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关于”去敬老院工作的怎么说“的英语作文范文3篇,作文题目:What about working in a nursing home。以下是关于去敬老院工作的怎么说的高一英语范文,每篇作文均为高分范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:What about working in a nursing home

Now more and more elderly people choose to live in nursing homes. Some people think that nursing homes provide better environment for the elderly than nursing homes. I personally agree with this view for the following reasons: first, nursing homes provide relatively first-class facilities and services for the elderly.

Couples who lack jobs nowadays need to face fierce competition. They need to earn more money to support their families. Therefore, working couples have less time to take care of the elderly, especially when the elderly are suffering from serious diseases, on the contrary, when the elderly live in the residential area In nurseries, nurses can meet their needs, and advanced facilities can also provide good treatment.

Second, in nursing homes, the elderly can meet people of the same age and have more tastes and hobbies about the elderly. The lifestyle of the younger generation is often different from that of the younger generation. Many people feel that the existence of other needs will make people uneasy, and the elderly need more peace When the elderly choose to live in nurseries, they don't have to worry about this problem.

Last but not least, the elderly living in nursing homes can maintain the harmony of family atmosphere. Obviously, there is a generation gap between the elderly and adult children. For example, the old people are afraid of changing their traditional principles and customs, while the young people welcome new ideas, and they are always trying new things.

It is inevitable that the elderly and adult children may have different opinions on certain things, and these differences may lead to inconsistencies or even inconsistencies with the above discussion. We can conclude that the elderly living in nurseries are not only It is a good practice for adult children and for the elderly, which does not mean that children will give up the responsibility of taking care of the elderly.





Today, we all kick out of the campus with our classmates. We are going to visit "grandfather" and "grandma" in the nursing home with small gifts. When the cold wind blows to the students, we all start to get goose bumps.

Then we are surprised to see that the nursing home is empty, and we feel colder There are several rockeries and a pavilion on the third floor. We can see that many old people are sitting quietly. When we are nervous and happy, we suddenly show a kind smile on the faces of grandparents.

The students immediately become active. Some help grandfather carry, some help grandma rub their feet, and others help the elders act badly The students were very excited, and even some students came to the room to visit their grandparents, but the time to send you my heartfelt blessing and love gift was always short. We wanted to say goodbye to our grandparents.

We reluctantly left the nursing home. Some of our grandparents' milk seemed to be in front of us and sent us to the door. Our eyes were filled with tears of happiness and gratitude from time to time Although these elderly people in the nursing home seem to be OK and the environment is good, they miss their families every night.

They are very sad and have no family care. They are very poor now. In my eyes, they are like a lonely old man, a weak and innocent bird.

They need help, care, love and consideration. However, this is not enough, We need more people and more things to create a better home for all the old people in the world. I will let them know that they have no relatives, but better than their relatives, they still care about them, love them, help them and understand them.




First of all, you have to meet with the staff and fill out an application form. If your volunteer service involves children or vulnerable adults, you must complete a criminal record check, the results of which are confidential, because all of these have been approved (this may take some time, you need to sign a volunteer agreement that sets out your responsibilities and our responsibilities to you. You will be assigned a volunteer coordinator (person in charge) who will help when needed.

You will also receive some basic training, and you are likely to have the opportunity to participate in more advanced training, depending on the situation. Your volunteer work is very meaningful for some people to share their skills and experience for the benefit of others, while others are willing to raise awareness of a certain field or acquire employment skills.




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