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Many years ago, I watched the movie Harry Potter. I was deeply impressed by Harry Potter, the hero of the magic world. He overcame all the difficulties after watching the film.

I began to read books, which is much better than the film. The writer JK Rowling is such a great woman, she wrote amazing books. Now she is my favorite writer, not only her works She started her writing career very late.

Before she became famous, she was very poor, but she never gave up writing under bad circumstances. She finally became a successful Rowling.




The gas station nearest to my home is facing a strip club, which is obviously a very successful strip club, because they can install a LCD screen on the roof. From the space station, I can see that at some time in the gas station, my eyes will drift upward during the gas filling, and there will be a young woman, who is in a state of near nothing The state of stress. When I was cheering me on this morning, for the first time, I wanted to know what a cheering woman would think when she was watching the screen.

Although it depends on the woman, I think a woman who used to be an exotic dancer would certainly be different from a Catholic nun. We all have different images when I say it looks different I mean, we're going to see a different image, because the posture and clothes of young women I see are the same as those seen by other men, women and children. The image tells me that the story is told by me in a unique way.

According to my own views on women, advertising and even gas stations, the image is nothing. The story is everything If you're a writer, writer, writer, don't report the fact that there's actually a strip club with huge LCD screens for everyone to watch up close. It doesn't make sense in reality.

What really matters is what kind of people, when they see it, believe that what one believes is the storyteller's terrain, which, by the way, is the only place for storytellers Shape, whether they realize it or not, wants to change reality. We're not interested in changing the images that flicker on the world's great LCD screens. We can march, protest, or fill out petitions to change the screen, but eventually faster.

In order to tell myself a story about what we see there, I sometimes forget that I have to have the power to change the story My thoughts float from one thought to another, just as my eyes float from the air pump to the upright, and what happens in the communication between the world I see and the story I tell can happen so quickly, it can be so habitual, when I remember that moment, when I think of my thoughts as a blank page on which to write about my people When I was born, I would forget who was telling the story I was listening to. I became the author again, and my life was mine again.




Since my dream is to be a magician on the stage, with a confident smile, I will bring beauty, mystery and happiness to the audience. Although my dream is not as great as a doctor, I believe that as long as there is a dream, hard work is the best. I hope my dream can be realized by hard work.

I think whether or not to do magic will not bring great happiness to others.




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