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关于”6句话“的英语句子3个,句子主体:Six sentences。以下是关于6句话的四级英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Six sentences

1、The somehow bit, by the way, is a blatant lie. 所谓“不知怎么”的话,顺便说一句,其实是句明白的谎话。

2、Yong also") This sentence has." 雍也》)这句话了。

3、Bad words hurt people; good words warm people. 恶语一出话伤人,好话一句暖人心。

4、One taradiddle needs ten to make up. Why bother? 说一句谎话,要编造十句谎话来弥补,何苦呢?

5、Have dinner with your family and friends 三个点抄连袭起来一句话的话就是:

6、An inadvertent sentence might bring out dispute, a cruel sentence might ruin a life, a suitable sentence might release nervous, a caring sentence might cure wound and save the others… 一句无心的话也许会点燃纠纷,一句残酷的话也许会毁掉生命,一句及时的话也许会消释紧张,一句知心的话也许会愈合伤口挽救他人…

7、I again say, say something. 我再次说句话。

8、That's only a joke. 那只不过是句玩笑话。

9、I would like to bung in a word. 我想插句话。

10、Iam looking for a word. I am looking for a word that nobody knows. 我在寻找一句话,我在寻找一句没人知道的话。

11、In a word, prioritize. 一句话,分清主次。

12、Say a lie, want to make ten lies to make up for, why bother? 说一句谎话,要编造十句谎话来弥补,何苦呢?

13、An unintentional word may cause one trouble, a cruel one destroy a life; while properly and timely word may ease the tension and a heartful one save someone. 一句无心的话也许会点燃纠纷,一句残酷的话也许会毁掉一个生命,一句及时的话也许会消释紧张,一句知心的话也许会愈合伤口、挽救他人。

14、Refer to the Pattern Practice on page 6, and write out in full numbers 2 and 3. 参照第6 页的句型练习,用图片中的信息套用句型2 和3 写出完整的对话。

15、Refer to the Pattern Practice on page 14, and write out in full numbers 5 and 6. 参照第14页的句型练习,用图片中的信息套用句型5 和6 写出完整的对话。

16、Refer to the Pattern Practice on page 6, and write out in full numbers 1 and 5. 参照第6 页的句型练习,用图片中的信息套用句型1 和5,写出完整的对话。

17、All right? 一句话,问题就是?

18、Can I have a word? 我能插句话吗?。

19、Sir. basil was composing his last words. 巴兹尔爵士字斟句酌地说出最后一句话。

20、Professor Chen Guanglei: As I have mentioned above, when you learn a sentence, you should also learn the appropriate circumstances for its use. 陈光磊教授:我还就是说,一开始的时候要注意这句话,你学一句话的时候要注意这句话在什么场合说。

21、This is a word of heroism, but in fact is a nonsense. 这是一句很豪气的话,不过实际上是句废话。

22、This words is very suitable for "white-hair Lady", I mean there is no any words to describe her better than this sentence. 这句话非常适合白毛女,我意思是说没有哪句话比这句话更适合形容她。

23、A careless word may kindle strife; a cruel word may wreck a life a timely word may level stress a loving word may heal and bless. 一句无心之失可以触发争端,一句狠心话可以璀毁一生;一句适当的说话可以减顷压力,一句情话可以替人疗伤,抚慰心灵。

24、If you english is very good , What can you do? 可以做的就是你这句话是病句…

25、It was a local phrase which had a peculiar meaning, and there was no reply. 这是当地的一句土话,有它特殊的意思,但是没有人回答这句话。


26、No applause is incredible Words can you can a failure, one can achieve social harmony, sunshine, can't you? 没有掌声非常不可思议 一句话能成事,一句话能败事,一句话能成就和谐社会,你就不能阳光点吗?

27、Choose one sentence from the right column to match each of the sentences in the left column. 每小题左栏里是一个对话中的前一句话,右栏里是第二句话。

28、Mr. White has three sons,and all of them are doctors. 这句话和上面是一个意思,只是上面那句用的是定语从句,下面这句是一般句

29、First sentence of the interview process, talk about a good first sentence, often a surprise move. 第一句话面试过程中,讲好第一句话,常常可以出奇制胜。

30、Used to be a saying about 'Lottery in June, corn be heavy soon. 有句老话说‘xx月里摸彩,玉米熟得快。’

31、Believe that tex? 相信那句话?

