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(pressure) with fierce competition becoming more and more common in our society, now people are facing more and more work-related pressure. Those unfinished jobs have put us in a race against time. The problem is that the tasks we have to accomplish now have nothing to do with our ultimate goal, but there are still a lot of things to deal with, so when the deadline comes, Stress can affect our body and mind.

There are two things that cause stress, fatigue and time. You can imagine that when a pile of work is placed in front of your tired body, you will feel some changes in yourself, such as the increase of breathing rate. On the other hand, time is another key factor, because time is always limited and people try to do more in less time Things, driven by hope, people spend countless time on their work, but it needs to be completed forever, and then the pressure is still a part of people's life.

With the passage of time, there is little hope and pressure increases. Some measures must be taken to solve the problem. Many people fall into the pressure cycle, but they do not realize this, so the most important step is It's about being aware of potential stress and avoiding it, and then making a list to organize your work in a better way so that you can maintain a balance between work and rest, in which case stress is not allowed to accumulate.




There are so many people in China who are hard to bear the high pressure. The heavy work requirements and fierce competition have brought great pressure to those individuals who are desperate to pursue high salary and strive for higher positions for students. The pressure of examination makes them overburdened.

It is a kind of personalized phenomenon, but everyone will face this phenomenon in different degrees. This phenomenon makes people have different opinions. Some people have a depressive and pessimistic attitude towards physical and mental stress.

Therefore, stress always leads to mental disorder, violence and even suicide. Compared with their negative reaction to stress, others may face the increasing pressure and keep in a good mood. How to deal with the huge pressure correctly and effectively? First of all, people who are under great pressure can Choose the right way to relax yourself, such as taking a long hot bath, immersing yourself in it, repetitive work on your favorite CD and no rest will make people pay a heavy health cost.

Second, high expectations lead to strong stress, which must be reduced. Third, chatting with close friends is a good way to reduce the great pressure.




In modern society, most people are under more pressure than ever before. Some people can't cope with the pressure well and choose some extreme ways to avoid or solve their pressure. But, as far as I'm concerned, is stress a bad thing? There are two coins in everything, and we need to know it from two aspects.

On the one hand, pressure is a kind of mental burden caused by tension or anxiety. In modern society, pressure is mainly caused by the surrounding environment or our own high requirements or heavy burden, such as the pressure from peers or economic pressure. If we can not deal with the pressure properly, we will easily have negative emotions and lose the motivation and courage to continue to move forward or fight against it In this regard, pressure is a threat to our body and mind.

On the other hand, if we deal with it well, pressure will also become a kind of motivation. For example, when you find that you are surpassed by your classmates in the exam, you will feel pressure. But at the same time, you also tell yourself that next time under this kind of pressure, you need to work harder to surpass him At one point, you will find that you have more motivation and energy to learn.

Pressure is the propeller for us to make more progress. Therefore, we need to treat and deal with pressure in a dialectical way.




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