern conversion

1、We can use the ways of sentence-type changing, words permutation, words adding, words changing and concrete context to disambiguate. 可以通过句式转换、词语换位、添加词语、改换词语和具体语境等方法来消除歧义。

2、Some converters use unsigned-binary-data types; other converters use two's-complement signed data. 一些转换器用无符号二进制数类型,其他转换器使用有符号二进制补码数据。

3、However, Catford's theory has some deficiencies. The shift model he proposes only takes effect on and below the level of sentence, and does not take textual and pragmatic factors into account. 但卡特福德的翻译转换理论也存在缺陷,即他提出的转换模式只是在句子层级及以下发生,未考虑到超出句子的段落、语篇层次。

4、Vectors can be cast between vectors of other types, and back-and-forth between the vector types and the special quad type, but none of these casts perform any data conversion. 向量可以 在其他类型的向量之间进行转换,并在向量类型和特殊的 quad 类型之间反复进行转换,不过这些类型转换都不能执行任何数据转换。

5、In other words, the compiler generates pretty much the same code you would have written by hand without generics, casts and all, after checking the type-safety of your program. 换句话说,编译器生成的代码与您手工编写的不用泛型、检查程序的类型安全后进行强制类型转换所得到的代码基本相同。

6、Sentence Structure (24%). Questions in this category test your understanding of relationships between and among clauses, placement of modifiers, and shifts in construction. 句子结构(24%)这方面问题考察考生对从句关系、修饰词的使用及句型转换的理解和运用。

7、This site shows you some practical principles about how to approach Analytical Reading, Critiques and Summaries, Paraphrasing , Transitions and Sentence Variety. 线上讲义提供有关分析性阅读、摘要、意译、语气转承用语、句型转换等实用的原则。

8、However, if the escape sequence is applied to a member that has a type converter, the string might undergo type conversion when it is interpreted by a XAML writer. 但是,如果对具有类型转换器的成员使用转义序列,则仍有可能在由 XAML 编写器进行解释时,该字符串会被类型转换器转换。

9、Also you can use the "There is" statement, to be a question by inverting it. 你也可以使用“There is”句型,将陈述句转换一下就可以变成问句。

10、I will, in other words, now turn to the 'semi-circle of mental health'. 换句话说,我现在将转向「精神健康的半圆」。

11、Code mixing is mainly done within sentences. 语码转换以句内语码转换为主。

12、It is possible to convert a value type to a reference type, and back again to a value type, by using boxing and unboxing. 通过 装箱和取消装箱,可以将值类型转换为引用类型,然后再转换回值类型。

13、Sequel typecasts data when it is retrieved from the database, while ActiveRecord delays typecasting until use. Sequel执行类型转换是在从数据库获取数据时就进行转换,而ActiveRecord直到使用数据时才延迟进行转换。

14、More subtle than ranges are conversions between pointers and integers; because these conversions generally involve casts, it's hard for the compiler to tell you what you're doing wrong. 比范围更加微妙的是指针和整型之间的转换;由于这些转换通常都包括强制类型转换,因此编译器很难告诉您到底做错了什么。

15、This type converter only can convert a 32-bit signed integer object to and from a string. 这个型别转换子只能将 32 位元带正负号的整数物件与字串相互转换。

16、Listing 2: Forced Typecasting in Frontier::RPC 清单 2:Frontier::RPC 中强制类型转换

17、Type conversion (mis-)using union data types. 使用 union 数据类型进行类型转换(mis-)。

18、Converts a value of type DWORD to a value of type CHAR. 转换一个DWORD类型的值到一个CHAR类型的值。

19、So, casts to type parameters will turn into casts to the upper bound of the parameter. 因此,对类型参数的数据类型转换将变成对参数上界的转换。

20、BC mode allows certain automatic type conversions to occur. BC 模式也允许某些自动类型转换。

21、Therefore, in translation from Chinese to English, Chinese topic is frequently arranged as object of English sentence. 因此,在汉译英中往往将置于句首的汉语话题转换成英语句子中的宾语。

22、Store-and-forward switches store entire frames before forwarding them. 存储-转发型交换机在转发帧之前存储整个帧。

23、However, it allows for type conversion if possible. 但是如果可能的话,它允许类型转换。

24、Index bypassing during type-casting: A word of caution here is that indexes will be bypassed when an indexed column is type-cast. 在类型转换期间绕过索引:这里要注意一点,当对建立了索引的列执行类型转换时,会绕过索引。

25、In other words,the health model: let's work on competencies. 换句话说,健康模型倡导:,培养能力。


26、Also, hardeep was implicitly cast to XML type (xs:string). 另外,hardeep 被隐式转换为 XML 类型(xs:string)。

27、Type conversion. 类型转换。

28、IFD Convert is a Pocket PC professional Converter which allows you to convert values between any type of units. 通用转换是一个掌上电脑专业转换您可以转换价值之间任何类型的单位。

