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Women are playing an increasingly important role in modern society. Today, with the change of social roles, women's status is that the family has been improved. Although these changes have not been fully realized, women are playing an increasingly important role in the modern world.

In today's society, in the traditional roles played by men, they have repeatedly demonstrated their abilities Women's status is only to raise children at home. In the whole society, capable women are proving that with the change of society, they are valuable to their own community. In their social roles, women's status is to improve the family and to be the family's provider.

The wife no longer obeys her husband, but exerts the same influence on children and family affairs as her husband. In addition, the husband now has to take on some family responsibilities, such as cooking, cleaning and other similar jobs, which always answers the question: what should I do if I lose my job tomorrow? Despite these changes, women's emancipation has not yet fully realized that it is still difficult for women to find certain jobs, such as senior management positions, because some areas are dominated by men, and many areas are dominated by men. Nevertheless, capable women may choose alternative occupations rather than experiencing the difficulties of trying to enter certain occupations.




Claudia s ü ssmuth dyckerhoff, Jin Wang and Josephine, the authors of the McKinsey Report Chen believes that after studying large companies and executives in 10 Asian countries, they come to the conclusion that, unlike their Western counterparts, senior managers in Asia are not that simple. They are not very interested in this topic, and some do not regard "gender diversity" as a strategic focus ine According to McKinsey's authors, such managers are misled, pointing out that Asian companies have done well in recruiting large numbers of women, such as Shiseido, a Japanese cosmetics company (whose clients are mainly women, while Cisco, an American technology company, specializes in buying Asian women), is one of several Western companies that have benefited from Asian sexism Because when their compatriots ignore them, it is easier to recruit excellent women. In a research report, Shiseido ISCO, a headhunting firm, said in a research report that the study found that a third of Asian executives were worried about attracting and retaining the employees they needed in the next two years.

In "winning the talent war in emerging markets," published last year, Sylvia Ann Hewlett and Ripa Rashid found that despite cultural constraints, women can help fill the gap, and women in developing countries are increasingly qualified to tell pollsters that they are also more ambitious than Western women to "win the battle for talent in emerging markets," Sylvia Ann Hewlett Ripa Rashid) cited research that showed companies with more female executives performed better, so McKinsey's report urged Asian companies to do more to leverage women's talent - it would be a tough sale, but Wang Xuehong said, "five to ten years is enough.".


麦肯锡报告的作者克劳迪娅•süssmuthDyckerhoff、Jin Wang和Josephine Chen认为,在研究了10个亚洲国家的大公司和高管之后,他们得出结论:与西方同行不同,亚洲的高级管理人员不同,他们认为亚洲的高级管理人员并不是那么简单他们对这一主题不太感兴趣,有些人不把“性别多样性”视为战略重点;克劳迪娅•SüssmuthDyckerhoffJosephine Chen“;麦肯锡的作者认为,这类经理受到误导,他们指出,亚洲的公司在招聘大量女性方面表现出色,比如资生堂,一家日本化妆品公司(其客户主要是女性,而思科是一家美国科技公司,专门抢购亚洲女性人才),它是从亚洲性别歧视中获益的几家西方公司之一,因为当她们的同胞忽视她们时,更容易招到优秀的女性。《资生堂》(ShiseidoCisco),一家猎头公司Heidrick&Strughts在一份研究报告中说,研究发现,三分之一的亚洲高管担心未来两年能否吸引和留住所需的员工。在去年出版的《在新兴市场赢得人才战争》一书中,西尔维亚•安•休利特(Sylvia Ann Hewlett)和里帕•拉希德(Ripa Rashid)发现,尽管存在文化限制,但女性可以帮助填补这一缺口,发展中国家的妇女越来越有资格从她们告诉民意测验者的情况来看,她们也比西方妇女更有野心,“在新兴市场赢得人才争夺战”西尔维娅·安·休利特·里帕·拉希德(Sylvia Ann Hewlett Ripa Rashid)援引研究表明,女性高管人数较多的公司表现更好,因此,麦肯锡的报告敦促亚洲公司在利用女性人才方面做得更多——这将是一个艰难的销售,但王雪红表示,“五到xx年就可以了”。


Women demand equality between men and women. Once upon a time, if a woman got on a crowded bus or train, a gentleman would immediately stand up and give up his seat. But now the situation is different.

A gentleman may look out of the window, or if he feels a little shy, he hides behind the newspaper. The woman will have to stand and wait for others to get off the bus. You can't blame a man for this change in behavior Although the days when women are called the weak and do not get into trouble are gone.

A whole generation of women are growing up demanding equality with men, not just equality in work or education. But in social life, if you open a door for some women, you may hear an angry lesson: treat women as weak people who are unable to open doors for themselves. Take a girl out to dinner, she may think twice before acting.

This may not be a bad idea. No wonder, then men will do the same. On the other hand, men's politeness and understanding towards women may be gradually replaced by real concern for women's needs and feelings, so that men can regard women as equal people, rather than say they are weak or can be used to please Men's things, let them stand on the bus or train.




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