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关于”t中国京剧“的英语作文范文3篇,作文题目:T Chinese Peking Opera。以下是关于t中国京剧的高三英语范文,每篇作文均为高分范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:T Chinese Peking Opera

Peking Opera, once known as Pingju, is one of the five major Chinese operas. Its scene layout is mainly freehand brushwork, mainly composed of xipi and Erhuang, accompanied by huqin and gongs and drums. It is known as the essence of Chinese culture.

With Beijing as the center, Peking Opera has become an important medium to introduce and disseminate Chinese traditional art and culture throughout the country. In November, Beijing opera was listed in the representative list of world intangible cultural heritage.




Walter's goal in life is first to become a successful surgeon, but he has to finish high school, so he concentrates all his efforts on his study, especially biology, chemistry and mathematics, because he has been studying these subjects, but Walter is proficient in these subjects. Walter forgets that he needs to master other subjects besides the subjects he chooses. As a result, Walter failed both English and Latin during his senior year, so he had to retake these subjects and hardly graduated on time.

In June, Walter took the first step towards achieving his goal.




Beijing opera, the quintessence of China, has a long history and enjoys a high reputation at home and abroad. It is said that it was formed in Beijing. In the Qianlong area of the Qing Dynasty, Qianlong was very interested in local opera to celebrate his birthday.

Qianlong gathered various theatres to perform for him. Among them, four Anhui troupes stayed in Beijing after the celebration of a Hubei troupe. These troupes often performed together.

The two troupes gradually formed a new form of drama called Peking Opera, which was popular In the s and s, it is a representative of modern Chinese opera and a world-class opera.




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