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关于”介绍新西兰“的英语作文范文2篇,作文题目:Introduce new zealand。以下是关于介绍新西兰的小学英语范文,每篇作文均为万能范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Introduce new zealand

New Zealand is an island country in the southwest of the Pacific Ocean. It is geographically composed of two main continents: North Island (or te ikaam ā UI) and South Island (or TE) Waipounamu) and some of the smaller islands are located about km south of the Tasman Sea in eastern Australia, and about km south of the Pacific island countries of New Caledonia, Fiji and Tonga. Due to its remote location, it is one of the last places for human beings to settle in long-term isolation.

New Zealand has developed limited animal biodiversity, fungi and plants The changeable terrain and steep mountain peaks of the country, such as the Southern Alps, are largely attributed to the tectonic uplift of the land and volcanic eruption. Wellington is the capital of New Zealand, while Auckland is the most populous city. New Zealand is a developed country, ranking first in international comparison in terms of health, education, economic freedom and quality of life since the s, New Zealand has changed from a regulated agricultural economy to a national market economy.

The legislative power belongs to the elected one chamber parliament, while the executive power is exercised by the cabinet and led by the prime minister. At present, Queen Elizabeth II of bill is the head of state of the country, represented by a governor, and now Mrs. Patsy Reddy.

In addition, New Zealand has organized regional committees and regional authorities for local government purposes.


新西兰的介绍新西兰是太平洋西南部的一个岛国,在地理上由两个主要的陆地组成:北岛(或Te IkaaMāui)和南岛(或Te Waipounamu)以及一些较小的岛屿周围的新西兰位于澳大利亚东部塔斯曼海以南约公里处,位于太平洋岛国新喀里多尼亚、斐济和汤加以南约公里处,由于地处偏远,它是人类在长期与世隔绝期间最后定居的土地之一,新西兰发展了有限的动物生物多样性,真菌和植物生活该国多变的地形和陡峭的山峰,如南阿尔卑斯山,很大程度上归功于陆地的构造抬升和火山喷发新西兰的首都是惠灵顿,而人口最多的城市是奥克兰新西兰是一个发达国家,在国际比较中排名靠前在卫生、教育、经济自由和生活质量等方面,自世纪年代以来,新西兰已从一个受管制的农业经济体转变为一个全国性的市场经济体,立法权属于民选的一院制议会,而行政权则由内阁行使,由总理领导目前,比尔英国女王伊丽莎白二世是该国的国家元首,由一位总督代表,现为帕特西·雷迪夫人。此外,新西兰还为地方政府的目的组织了区域委员会和地区当局。


New Zealand is one of the youngest countries in the world. Its magnificent scenery, dense forests, wild animals and unique and pleasant climate make New Zealand an ideal outdoor activity place and tourist resort. New Zealand has many years of history, but its rich and colorful history and charming relationship between Maori and Pakeha are the main lines.

What is amazing is that New Zealand has unique landscape, lush vegetation and wild animals and plants. New Zealand is a unique and dynamic text, favored by Europe, Maori, Pacific island countries, and multiple images of Asian culture The fusion of festivals and folk cultures of different nationalities has become a New Zealand culture.




Queenstown is close to the South Alps. It was once famous for its gold rush. It is a tourist resort in New Zealand with complete tourist facilities and convenient transportation.

It is a good place for fishing, water skiing and rafting. There are various shops, authentic crafts and exquisite jewelry. There are many Chinese restaurants.

Mount Eden is located about kilometers south of the city center. It is the crater of an extinct volcano. There is a view on the top of the mountain Jingtai, with a wide view, is a good place to overlook the city.

You can visit the remains of Maori fortress in the century. There is a terrace on the top of the mountain with a wide view, which is a perfect place to overlook the whole city. In addition, you can visit the ruins of Maori fortress in Century City + bast.

Skytower is located in the center of Auckland. It is the standard building in Auckland and the tallest building in the southern hemisphere. It is integrated with other buildings to form the location of New Zealand's largest casino, ten restaurants and bars, star hotels, theater and many unique tourism adventures.

It also has a huge underground parking lot and an intercity bus terminus. The harbour bridge, which connects Auckland's busiest port, the north and south banks of whitimata port, is a spectacular picture of a columnar mast anchored at the Auckland boat club. New Zealand's Pacific Rim cuisine is influenced by Europe, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Polynesia.

In Japan and Vietnam, this kind of local specialty is available in cafes and restaurants all over the country. New Zealand's art and culture come from all ethnic groups, integrating the quality of Maori and Europeans. Asian and Oceanian Maori are rich Rich and active culture, they maintain long-term contact with the spiritual and natural world they pass on to their families through special "MIHI" greetings.



天空塔位于奥克兰市中心,高米,它是奥克兰的标准建筑,也是南半球最高的建筑,它与其他建筑融为一体,形成了新西兰最大的赌场、十家餐厅和酒吧、星级酒店的所在地,剧院和许多独特的旅游冒险它还有一个巨大的地下停车场和一个城际巴士总站。海港大桥连接着奥克兰最繁忙的港口,惠蒂玛塔港的南北岸,总长度达米,这是一幅壮观的照片,在奥克兰船俱乐部(Auckland Boat Clubmi)锚定了一根柱形桅杆。新西兰的环太平洋美食受到欧洲、泰国、马来西亚、印度尼西亚、波利尼西亚的影响,在日本和越南,这种地方特色菜在全国各地的咖啡馆和餐馆里都有供应,新西兰的艺术和文化都来自于所有种族,融合了毛利人、欧洲人的品质,亚洲人和大洋洲的毛利人有着丰富而活跃的文化,他们通过特殊的“米希”(mihi)问候方式,与他们传递给自己家庭的精神和自然世界保持着长期的联系。


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