32、One unintentional word may sow dissentions, one cruel word may destroy the life, one word in time may clear up the worry, one intimate word may heal the wound and save others. 一句无心的话也许会点燃纠纷,一句残酷的话也许会毁掉生命,一句及时的话也许会消释紧张,一句知心的话也许会愈合伤口、挽救他人。

33、I never said a word-never one word. 我根本就没说话-一句话也没说。

34、This remark has profound implications. 这句话含义深刻。

35、Notice that that's a complex sentences there are two sentences within the sentence. 注意这是个复杂句,两句话融为一句。

36、In other words, it's a poem that performs dialogism. 换句话说,这首诗是一次对话。

37、I bite my lip, refute a word, she said that every word is true. 我咬着唇,反驳不出一句话,她说的句句都是真的。

38、Kitty is taking Mille to visit the Chinese science of Beijing 第六句“和”一般用and,但如果seldom是否定概念的话,应该用or。

39、That statement is probably the most truthful statement in the whole movie. It is the type of statement that people use to keep themselves busy working away to pay bills. 这句话在整部电影里可能是最实在的一句话,这句话道出了人们总是为生计而忙碌工作的原因。

40、how long has she been gone? 这句话对么?

41、Can I talk to you? 我能跟你说句话吗?。

42、There is a saying that the feelings of the fire point, there is a saying out of happiness, this sentence, why don't you say? 有一句话点得着感情的火,有一句话说出来就幸福,这句话,你为什么不愿说破?

43、When you understand a sentence I said you have to have the capacity to understand a sentence even if you've never heard it before. 当你在理解我所说的一句话时,你必须要拥有理解这句话的能力,即使你在之前从未听到过这句话

44、In other words, what is the equilibrium state? 话句话说,哪个是平衡态?

45、Iam looking for a word. I am looking for a word that says...that youare the best! 我在寻找一句话,我在寻找一句话说……你是最好的!

46、Fine words make winter warm, disagreeable ones make summer chilly. 好言一句三冬暖,话不投机xx月寒。

47、I'm not trying to offend you. I'm simply stating the truth. 别嫌我说话难听,我说的句句都是实话。

48、request the pleasure of your company? 这句话啥意

49、But can I talk? 但,我能说句话吗?

50、Free shipping to send all world. i think you can like buy shoes from sportshoesmic. com . 现在,我把这句话也送给你们, 希望我们随时都能想起这句话。


51、A joke nettled him. 一句笑话,他就生气了。

52、Say a lie, want to make ten sentences lies, why bother? 说一句谎话,要编造十句谎话,何苦呢?

53、That's just a joke. 这不过是一句玩笑话。

54、He changes the story from one sentence to the next. 从一句话再下面一句,他改变了故事。

55、Have not heard a word " fortune-telling rich burn incense and poor, " saying it? 有没有听过一句话“穷算命富烧香”这句话呀?

56、Refer to the Pattern Practice on page 6, and write out in full numbers 2 and 6. 参照第6 页的句型练习,用图片中的信息套用句型2 和6,写出完整的对话。

57、Read that again. 再读一遍这句话吧。

58、May I chip in a word? 我能插句话吗?。

59、This sentence is a tongue twister. 这句话很绕嘴。

60、In other words, Archie has asked a rhetorical question. 换句话说依迪斯用了个修辞的问句。

61、A careless word may kindle strife; a cruel word may wreck a life, a timely word may level stress, a loving word may heal and bless. 一句无心之失可以触发争端,一句狠心话可以摧毁一生;一句适当的话可以减轻压力,一句情话可以替人疗伤,抚慰心灵.。

62、Refer to the Pattern Practice on page 6, and write out in full numbers 3 and 5. 参照第6页的句型练习,用图片中的信息套用句型3和5写出完整的对话。

63、This process is known as departmentalization。 这句话的意思。

64、Those who eat omega-6s, in other words, want to eat more food. 换句话说也就是,无论谁吃了ω -6,他就想要多吃食物。

65、We have an old home, Blessed are the people in June of Health. 我们家乡有句老话说“有福之人xx月生”。

66、In the early 1960s, "Where's the beef" was one of the most popular expressions in the United States. 在xx年代初,“牛肉到哪里去了?”这句话风靡全美,成为最流行的话。

67、In a word, dreadfully. 一句话,糟透了。

68、A word in your ear. 附耳过来说句话。

69、Ten leagues were passed and not a single word was uttered. 车行了六哩路,没有人说一句话。

70、If you want your thing could be one sentence long but it could be longer. 你喜欢的话,写一句话也可以,最好就比一句话长。

71、AA word in your ear. 附耳过来说句话。

72、Now keep that scripture in mind,that's a quotation from Genesis. 记住这句话,那是引自《创世纪》中的一句话。


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