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关于”逆境与坚持“的英语作文模板5篇,作文题目:Adversity and persistence。以下是关于逆境与坚持的初中英语模板,每篇作文均为真题模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Adversity and persistence

Mencius once said: "misfortune never comes singly, die happily." when the little eagle is big enough, his mother releases the little eagle from the hole, and the little Eagle learns to fly. On the contrary, it will continue to stay in the young eagle's cave. Then the future eagle will die in the jungle animal law of the natural ecological law.

As an advanced animal, people should learn to grow up in adversity. In the three-year junior high school career, when When we are still immersed in the warm arms of our parents, do we know that life has sounded the alarm bell, it will be the warm, cold and cold you in the future. Junior high school is the transitional period from childhood to youth.

We must not let the warmth and evil in our hearts strongly corrode us. Frustration is the stepping stone to success. It will help you climb the peak of life, and frustration is the way for people to succeed Stumbling block, hinder you all the way to face setbacks, he loves his own setbacks, hold his head high, go forward bravely, bow to him, bend over, let you walk out, the latter is afraid of setbacks, shivering in the face of setbacks, setbacks to him waving his hands, but he timidly asked for setbacks along the way, the same setbacks, before and after the performance of the two people Qian Xuesen was castrated in the adversity.

Although he suffered a lot, he could still write a historian's song "historical records". Although Mao Zedong was born in the war, although he suffered from the war, even though he suffered from the pain of the war, even all the dear ones After all the people have passed away, he can still lead the Red Army to liberate China and become the greatest man in the modern world from ancient times to the present. What is the most resolute person who will be weak and incompetent, and will not lose such a large person in a day.

He must bear hardships, work their bones, starve and pass by, won't he? He won his lament, his sad song of the weak, and his heroic masculinity Sigh, successful heroes have been abandoned by the Loess and the weak of the times from ancient times to the present. This is the true meaning of suffering. I look at the eagle flying high, and my heart is filled with regret.




Note: write a short passage according to the picture below. You should briefly describe the picture explain its intention and give your comments you should write a few points on the answer sheet neatly) success is always described by the elderly as something related to patience. In the picture, a man sitting for a dozen of clocks has a subtitle beside him: "success means five minutes more than others".

From this, we can infer that a person sets so many clocks just to remind himself never to give up; success comes from persistence, which is very correct, for the following reasons No achievement can be achieved in a short period of time. Success requires constant diligence and hard work. Second, when a person can persist in making progress towards his achievements, he must believe that his belief is the source of perseverance and pave the way for success.

As the saying goes, "Rome was not built." finally, I would like to borrow another old proverb, "smile "The last one laughs best." laughter symbolizes confidence in success, and confidence always produces patience and persistence. Therefore, I firmly believe that if everyone can apply what the picture conveys to practice, they will surely gain a lot.


说明: 根据下面的图画写一篇文字短文,你应该 简要地描述这幅画 解释它的意图,并 给出你的评论 你应该在答题纸上整齐地写上几点) 成功总是被老年人描述为与耐心有关的东西在图画中,一个男人坐着一打钟在他身边有一个副标题:“成功意味着比别人多坚持五分钟”,从中我们可以推断出,一个人设置这么多钟只是为了提醒自己永远不要放弃;成功源于坚持,这是非常正确的,原因有以下几点:,任何成就都不可能在短时间内实现,成功需要不断的勤奋和努力第二,当一个人能够坚持向成就迈进的时候,他必须相信他所奉献的信念是坚持不懈的源泉,为成功铺平道路,正如俗话所说,“罗马不是一个建成的”最后,我想借用另一句古老的谚语“笑到最后的人笑得最好”笑象征着对成功的信心,而信心总是产生耐心和坚持。因此,我坚信,如果每个人都能将画面所传达的东西运用到实践中,他们一定会收获很多。


Seize the star that holds your destiny, the star that twinkles in your heart forever. Take advantage of the precious opportunity, while they are still shining, you always believe that your ultimate goal can be achieved as long as you put your best effort into it, although sometimes obstacles may hinder your dream. Remember, your destiny is hidden behind them and accept the fact that not everyone is Will agree with your choice, believe in your judgment, seize the star that twinkles in your heart, it will guide you to your destiny.

Along this road, uncover the sweet sunrise waiting for you, be proud of your achievements, because they are stepping stones to your dreams, so understand that you may make mistakes, but don't let them prevent you from cherishing your abilities and abilities Talent, because they are really unique to you. The greatest gift in life is not bought, but through hard work and determination, this is the faith of faith radio. Relax and find the star that twinkles in your heart, because only by yourself can you realize your brightest dream and give you all hope.

You will seize the star that controls your destiny.




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