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关于”写自己经历“的英语作文范文4篇,作文题目:Write about your experience。以下是关于写自己经历的xx年级英语范文,每篇作文均为高分范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Write about your experience

We stayed in Hangzhou for three days. If there is a heaven, this is Hangzhou. The city is famous for its charming West Lake, which attracts many tourists.

We are very happy to see the Dragon Boat Race rowing in the West Lake, walking in the old streets and listening to myths and legends.




Have you ever experienced any setbacks? How to solve them in front of a person who has no faith? I will be a big and small emperor's disaster. I don't want to change too many jobs. I think I'm a medium-sized, average and working person.

If there's anything special about a person now, because his parents cultivated a lot of hobbies in his childhood, I feel bored basically How can I describe myself in my spare time, I can only say: mediocre, frustrated, but countless times of setbacks (in front of a non religious person, I met with almost all kinds of work problems in front of unbelievers, and I began to not adapt to the society, almost every day I have to go to work, physical overdraft (sick, because the body is overdrawn, almost every one I can't stop working. Looking back on Christ today, I only have to smile. I want to love and be tolerant.

In the face of these problems, I should be tolerant, humble and patient. As Christians say, I hope to be patient and patient. Veterans should not be ashamed to walk in the years of society.

Men's feelings are changing times. It seems that today, like an old wine, will not let me be A person who doubted the world did not make me become a paranoid and indifferent person, but let me know more. Ten years ago, I saw words in the book.

Love is an eternal melody, which needs to be solved. In fact, there is no secret. Everything should be tolerant and modest, everything should be more self-examination, and every detail of things that is not serious should be tolerant, generous and calm If you can't see things clearly, stand at a distance, and then consider these issues from the overall situation, the possible ideas are different from those years ago.

Many years ago, what you cared about, according to the present mentality, you will also care about not doing sinful things. These are very important. Wei Junjie, a smart man, has taken a step like a vast ocean.

Really, life is such a thing, It's good to be relaxed.




I went to Beijing for a tour. We went to the Forbidden City and the Great Wall. It was a great trip.

They made me feel proud of being a Chinese. The Palace Museum has noticed that there are many antiques in history. We can see the great culture from the Great Wall.

This is a famous wonder in the world. It is made of big stones. It is too heavy to even be used to build a solid building.

How magnificent it is.




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