29、In other words - small businesses. 换句话来说,小型企业。

30、The casting functions do need a prefix. 但类型转换函数必须 有前缀。

31、Videotranscoding has three means: code rate conversion, resolution conversion, conversion between coding standard. 具体的转换方式有三种:码率转换、分辨率转换、编码制式的转换。

32、Table 2 shows an example of type-casting. 下表给出一个类型转换示例。

33、One way would be to wrap each cast in an instanceof check. 一种方法是将每个类型强制转换都包在 instanceof 检查语句中。

34、It is not possible for flash- and successive approximation A-D converters to have high resolution at very high conversion rate. 全并行(闪烁型)A/D转换器和逐次逼近型A/D转换器不能同时达到很高的转换速度和分辨率。

35、Translation often involves economy of certain words or phrases, and conversion of sentence structures is not uncommon. 翻译中词的省略和添补是常用技巧,词性的转换和句型的转换也十分常见。

36、The dominant type of variation was transition(94.17%), followed by transversion(2.53%). The most common transition types were A→G and T→C. 可变碱基的主要变异形式为碱基转换(94.17%),其次为颠换(2.53%),最常见的碱基转换类型为A→G和T→C。

37、In other words, a typical Chow film. 换句话说,这是一部典型的周氏电影。

38、Next, stat-comments.pl converts comment marks to periods, so comments are separated by periods. 接着,stat-comments.pl 将注释标志转换成句点,这样就用句点分隔注释。

39、If you want to do the opposite process, you simply "cast to an int from a char." 如果你想做相反的转换,你就告诉计算机,“把那个char型数据转换成int型处理“

40、Define integer types to which any valid pointer to void can be converted. 定义整型类型,任何有效指针都可以转换成这个类型。

41、Only is there an old mane lives in that house now。 应该是这样。

42、There is no type conversion for SDO reference properties. SDO 引用属性没有类型转换。

43、In every group of sentences, there can be an exchange. 每组句型当中,都有可互换的情况。

44、Returns whether this converter can convert an object of the given type to the type of this converter, using the specified context. 会传回这个转换子是否可以使用指定内容,将指定型别的物件转换为这个转换子的型别。

45、They also perform required type conversions. 它们还将执行所需的类型转换。

46、The construct of switching costs consists of 3 dimensions: procedural switching costs, benefits switching costs and risk switching costs. 测量转换成本的构面有三个维度,分别是程序型、利益型和风险型转换成本。

47、This section deals with specific issues that come up during conversion of DML statements like SELECT. 本节讨论 SELECT 等 DML 语句的转换会遇到的问题。

48、A method among them is to change the prototype into a pottery type, utilize the method to cast to change into a metal type . 其中一个方法是将原型转换成陶瓷型,再利用铸造的方法转换成金属型。

49、In other words, HBase supports a dynamic schema model. 换句话说,HBase 支持一个动态模式 模型。

50、The wavelength conversion mechanism and the thresholding conversion characteristics of all-optical wavelength converter based on a laser diode are described by the gain saturation effect. 使用半导体激活介质的增益饱和效应,描述了激光器型全光波长转换器波长转换机制及其阈值转换特性。


51、In other words, ageing is not only stoppable but also reversible. 换句话说就是衰老不仅可以阻止,而且可以逆转。

52、In this case, the integral types are converted to floating-point types. 在这种情况里,整数型别会转换成浮点型别。

53、It is taken granted that all English SVO constructions can be converted into their passive counter-parts, with their basic meaning remaining unchanged. 不少人以为英语“主谓宾”结构都可以转变成被动句,而且语态转换不会改变句子的基本意义。

54、We've got what's called type conversion. 我们用到了被称作类型转换的方法。

55、Either the type of the argument to be converted, or the type of the result of the conversion, but not both, must be the containing type. 在要转换的型别引数或转换所产生的型别中,必须有一个是包含型别,但不能两者都是。

56、Get up early,or you will be late for school. if表示如果的意思。

57、The move to a single forward, in other words, was attacking in origin. 换句话说,这一向单前锋的转变最早是为了进攻考虑。

58、Chinese topic is always placed at the beginning of a sentence and regarded as normal word order. 因此,在汉译英中往往将置于句首的汉语话题转换成英语句子中的宾语。

59、To retrieve structured type data from a table, there must be some way to convert that type into a single scalar value whose type, in turn, must be based on one of the built-in DB2 data types. 为了从表中检索结构化类型数据,必须有一些将类型转换成一个标量值,换句话说,这些值的类型必须基于某种内置的 DB2 数据类型。

60、Any value of a floating-point type may be cast to or from any numeric type. 一个浮点类型的任何值可以被转换或者转换为任何数值类型。

61、This content is not translated on the mainframe. 在大型机上这个内容不需要转换。


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