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关于”孟母三迁启示“的英语作文模板3篇,作文题目:Enlightenment from Meng's mother's three moves。以下是关于孟母三迁启示的xx年级英语模板,每篇作文均为高分模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Enlightenment from Meng's mother's three moves

A few years ago, when I took a communication course, I went through a very unusual process, and the teacher asked us to list the things we used to feel ashamed, guilty, regretful or incomplete about the next week. He invited the participants to read their list aloud, which seems to be a very private process, but there will always be some brave souls in the crowd. When people read their list, they will voluntarily join in.

My list will grow in three weeks. There are some things on my list. The coach suggested that we find ways to make up for it, apologize to people, or take some action to correct it I have an idea that everyone should be alienated from my life mentor.

Next week, the man next to me raised his hand and volunteered to write this story: "while I was on my list, I remember an incident that happened in high school. I grew up in a small town in Iowa One night, there was a sheriff in the town. Neither of our children liked it.

After drinking a few beers, my two friends and I decided to play a trick on Sheriff Brown. We found a can of red paint, climbed into the high water tank in the middle of the town, and wrote a letter in bright red on the water tank: Sheriff Brown cried the next day, and the people in town saw me in two hours I lied and denied the fact that no one found Sergeant n. Badin's sobbing.

"In recent years, Sheriff Brown's name appeared on my list. I didn't even know if he was alive last weekend. I called my hometown in Iowa, Sure enough, there was a Roger brown on the list, and I dialed his phone number, and I heard, "Hello," I said, "Sheriff Brown," pause "yes." Okay, I'm Jimmy Coggins, and I want you to know that I've done "pause." I know, "he yelled," we're laughing, we're very active, and the last thing we say about him is, "Jimmy, I always feel sorry for you, Because your friends have said it, and I know you've been thinking about you for so many years and thank you for calling me.

" "Yell V saken Jimmy inspired me to clean up all the items on my list, and it took me nearly two years, but it became the starting point and real inspiration for my career as a conflict mediator. No matter how difficult a conflict, crisis or situation may be, I always remember that it is never too late to clean up and start solving problems.


几年前,当我参加一个交流课程时,我经历了一个非常不寻常的过程,老师让我们列出我们过去对下周感到羞耻、内疚、后悔或不完整的事情。他邀请参与者大声朗读他们的名单,这似乎是一个非常私人的过程,但在人群中总会有一些勇敢的灵魂,当人们读他们的名单时,他们会自愿加入,我的名单在三周后就长了,我的单子上有一些东西,教练建议我们想办法弥补,向人们道歉,或者采取一些行动来纠正任何不道德的行为我在认真想这会如何改善我的沟通,我有一种想法,那就是让每个人都和我的生活导师疏远n不法行为n疏远v下周,我旁边的那个男人举起手来,自愿写下这个故事:“在列我的名单时,我记得高中时发生的一件事,我在爱荷华州的一个小镇上长大,有一天晚上镇上有个治安官,我们两个孩子都不喜欢,我和我的两个朋友喝了几杯啤酒后,决定捉弄一下布朗警长,我们找到了一罐红色的油漆,爬上镇中央的高高高的水箱,在水箱上用鲜红色写下信:布朗警长第二天就哭了,镇上的人在两个小时内看到了我们的光荣标志,布朗警长让我和我的两个朋友在他的办公室里,我的朋友们都承认了,我撒谎了,否认了没有人发现警长n巴迪n啜泣的事实“近几年后,布朗警长的名字出现在我的名单上,我甚至不知道他是不是上周末我还活着,我拨了我在爱荷华州老家的电话,果然有一个罗杰·布朗还在名单上我拨了他的电话号码,我听到:“你好”我说:“布朗警长”暂停“是的”好吧,我是吉米·考金斯,我想让你知道我做到了“暂停”我知道“他喊道我们笑得很开心,很活跃讨论他的最后一句话是:“吉米,我总是为你感到难过,因为你的朋友们都把它说出来了,我知道你这么多年来一直在为你着想而感谢你打电话给我。”“yell v sake n Jimmy激励我清理了清单上的所有项目我花了将近两年的时间,但成为我作为冲突调解人职业生涯的出发点和真正的灵感,无论冲突、危机或局势有多困难,我始终记得,现在清理过去并开始解决问题永远不会太晚。


There is a Western saying: crying is useless, which means that you can't do anything. We can learn from it that if you want to say something, you should consider whether these words will hurt others. Since you can't take back your words before doing something, you should also carefully consider, otherwise others will hurt yourself.




Stephen Hawking is a world-famous man. I knew him when I was in high school. I learned from English books that although Hawking was disabled at a very young age, he never gave up and continued to wake up at work.

Finally, he became a great man. The story of Hawking inspired many people, and his spirit inspired people. When the film "theory of all things" was put on the screen, I learned that he was a great man Stephen Hawking once again came into people's eyes.

This film tells the story of Hawking's life from university to the present. His love story with his first wife is the main line of the story of Hawking's accompanying his wife after he knew his illness. Part of his great success is due to the care of his wife and children.

In addition to the support of his family, Hawking's never giving up spirit makes him know the horror He chose to face it and fight against it. He continued to learn. Finally, he became different and became a great man.

The story of King Wang is so inspiring. The inspiration he gives people is still very precious.




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