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关于”英国节日“的英语作文模板2篇,作文题目:British festivals。以下是关于英国节日的xx年级英语模板,每篇作文均为高分模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:British festivals

On October 1st, many children dressed in costumes knocked on the door of their neighbors and said, "trick or treat." pirates and princesses, ghosts and popular heroes will open their bags to get candy or other delicious things that neighbors give to each child. The neighbors exclaimed in their clothes and tried to guess who was under the mask. Thanksgiving was the most real American in the national holiday.

The immigrants or pilgrims who had the closest connection with the earliest history of the United States. They sailed to the United States on the Mayflower. They landed in Plymouth, Massachusetts in the cold November.

In their first winter, they experienced two months After the storm, they wanted to find a place where they could have freedom of faith. Those who had been waiting for the first harvest all summer, or the settlers who had been waiting for the long summer harvest, knew that their lives and the future survival of the colony depended on the coming harvest, and finally the yield of the field exceeded people's expectations, so they decided A few years later, after setting a day to thank God, the president of the United States declared the fourth Thursday of November as Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving celebrations continue to this day, and the pattern of Thanksgiving celebrations has never changed.

Over the years, family dinner plans have been put on the table a few months in advance. People will find apples, oranges, chestnuts, walnuts and grapes. There will be plum pudding, mince pie, other kinds of food, cranberry juice and pumpkin.

Among them, the best and most attractive are roast turkey and South Africa Melon pies are the most traditional and popular Thanksgiving food for many years. Everyone agrees that dinner must be made around roast turkey, stuffed with bread paste to absorb the delicious fruit juice barbecue, but because Cooking varies from family to family and from place to place, it is difficult to agree on the exact stuffing for Royal birds. Today's Thanksgiving Day, in any sense, is a national annual holiday, in which Americans of all faiths and backgrounds will sincerely express their thanks for the generosity and piety of the year and pray to continue [blessing].





In Britain, although the new year's day in the Christmas calendar is not so grand, new year's Eve and new year's day are celebrated in accordance with the local customs and uniforms to show that they can get rid of the British New Year's Eve night. They often go out to visit with cakes and wine. They don't knock on the door.

According to the British custom, they go straight into their family and friends, and the first foot goes forward after new year's Eve If the first guest is a black haired man, or a happy, happy and rich person, if the host is the first guest, he will be lucky all year round. If the good luck is a woman with light yellow hair, or a sad, poor and unfortunate person, the host will have bad luck in the new year and encounter difficulties and disasters Relatives and friends leave without saying goodbye on New Year's Eve. We must first play with the fire in the fireplace to wish master "open the door and go downstairs".

The celebration of the new year's Eve is mostly on the hot night of new year's Eve. The "New Year's Eve" is divided into two types: family dinner and collective banquet. The banquet usually starts in the evening and ends in the early morning of new year's day Snacks are for people to drink and measure all night.

When they are entertained in the middle of the night, people turn on the radio to listen to the church's new year's bell. When the bell rings, people are cheering, raising their glasses, cheering and cheering. "After the sun" and "New Year's Eve" is another local festival celebrated by hotels and dances.

People who come to night wear the best costumes for the festival, and they are new from all directions Thousands of people gathered in the central fountains and idols around each square. The square was also broadcast live on TV. At this moment, "ShouSui" also shared the joy.




Spring Festival, as we know, the celebration of Spring Festival usually lasts for several days, which is one of the symbols of traditional Chinese culture. It is usually between the end of January and the beginning of February. People not only in China, but also in some other Asian countries, such as Singapore, Indonesia and South Korea, also celebrate the Spring Festival.

According to the Convention, on the eve of the Spring Festival, the party is indispensable. The most popular food is Jiaozi, which should bring good luck. However, people often get up early on the first day to visit their neighbors and relatives.

Now this part is replaced by SMS greetings, but I like the Spring Festival: M.




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