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关于”住宾馆的原因“的英语作文范文2篇,作文题目:Reasons for staying in a hotel。以下是关于住宾馆的原因的初二英语范文,每篇作文均为真题范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Reasons for staying in a hotel

Westhuson's experience in animal cloning made him uneasy about the human cloning speech on the Missy project in the past three years. He used hundreds of dog eggs. The A & M team produced only a dozen embryos carrying Missy DNA, none of which survived after being transferred to a surrogate mother.

He believes that waste of eggs and many spontaneous abortions may be acceptable when you deal with cats or bulls, but cloning is extremely inefficient and dangerous for humans, "he said, so dog cloning is a business opportunity, and since Dolly the sheep was cloned into a phone call from westminson, people have called to copy their cats, dogs, cattle and horses" very much Many people want to clone pets, especially when the price is right. "Westhusen cost is not an obstacle for the mysterious billionaire. At present, he has contributed million dollars to a & M research.

Contrary to some media reports, Missy is not dead, and the owner hopes that after her death, a pair of twins will inherit the fine qualities of Missy. It is said that the prototype is athletic, good-natured and super smart. Missy's owner doesn't want her to have a complete replica.

He knows that her clone may not have her temperament for a stated purpose, Missy's owner and the A & M team say that, in addition to cloning a great dog, they "look forward to studying the differences between her clone and Missy," the project may have It is helpful to understand the ancient problem of nature and breeding, and may lead to the cloning of special rescue dogs and many endangered animals. However, westhuson is wary of his work, knowing that even if he impregnates a dog, his offspring should survive, and he will face the same problems that other cloned animals exhibit at birth: immature lungs, hearts, and weight. "Why do you want to clone people," westhuson asked, "when we haven't even figured it out in animals When the decision is made ".


韦斯特胡森克隆动物的经历让他对xx年来在米西项目上的克隆人言论感到不安,他使用了成百上千的狗卵,A&M团队只生产了十几个携带Missy DNA的胚胎,没有一个在移植给代孕母亲后幸存下来。他认为,当你与猫或公牛打交道时,浪费的卵子和许多自发流产的胎儿可能是可以接受的,但对人类来说,克隆是极其低效的,也是危险的,”他说因此,克隆狗是一个商业机会,自从绵羊多利被克隆到威斯图森的电话里,人们打电话希望复制他们的猫狗牛马“很多人想克隆宠物,尤其是价格合适的时候,“韦斯特胡森成本对米西这位神秘的亿万富翁来说并不是什么障碍。他目前已拿出万美元资助A&M的研究。



Good morning / good afternoon / what can I do for you every day / you have a reservation / check out / just a moment, please. Thank you for waiting. Could you fill out the form? The room price is XX Yuan XX per night.

How many days do you want to stay? Please confirm that x days. Your check-out time is XXX, XX, XX cash or credit card. Please sign here.

Here is your room key. Your room number is XXXXXX. Please enjoy your stay.

Have a good time.




Reason for punishment one day, a little girl came home from school and said to her mother, "Mom, in school today, I was punished for what I didn't do," the mother said out loud, "but that's too terrible. I want to talk to your teacher. What didn't you do?" The little girl said, "my homework.".




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