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关于”表白的句子“的英语句子4个,句子主体:Confession sentence。以下是关于表白的句子的高一英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Confession sentence

1、While how to define the crime is still a disputed problem in both the theoretical circumstances and the judicial practices, and it directly influences the application of the effective judgments. 在理论与司法实践中,对拒不执行判决、裁定罪的认定还存在着较大的争议,直接影响了该罪的正确适用。

2、In a highly controversial verdict, the jury acquitted Simpson. 陪审团最后对辛普森做出了极具争议的无罪判决。

3、It is equivalent to an acquittal; and a further trial is not possible on the same charge. 这相当于无罪判决;同一起诉讼中不可能存在另外的判决。

4、The greedy goldsmith was found guilty and was executed. 贪婪的金匠被判决有罪,受到惩处。

5、To plead guilty to a lesser charge so as to avoid standing trial for a more serious charge. 坦白从宽承认有罪以求轻判并避免遭受较为严重的惩罚。

6、All plead not guilty and were acquitted of the charges. 所有人都否认指控,最终被宣判无罪。

7、As I said before an assertion a statement of truth an assertion of any kind is the utterance of a metaphor because the deep structure of any assertion is that A is B. 正如我之前所说,一个表判断句子,是一种对事实的陈述,一切表示判断的句子说出口后都变成了隐喻,因为所有的判断句的实质结构为,甲是乙。

8、Victims' groups were furious at the acquittals and perceived leniency of some of the sentences. 受害者团体对法庭的无罪判决和宽大处理表示愤慨。

9、The judge decided the case. 审判官判决了这个案子。

10、In France, where the same offense is visited with far milder penalties, it is frequently difficult to get a verdict from a jury against the prisoner. 在法国,对这种罪判得很轻,往往很难见到一个陪审团作出有罪判决。

11、Basic judgments include: repeal judgments, performance judgments, modification judgments, overruling judgments, affirmation judgments. 基本判决包括了以下几种:撤销判决、履行判决、变更判决、驳回判决、确认判决;

12、There have been some terrible crimes committed in our cities. A violent offender received what is seen to be a lenient sentence. 最近在我市发生了可怕的犯罪事件,而嫌疑人得到的判决被认作太过宽松。

13、BEIJING: A Chinese court has handed a former railways minister a suspended death sentence for bribery and abuse of power. 中国法院认定前铁道部长受贿罪及滥用职权罪成立,判决其死缓。

14、In a highly controversial verdict, the jury acquitted Sim on. 陪审团最后对辛普森做出了极具争议的无罪判决。

15、However experts while agreeing the sentence was severe say it was given according to the law of the time and the court's decision should be respected and enforced. 然而,专家一方面承认牛玉强案的确判重了,一方面仍表示案子是依据当时的法律判决的,法院的男决应当予以尊重和执行。

16、The jury is keen on justifying the judicial decision on juvenile delinquency in junk markets. 该陪审团热衷于捍卫那个法庭判决,该判决是关于旧货市场里青少年犯罪的。

17、The court found that she was innocent of all charges. 法庭判决她无罪,全部指控均不成立。

18、If convicted, she could face up to a year in prison. 如果保拉认罪,她将会面临最长入狱xx年的判决。

19、The judge gave the criminal a severe sentence. 法官对罪犯作出了重刑判决。

20、Addition, the crime of "refereeing" to the people's courts in civil, administrative adjudication activities made the decisions and rulings. 枉法裁判罪之“裁判”指人民法院在民事、行政审判活动中所做出的判决和裁定。

21、The jury acquitted her, but I still think she's guilty. 陪审团宣判她无罪,但我仍认为她有罪。

22、Everyone convicted of a crime shall have the right to his conviction and sentence being reviewed by a higher tribunal according to law. 五 经判定犯罪者,有权声请上级法院依法覆判其有罪判决及所科刑罚。

