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关于”小社区的优点“的英语作文模板4篇,作文题目:Advantages of small communities。以下是关于小社区的优点的小升初英语模板,每篇作文均为真题模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Advantages of small communities

I live in a village called Shanghua City, which is located on Heping Avenue. The living environment is elegant, the transportation is convenient, and the greening is very good. I like this village facing south.

At the entrance, there is a fountain pool. There is a mermaid sculpture in the center of the pool. There are flower beds around the pool.

There is a square behind the swimming pool which is very beautiful in summer. There are many fitness equipment and places for people to rest Honghua, a lot of yews are planted around the square. Every time we get together after dinner, the square is always full of shadows of children and adults.

On both sides of the square are six storey residential buildings, each unit is under the garage, but there is still no owner's parking lot. Behind the square is the price of high-rise residential buildings, because it is relatively high, because few people can see high-rise buildings far away.




I live in a beautiful community. There is a big garden. There are many lovely flowers and tall trees in the garden.

There are beautiful mountains behind the buildings. We often go there for a walk. The air is very fresh, which makes me feel very good.

The environment is quite clean. Many beautiful birds are flying freely. The people in the neighborhood are very friendly and we often help each other.

Sometimes, we organize some interesting activities to make our life more colorful. We all love our community very much. I am very proud that I can live in it.




Now e-mail has been widely used in our life, and is loved by many people, because it brings us the advantage of being quick and convenient. We can know what the people around us are doing and what they think of through e-mail. We can share their happiness and sadness with our friends.

If one of us is in trouble and difficulty, the others will We will also help him to learn from the news that he still knows from a friend. Before they arrive, we will use a letter to show you. Even if it is a courier, the news will reach us in a few days.

When his friends can't escape, on the other hand, e-mail sometimes puts us at a serious disadvantage. Some people say that e-mail address is in the worst development Our way of communication: first of all, it speeds up the unnecessary pressure in the workplace. In addition, our computers are blocked from receiving spam.

People actually lose the artistry of writing. All factors are its shortcomings. We can only pay more attention to them.

We can first overcome these weaknesses. One can save all his business e-mails, but After that, we should ignore e-mails. We don't have to open them to prevent computer jams.

Although computers are useful tools for work and study, we should often practice calligraphy, because this is our traditional way of learning.




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