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A recent survey shows that the monthly expenditure of college students has been rising sharply. Many college students have no concept of frugality at all. First of all, as the only child of a family, the reasons for this excessive consumption are as follows: many students are the apple of the eye of the family, so they will naturally get more care and pocket money, and some are even spoiled and think that it is natural for their parents to spend money.

In addition, with the improvement of living standards, parents can also afford more expenses for their children. Moreover, some students like to pursue fashion and fashion. Finally, campus love is another factor that may lead to excessive spending.

College students should learn to be frugal. We should limit the expenses of daily necessities, but don't buy anything we want, regardless of their price. Thrifty habits help us form our fighting values and our future development.

College students and luxury goods walk on campus. You will find that luxury is not far away for students. Some students wear CK clothes and some carry LV bags.

According to an online survey conducted by Tencent in May this year, percent of students claim to own some kind of luxury goods. According to the survey, the way to obtain luxury goods is very different. Some students get it from their parents because their family is in a good financial condition.

Some people buy luxury goods by doing part-time jobs. For example, a college student named Xiaomei said that she had been working for three months In order to buy a bottle of Dior perfume, she received a luxury from friends or relatives. As for me, I object to the fact that luxury goods are not worth the value as everyone knows, but students are not economically independent.

They should pay attention to their studies. In this sense, luxury is not suitable for students..



节俭的习惯有助于我们形成战斗价值观,有利于我们未来的发展 大学生和奢侈品 在校园散步,你会发现,对于学生来说,奢侈品并不遥远,一些学生穿着CK衣服,一些人拎着LV包。据腾讯今年xx月进行的一项在线调查显示,有%的学生声称自己拥有某种奢侈品;根据调查,获得奢侈品的方式有很大不同,有些学生是从父母那里得到的,因为他们的家庭经济状况很好,有些人自己做兼职买奢侈品,例如,一位名叫小梅的大学生说,她做了三个月的家教,为了买一瓶迪奥香水,她接受朋友或亲戚送的奢侈品;至于我,我反对学生用奢侈品众所周知,奢侈品是买不到超值的,然而,学生在经济上并不独立,他们应该注意学习,从这个意义上说,使用奢侈品对学生是不合适的。


Note: to write a word composition according to the bar chart below, you should first describe the bar chart, then explain its meaning, and then give your comments on it you should write neatly on the answer sheet as the bar chart above shows, at present, college students have psychological problems. Among various problems, mental depression, miscellaneous problems and suicide tendency At the top of the list, the facts revealed by this chart are indeed thought-provoking. The meaning of the above chart can be simply said as follows: on the one hand, college students encounter more psychological problems than ever before.

Due to the influence of many factors, most college students are young and ignorant, overburdened with learning, and under great employment pressure. They are also facing the test of emotional difficulties and interpersonal relationships. On the other hand, some college students have fallen into economic difficulties, which has a negative impact on college students At least 40% of college students suffer from mental depression after the necessary psychological work.

This is a fact that can not be ignored. We must take effective measures to reverse the current severe situation. Psychological problems should be put on our agenda.

To ensure the healthy growth of college students, we must fully understand the necessity of psychological counseling for college students The relevant departments should make joint efforts to create a more relaxed environment. Only in this way can the physical and mental development of college students be good.


说明: 根据下面的条形图写一篇单词作文,你应该先描述条形图,然后解释它的含义,然后对它给出你的评论 你应该在答题纸上写得整整齐齐 正如上面的条形图所显示的那样,目前大学生都有心理问题在各种各样的问题中,精神抑郁、杂七杂八的问题和自杀倾向排在首位,这张图表所揭示的事实的确是令人深思的。上面图表的含义可以简单地说如下:一方面,大学生遇到的心理问题比以往任何时候都多由于诸多因素的影响,大多数大学生由于年少无知,学习负担过重,就业压力大,他们也面临着情感困境和人际关系的考验,另一方面,一些大学生陷入了经济困境,对大学生进行了必要的心理工作至少有百分之四十的大学生患有精神抑郁,这是一个不可忽视的事实,必须采取有效的对策来扭转目前的严峻形势,心理问题应该提上我们的议事日程,要保证大学生的健康成长,首先要充分认识大学生心理疏导的必要性,各级政府部门和有关部门要共同努力,创造一个更加宽松的环境只有这样,大学生的身心才能得到良好的发展。


Note: for this part, you can write a composition about luxury consumption on campus in minutes. You should write at least a few words according to the following outline (given in Chinese): according to a survey, in recent years, the monthly expenditure of luxury consumption on university campus has increased rapidly. Many college students spend money like water.

They don't have the concept of frugality in their minds. They think that they are making progress It is natural to spend parents' money before entering society. This luxury consumption is mainly caused by the following factors.

First, most students are the only child in the family. They are the apple of the family, so they will naturally get more care and pocket money. Secondly, with the improvement of living standards, parents can afford their children's higher expenses.

Thirdly, some students like to pursue fashion and trend, which often needs more money Campus love is also in my opinion, college students as a pure consumer, should learn to be thrifty. We should not limit our spending on daily necessities and not buy anything we want regardless of the price. The habit of frugality can help us form correct values, which is conducive to our future development.





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