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关于”外来节日的看法“的英语作文模板5篇,作文题目:Views on foreign festivals。以下是关于外来节日的看法的雅思英语模板,每篇作文均为真题模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Views on foreign festivals

Most of the western festivals are religious festivals. However, according to the Gregorian calendar, it is easy for people to remember that the almanac is on the table. For example, Christmas is on the table for two days.

There are only a few entertainment places closed in the shop. If you want to work, it is also a high double salary. It is absolutely right to perform your duties.

Free students are similar to holiday holidays. For example, Christmas is a two-week holiday to revive Holiday is a two-week holiday, and Holy Spirit day is also a two-week holiday, so the summer vacation has six weeks very rhythmic Oh, and Carnival week holiday, so, the holiday is often a family holiday, holiday prices are relatively high during the festival, many families together or outside for a walk, and so on, the festival gives people a sense of relaxation, physical and mental conditioning.




Nowadays, there is a phenomenon that western customs spread to the East step by step, which makes many residents living in big cities enjoy themselves in the western festivals such as Christmas and April Fool's day. This phenomenon shows that the people of the world are gradually approaching, and the world is becoming smaller and smaller. Therefore, I think this is a normal phenomenon and an inevitable trend.

First of all, it shows that among us Chinese people have become more open, rather than stick to some very old customs, which runs counter to our life. Looking back on history, we can find out why our China was very poor and weak in the s We have suffered from wars launched by many European countries, so I think this is not only of course. We must accept other customs rather than close ourselves.

Festivals are just the beginning. The result of the reform and opening up policy is just like this. So I would like to say that this is a great achievement since the implementation of this policy.

China is developing rapidly, which is inevitable The trend is not only that, we can get closer and closer not only with our hometown friends, but also with many foreigners. We will never feel embarrassed because we don't know other people's customs and habits, and we can avoid more misunderstandings. In a word, this trend has its great advantages to a certain extent.

However, if we appreciate the western customs too much, it will be great. Because China is our own country, we should all enjoy the desire of patriotism in the near future. We can see that Westerners have a happy Spring Festival.




In China, the celebration of western festivals has made Chinese people more commercialized, their ideology more and more weak, and their social control has become more and more relaxed. Therefore, they have adopted some western festivals, while the Chinese (mostly young people) celebrate it for fun. Businessmen have seen a great opportunity to make money.

Valentine's day has become an important part of Chinese youth In other parts of the world, festival cards and flowers of the same size, mainly roses, are sold in millions. However, in the west, Chinese people limit gifts to their spouses, lovers and sexual partners. Candy can be given to friends and colleagues.

This difference may be due to the Mistranslation of Valentine's Day as "Qingren day", in which the meaning of Qing people is Valentine's day, and some people call for the use of Chinese tradition Chinese people, especially the younger generation, do not pay attention to the religious background when they embrace Christmas. They decorate their homes with Christmas trees and Christmas lights, send Christmas gifts to children, and enjoy the carnival atmosphere of Christmas Eve It's all too obvious on the busy streets of big cities, where shops, restaurants and hotels are doing their best to attract customers. Santa Claus, mostly played by young women, is their best promotion tool.




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