23、A gentler judgment vanish'd from his lips, not body's death, but body's banishment. 他的判决是很温和的;他并不判你死罪,只宣布把你放逐。

24、Announcing his decision, the judge said it was the first time that a court in Dubai had found a woman guilty of causing the death of her unborn child. 在宣布判决的时候,法官说,这是杜拜法庭首次宣判导致未出生的婴儿死亡的女子有罪。

25、Francis Bacon have such a famous saying : "an unjust decision, its consequences equivalent to 10 crimes. "" 弗兰西斯·培根有这么一句名言:“一次不公正的判决,其恶果相当于十次犯罪。”


26、Darrow expected a guilty verdict and stood ready to appeal the decision to a higher court. 达娄期待有罪判决并随时准备向高一级法院上诉这项判决。

27、They wangled him into confessing. 他坦白认罪使我吃惊。

28、This adjudicative court basically is maintain with what larceny undertakes, because this term of imprisonment is compared, grow. 此次判决法院主要是以盗窃罪进行的认定,因此刑期比较长。

29、正如我之前所说,一个表判断句子,是一种对事实的陈述,一切表示判断的句子说出口后都变成了隐喻,因为所有的判断句的实质结构为,甲是乙。 As I said before an assertion a statement of truth an assertion of any kind is the utterance of a metaphor because the deep structure of any assertion is that A is B.

30、At the sentencing stage, the optimal choice ranks down from not-guilty defense to misdemeanor defense, no-penalty defense, penalty reduction defense and mitigation defense. 在审判阶段则是无罪判决辩护方案、轻罪判决辩护方案、免除处罚辩护方案、减轻处罚辩护方案以及从轻处罚辩护方案等。

31、No one shall be liable to be tried or punished again for an offence for which he has already been finally convicted or acquitted in accordance with the law and penal procedure of each country. 七 任何人依一国法律及刑事程式经终局判决判定有罪或无罪开释者,不得就同一罪名再予审判或科刑。

32、Convictions based on statements taken in violation of the right against self-incrimination normally are overturned on appeal, unless there is enough admissible evidence to support the verdict. 基于 违反 拒绝自证其罪权利 而获得的 证言 所做出的有罪判决,通常会在上诉中被推翻。除非有其他足够的法庭认可的证据,支持这个判决。

33、By giving Fritzl a life sentence, the jury ensured he received the maximum punishment for the crimes he committed over more than two decades. 在决定Fritzl的终身监禁判决时,陪审团确认是对他承认20多年的罪行的最大惩罚。

34、It's been proof of either her innocence. Or her guilt. 它们都曾经是判断诺克斯有罪或清白的证据。

35、Thomas convicted him of lesser charges, he testified, and sentenced him to a 90-day boot camp. 他作证说,托马斯判决其罪名较轻,只是判处他待90天的训练营。

36、However, Magistrate Tong ruled out suspending the sentence owing to the seriousness of the crime. 不过,裁判官由于罪行的严重性不判决缓刑。

37、He was indicted for racketeering but never convicted. 他被指控犯敲诈勒索,但却一直没被判决有罪。

38、If the defendant is found innocent in accordance with law, he shall be pronounced innocent accordingly; 依据法律认定被告人无罪的,应当作出无罪判决;

39、Meanwhile, a vote to indict someone in Japan is tantamount to a conviction – more than 99% of those indicted ultimately receive guilty verdicts. 同时,在日本,检察官的起诉决定几乎与有罪判决无异——因为超过99%的起诉决定最终都能获得有罪判决。

40、Act guiltily and they'll judge you guilty. 表现出一副有罪的样子,他们就会判你有罪。

41、Berlusconi's lawyer on the day of sentencing Gai Dini welcomed the results, and that the court should be equally guilty verdict Pierre; 贝卢斯科尼的律师盖迪尼对当天的宣判结果表示欢迎,并认为法院应同样宣判皮耶尔无罪;

