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关于”名人的演讲稿“的英语作文模板4篇,作文题目:Celebrity speech。以下是关于名人的演讲稿的xx年级英语模板,每篇作文均为真题模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Celebrity speech

Winston Churchill's speech I now invite the house of representatives to adopt a resolution recording its approval of the steps taken and declaring its confidence in the new government: "the House welcomes the formation of a government, representing the unity and indomitable determination of the country to carry out the war with Germany to victory. Conclusion:" to form a government of such size and complexity itself It's a serious task, but we're in the early stages of one of the greatest battles in history, we're operating anywhere else in Norway and the Netherlands, and we have to be ready in the Mediterranean - the air war continues, and a lot of preparation has to be done. In this crisis, I think if I don't have a long speech in the house today, I think I I hope that any of my friends and colleagues, or those male colleagues affected by political reconstruction, can appreciate any lack of ritual behavior.

As I said to the ministers who joined this government, I have nothing to offer, but our blood, toil, tears and sweat are a very serious test in front of us We have been through many, many months of struggle and suffering. You ask, I said, what is our policy, to wage war through land, sea and air war with all the strength God has given us. Our policy is to oppose a terrible tyranny that has never been surpassed in the list of dark and deplorable human crimes.

What is our goal? I can answer in one sentence that this is a victory at all costs. Despite all the terror, victory is victory. No matter how long and difficult the road is, because without victory there will be no survivors, the British Empire will not survive, and everything represented by the British Empire will not survive.

There will be no impulses and impulses of the times. Human beings should move forward to their own goals, briskly Accept my task, hope I am sure that our cause will not fail at this juncture, at this time, I feel entitled to ask for the help of all people, and say, "well, let's unite and move forward together.".




German Chancellor Angela Merkel believes that the charm and attraction of football have many aspects: first-class action, exciting goals, majestic star players, thunderous experiences and enthusiastic fans. Football arouses the emotion of the whole world, brings people from different cultures together, and advocates the solid virtue spirit and tolerance such as fairness and teamwork. All these aspects will be clear In the summer of 2008, the world cup in Germany showed in the strongest form.

Five million people will be shocked by this unique sports and friendship Festival. We are looking forward to high quality football. We are very happy to welcome the greatest names in the sport, these countries will appear in the finals for the first time, and we are looking forward to welcoming fans from all over the world as they make our city more colorful and life.

We sincerely welcome everyone. Europe is a world country full of passion for football. The people will be committed to ensure that FIFA World Cup is an unforgettable experience.

Thousands of ordinary people have come forward as volunteers to prove this: many people are ready to host the world cup, we have completed new construction, modern sports venues and excellent transportation base Infrastructure the organization is in the hands of the organizing committee headed by Franz Beckenbauer. The slogan "time to make friends" perfectly describes our intention to ensure that everyone is immersed in a safe and peaceful Football Festival. The world cup is a unique opportunity for Germany to show that it is a modern country full of hospitality, joy and ideas.

I believe that the passion and unity generated by the FIFA World Cup in Germany will spread to the whole world. If I personally look forward to a scoring Festival, excited and fair competition, we German will support our national team, but our goal is to welcome every team and their fans, who are enthusiastic and international, very happy Welcome to FIFA World Cup.






All of this is because of my dreams. Even if people tell me those dreams are false and they are crazy, I insist on my dreams. People always say, no matter what, even in bodybuilding, they say I can never do it.

Later in the movie, in Hollywood, they say I will not achieve what they said, "you can never do it. You have a German accent. Hollywood from Hollywood No one has ever used a German accent.

Yes, maybe you can play some Nazi role or something like that, but you can't be the protagonist with an accent and your body. You're overgrown, you have so many muscles. The Hercules movie they made a few years ago is out of date now.

Woody Allen Woody Allen is in. His body is int "and those messages" and alpace No, skinny guy, he's here, but it's not your body, it's too big, your name, Schwarzenegger, it's never going to fit a movie poster forget it, you'll never let it go back to bodybuilding. "OK, the rest is the post history terminator.

I'm the highest paid movie star in Hollywood. Let me tell you, even when I ran for governor, people said, "Arnold, you'll never be governor of California. How much do you know about the government?" in fact, I know as much about the government as other people in California.

That is, the government is out of sync with the people. It needs a reform. So I didn't hear those people say that I would never be able to continue my campaign.

I listened to my dream, and the rest was my history of becoming governor, so it always let me I went on, and those dreams gave me confidence, movies gave me money, public service and being governor gave me a bigger goal than myself, which is my dream and the short story of my early life, and how my dream made me successful.




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