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关于”父母遗传“的英语作文范文5篇,作文题目:Parental inheritance。以下是关于父母遗传的xx年级英语范文,每篇作文均为真题范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Parental inheritance

The fact that a child can inherit what we know about fetal development from her mother makes it impossible for her mother to try to shape the character of her unborn child by learning poetry and art, or mathematics during pregnancy. Why is such a complex influence transmitted from mother to child? There is no connection between their nervous systems ‰ any chemical change in the mother's blood can have a good or bad effect on the child, but we can't see how much we like mathematical or poetic genius. In our discussion of instinct, we find that there is reason to believe that what we inherit must be very simple, not any complex or certain behavior, but it can To be sure, no one inherits mathematical knowledge, and children more or less inherit a universal ability that we can call intelligence.

If very intelligent children have a strong interest in mathematics, they are likely to succeed in the same factors in other situations. It may be that rich emotional devices organized around other interest centers can Finding expressive and competent fingers in poetry may develop skills in surgery. This is not music knowledge, it is inherited, and even the love of music is not.

However, certain body structure makes it relatively easy to acquire music knowledge and skills. Whether the ability is for music or other career, it may depend entirely on the strength of children's growing environment.


孩子能从母亲那里继承我们所知道的关于胎儿发育的知识使得母亲试图通过学习诗歌、艺术来塑造她未出生的孩子的性格,或者怀孕期间的数学似乎是完全不可能的,为什么如此复杂的影响会从母亲传递给孩子?他们的神经系统之间没有任何联系‰母亲血液中的任何化学变化都会对孩子产生好或坏的影响,但我们看不出对数学或诗歌天才有多喜欢在我们讨论本能的过程中,我们发现有理由相信,我们继承的东西一定是非常简单的,而不是任何复杂或非常确定的行为,但可以肯定的是,没有人继承数学知识,孩子们或多或少地继承了一种我们可以称之为智力的普遍能力如果非常聪明的孩子对数学产生了浓厚的兴趣,他们很可能会在其他情况下,在同样的因素上取得成功,可能是围绕着其他的兴趣中心组织起来的 丰富的情感设备可以在诗歌中找到表达能力能干的手指可能会在外科手术中发展技能这不是音乐的知识是遗传的,甚至连对音乐的热爱也不是,但是,某种身体结构使获得音乐知识和技能相对容易,无论这种能力是针对音乐还是其他事业,可能完全取决于儿童成长环境中的力量。


If it's easy, it won't start with something called labor, shouting for your children to obey, just like using the horn to control your car. You will have the same result tomorrow in children's memory. Today you have to raise children in their lives.

The wisest advice is to enjoy them while they are still around you. The best way to do it is to let them Staying at home gives children an atmosphere of love and hides car keys. At home, the right temperature is maintained by a warm heart, not by a hot headed parent: those who are naked, bored teenagers, provide the joy of motherhood to newlyweds: when all the children end up in bed, what a woman experiences is when the children are When you are too big to need a babysitter and too small to borrow a family car, grandparents are like a string that can easily be wrapped around the fingers of grandchildren.

When you grow up, your legs will never exceed your heart. God has given you two ears and a mouth, so you should listen to what you say twice. There are three ways to do one thing: do it yourself, hire someone to do it, or ban your kids from doing it.

Adolescence is when kids try to get their parents to help you clean your house while they clean your house. At home, it's like shoveling the driveway in a blizzard. My kid is half as good as he thought he was when he was a kid, and my teenage kids think I'm half stupid But it's hard for adults to tell them that it's hard for them to tell their children's age that it's hard to tell them that it's not their age that they want to share with their children It's hard to believe that it's time to retire.

It's when kids are sleeping that kids really light up a family. They never turn off the lights.




David's wife and his wife are very busy to take care of his beautiful family. However, he has been very busy with his wife and his family, and he has been caring about his beautiful family Most fathers still hold the traditional view that their main job is to make money, so they spend less money playing with their children, but the fact is that children need the care and education of their parents. The media has been focusing on the family of David and his wife.

It is obvious that the couple spend a lot of time with their children. They always go to the gym together. There are many activities in the family.

They enjoy family time. Famous parents are busier than many people, but they still treat family first. They set a good example for many parents.




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