42、Seven were convicted, but none served more than six years in prison. 其中7人被判处有罪,但是没有一个人在狱中待到了xx年以上,而被认为是本案主使的基伦却被宣判无罪。

43、My understanding was he was found guilty but a lot to turn on the ambiguity of a sentence. 我猜他是被判有罪了,但这个案件却展现出了句子的模糊性

44、Yeh was also found guilty of leaking secrets to a lawmaker in a separate case. 叶盛茂也在另一件案子里泄密给一位立委,判决有罪。

45、He air conditionerityicle authorized the father to be overruled by the judge, and declared his own son guilty. 他让法官确切职责征服父子确切私情,而判决他儿子有罪。

46、While the criteria of the theory of the anticipated possibility involved in the identification of crime and non-crime problem have great significance the right decision of. 期待可能性的判断标准是期待可能性理论的核心问题,涉及罪与非罪的认定问题,对得出正确的判决具有关键的作用。

47、The District Court denied petitioner′s motion for a judgment of acquittal. 地区法院驳回上诉人提出的无罪判决的动议。

48、Generally it's accepted that only the judgment in the text of adjudicate has res judicata, while the judgment in the reason for adjudicate binds neither no one nor nothing. 一般认为只有判决主文中的判断具有既判力,而判决理由中的判断没有既判力。

49、Pre-trial detention is the detention of criminal suspects or defendants who are not proceed to the juridical days and have not been Convicted by the court. 审前羁押是在法院开庭审判并做出有罪判决前对犯罪嫌疑人或者被告人的羁押。

50、At the outset of the trial, DeLay predicted the jury would clear him, and he remained unrepentant after learning the verdict. 审判开始时,迪雷预言说,陪审团会为他洗清罪名;即使听到判决后,他仍执迷不悟认为自己无罪。


51、Victims' associations lobby for longer prison terms for criminals. 受害者团体则通过游说要求对罪犯从严判决。

52、Meanwhile, a vote to indict someone in Japan is tantamount to a conviction – more than 99% of those indicted ultimately receive guilty verdicts. 同时,在日本,检察官的起诉决定几乎与有罪判决无异——因为超过99%的起诉决定最终都能获得有罪判决。

53、Mr Sarkozy claimed soon after the acquittal that he accepted the verdict—and yet the public prosecutor promptly decided to appeal. 在对德维尔潘作出无罪判决不久,萨科奇说他接受这个判决----但公检方决定提起上诉。

54、Mandatory sentencing laws, on the other hand, are inflexible from start to finish: the convict must serve each and every day of the prescribed sentence. 而强制审判却对任何犯罪环境都没有弹性:罪犯必须在判决中的每一天服刑。

55、identification of the Federal judicial districts in which the indictments and informations were filed, and in which the subsequent guilty pleas, convictions, and acquittals occurred; 大陪审团决定提起公诉与非大陪审团决定提起公诉以及由此而产生的认罪答辩、有罪判决和无罪判决所属的联邦司法区名称;

56、He pled guilty and received a five-year sentence. 他承认有罪,被判处xx年徒刑。

57、Court of Appeals ruled that his actions violated user agreements and could be considered criminal. 上诉法庭判决斯沃兹的行为违反了用户协议,可以判定为刑事罪。

58、Sub-Ju Wu Chi's lawyers said it would appeal the verdict. 武智鞠子的律师表示,将对这一判决进行上诉。

59、Tupikova confessed her guilt and is now awaiting sentencing. 图皮科瓦已认罪,目前正等待判决结果。

60、Criterion for sentencing is the basis of the People's Court to decide criminal penalty and extent of punishment. 量刑根据是人民法院在对犯罪分子决定是否判处刑罚以及判处什么刑罚与刑度的依据或理由。

61、Some years later, her conviction was quashed yet still, some Australians are adamant that the dingo was innocent. 若干年后,琳蒂虽然被宣判无罪,但仍有些澳洲人坚决认为野狗是无辜的。


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