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关于”写美食“的英语作文模板4篇,作文题目:Write food。以下是关于写美食的初二英语模板,每篇作文均为满分模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Write food

Healthy diet my name is Pauline. I'm old this year. I want to be a teacher or a doctor.

When I grow up to be a doctor, I have to be healthy. Before I was a doctor, I wanted to be healthy. I seldom eat vegetables because I don't like vegetables.

I like sweets. They taste good, but they're not good for me. They give me energy, but they're not healthy, so I have to change my diet now.

I have a bowl of rice for breakfast and an egg for lunch. I usually have a bowl of soup, vegetables and a bowl of rice. For dinner, I eat meat and vegetables.

If I want to be healthier, I have to exercise, so now I have changed my lifestyle. I often exercise once a week. I don't eat snacks or fast food So I think I am very healthy now, I am very happy, I hope everyone is healthy and happy.





My favorite food my favorite food is my mother's cooking. She is a great cook. My mother used to study abroad, so she can cook all kinds of dishes, such as Chinese food, Western food and Indian food.

She can bake. We are Cantonese, so it is necessary to drink soup when eating. Especially for dinner, my mother's soup tastes the best.

She puts a lot of it My second favorite dish is chicken wings stewed with potatoes. I can eat two bowls of rice. Whenever this dish is on the table, I like to go to the kitchen to help my mother cook.

Now I can make my own scrambled eggs with tomatoes. I hope one day I can be as good at cooking as my mother.




1: It's a traditional English Sunday lunch, a family affairs recipe, Yorkshire pudding, which is not usually eaten as a dessert as other puddings, but as part of the main course or as an appetizer in Yorkshire pudding, made of flour, eggs and milk, is a batter baked in an oven, usually soaked in gravy. Traditionally, Yorkshire pudding is served with a large flat pudding filled with gravy and vegetables as an appetizer. After dinner, any unused pudding should be served as a dessert text along with jam or ice cream, and it should be sent by projcetbritaincom projcetbarincomrecipe to Copyright the hole (sausages covered with batter, baked in a similar way to Yorkshire pudding, but put sausages in the batter before cooking) the text is taken from a barbecue recipe barbecue (cooked in the oven for about two hours) typical barbecue is beef, pork, mutton or whole chicken, with little duck, goose, mince, Turkey or game.

It can be served with hot white horseradish sauce, pork with sweet apple juice and mutton pudding with green mint sauce, including fresh fruits such as raspberries or strawberries, custard, cream and cake. The traditional collocation is custard, which is called Cr è me anglaise in French English. The dishes are simple and traditional, and the recipes are handed down from generation to generation.

A typical British breakfast is more likely to be a bowl of cereal, a piece of toast, orange juice and a cup of coffee. Many people, especially children, eat a bowl of cereal in Britain. They use different grains, such as corn, wheat and oats.

In winter, many people eat porridge or cook oats.


1: 这是英国传统的星期天午餐,是家庭事务食谱约克郡布丁这道菜通常不像其他布丁那样作为甜点吃,而是作为主菜的一部分或在约克郡布丁的开胃菜,由面粉、鸡蛋和牛奶制成,约克郡布丁是一种在烤箱中烘烤的面糊,通常用肉汁浸湿。传统的吃法是在约克郡布丁上放一个大而平的布丁,里面装满肉汁和蔬菜,作为开胃菜,当饭后,任何未使用的布丁都应与果酱或冰激凌一起作为甜点文本,并由projcetbritaincom projcetbritaincomRecipe to thehole版权所有(香肠覆盖面糊,烘烤方式与约克郡布丁相似,但在烹调前将香肠放在面糊中)文本取自烤肉食谱烤肉(在烤箱里煮两个小时左右)典型的烤肉是牛肉、猪肉、羊肉或整只鸡的关节,很少吃鸭子、鹅、肉馅、火鸡或野味。食用时可搭配热的白辣根酱、甜苹果汁的猪肉和带绿薄荷酱的羊肉布丁包括新鲜水果,如覆盆子或草莓、蛋羹、奶油和蛋糕。

传统的搭配是奶油冻,在法国英语中被称为crème anglaise(英国沙司)。菜肴简单而传统,食谱代代相传,典型的英式早餐更可能是一碗麦片、一片吐司、橙汁和一杯咖啡许多人,尤其是儿童,在英国,会吃一碗谷类食物他们是用不同的谷物,如玉米,小麦,燕麦等在冬天许多人会吃“粥”或煮燕麦。


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