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关于”谈论一部最喜欢的电影“的英语作文模板5篇,作文题目:Talk about a favorite movie。以下是关于谈论一部最喜欢的电影的xx年级英语模板,每篇作文均为高分模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Talk about a favorite movie

A good movie the day before yesterday, I saw a movie called "the Lord of the rings". It is said that this film won the Oscar before it was shot. The director spent seven years planning.

There are about 1000 actors and actresses participating in this film. This film is about a powerful ring, which affects the fate of all living beings for peace. Many people lost their lives, but in the end, justice overcame evil.

This movie tells us that persistence and courage are the source of success. With persistence and courage, you will win. No matter how weak you are, I like this movie very much, although it is very long.




Hollywood films choose war, love and inspirational movies. They only choose the audience and the marginal integration of art and commercial films by the Academy Awards. They are both good and popular.

American films have indeed achieved great success. I was surprised to know that I like the shawshank redemption. It reflected the big aspect of my spirit and my character contrast.

I found bankers today Andy was sentenced to life imprisonment without looking at the harsh environment. Only a few years ago, the evil warden's inner pain and human control system and the prison disaster left behind were all to the point: the trust in God, my bad life, and Andy's weakness. The smart movies a few hours ago made me worried, and the conservative standards under high pressure completely wiped out Shawshank's apathy Andy changed everything and saved himself.

He also helped the prisoners to see hope and see the colorful life in the prison. For a moment, he forgot oppression, violence, fear of freedom, and the joy of peaceful life brought hope to the family. Andy dug his friend Reed's eyes in the years and dug a tunnel for it Rain and wind hard nightlife passage through the sewage pipe under foot bell climbs into the last blue sky and sea through the line compartment of hell and heaven.

Andy's freedom and wise punishment guilty warden and others. When the whole world is abandoned in front of despair, Andy mentally gives us a good answer. They save themselves and want to say more suspense to see me《 Shawshank's redemption is going to disappoint.

As long as the heart is dead, hope for good things, and good hope for all, son, take a step forward.




Titanic is a gem named "the heart of the sea". It brings a love story to rose and Jack. They met on the Titanic and fell in love on the way of love.

They crossed many obstacles four days after the departure of Titanic, and a huge iceberg floated towards her. The ship is broken by an iceberg. Many people can't save it except rose.

The death of Jack is the biggest obstacle for love to overcome. In order to save rose, Jack gave his life in this movie. When the ship was in an accident, some people would rather help others than save themselves.

For example, the sailor and the musician made me think a lot in some fields, such as the relationship between the people around you. For example, when we are facing love, when we are facing social problems, we are very moved How to express our feelings to our loved ones, how to deal with the love problems with them, how to solve them perfectly? Let's assume that we take different positions on the Titanic, what should we do when we are outside the country? I think different people take different positions, we do different things in society, but the most important thing is We should take our responsibility as a whole. This film not only has a wonderful plot, but also provides food for the thought.




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