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关于”通用理由“的英语作文模板2篇,作文题目:General reasons。以下是关于通用理由的高考英语模板,每篇作文均为高分模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:General reasons

Invincible fleet city has opened a new company on Huntington Avenue on first street. It's called turtledove. It's a pet store that specializes in two kinds of animals.

The owners are Bill and Bob picken. They moved from Santa Rosa in Northern California. There, they opened an antimal House's ant farm store, which was very successful.

Five years later, they sold it and made a lot of money. They relaxed for a few years and went to almost all the zoos in the United States, partly because we love animals, and partly because we were looking for inspiration for the next zoo. The merchant said, bill, they finally decided to choose turtles and pigeons because they are easy to feed We think this is a very convenient time for our customers.

In addition, the three-day holiday gives us the opportunity to go to the woods to find more animals. We never buy our animals. We always try to collect them from the wild, So we can transfer our huge savings to us.


无敌舰队市在第一街的亨廷顿大道上开了一家新公司,这家店名为“斑鸠”,是一家专门经营两种动物的宠物店,店主是比尔和鲍勃·皮金,他们是从加州北部的圣罗莎镇搬来的,在那里,他们开了一家名为Antimal House的蚂蚁农场商店,这家店非常成功,xx年后他们把它卖了,赚了大钱,他们轻松了几年,走遍了美国几乎所有的动物园,一部分是因为我们爱动物,另一部分是因为我们在为下一个动物园寻找灵感商家说,比尔他们最终决定选择海龟和鸽子,因为它们很容易喂养和照顾,而且这两种动物都活得很长时间,鲍勃说商店将从星期三上午到下午开放到星期六,我们认为这是我们的顾客会觉得非常方便的时间,另外,这三天的假期让我们有机会到树林里去寻找更多的动物我们从不买我们的动物,我们总是试图从野外收集它们,这样我们就可以把巨大的储蓄转嫁给我们。


My summer vacation enjoys my life very much my father / teacher my English teacher my English teacher is very young, is the fattest of all my teachers, but she is very strict with us, if we make mistakes in learning, she will hit us, but we still feel very happy, like to collect a lot of things, such as beautiful stones, movie names, books, toys, celebrities I have been collecting stamps for five years. When I was very young, my uncle sent me a stamp from Australia. I liked it very much.

Then I tried to collect stamps and fell in love with it.




It's a busy day. It's sunny and hot today. I got up early to help my parents make breakfast, then washed the dishes, cleaned the room and had a rest.

I do my homework in the morning, and I go to the nearest swimming pool with my friends in the afternoon. It's really cool to swim in such a hot day. I read an article on the Internet in the evening.

I really had a busy and interesting day. I had a busy day. I was usually very busy from Monday to Friday because I had to go to school.

I went to school by bike after breakfast. We usually have four classes in the morning and three in the afternoon. I usually go home at five.

After dinner, I wash dishes, do my homework, then surf the Internet, read books, until: in the sea Beach swimming I go to the beach many times every time I go to the beach. I have a lot of different feelings. One day I went there with my parents.

We watched the sea together. We ran on the beach and swam in the sea. When I went with my friends, we had a good time.

We played water polo in the sea. We had a good time. Our friendship became very good.

The ocean was really beautiful I like swimming in the sea. When I look at the sea at night, I have different feelings. I think the world is really beautiful.

I like the blue ocean. I will put my best memory on it. Love the day in the rain, I am going to buy a book.

It's very hot outside and I can't breathe. After that, I'll go home after paying for it. One day, it's like a changed face.

It's raining cats and dogs Hurry to find a place to shelter from the rain, hold the book tightly in my arms. What should I do? It's raining hard. How can I come back? At this time, I heard a voice like the sun: "far from here is your house, can I take you home?" I looked up and found it was an uncle.

From his clothes, I saw that he was a volunteer. On the way home, he had a good chat with me. Finally, with his help, I came home and I watched him leave.

I felt very happy. I believe that if more and more people like him, our country will be more powerful and prosperous.





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