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关于”多做运动“的英语作文模板2篇,作文题目:Do more exercises。以下是关于多做运动的xx年级英语模板,每篇作文均为真题模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Do more exercises

People all over the world like sports, which helps to keep people healthy and happy. In order to live a long life, people play different games in winter and summer. Swimming in warm weather is very interesting, but skating is very good in winter.

Some sports are so interesting that people all over the world like sports, such as football. Swimming has been passed on All over the world, in all countries near the sea or countries with many rivers, some sports or sports can be traced back to thousands of years ago. For example, the running or jumping of Chinese martial arts, basketball and volleyball have a long history, but basketball and volleyball are new things, and people have been inventing new sports or games.

Water skiing is one of the latest sports in the sports family. People from different countries may not understand each other. But after a game, they often become good friends.

Sports help to cultivate a person's character. A person learns to fight hard, but fight fairly, win without pride, and lose gracefully.




In modern society, less talk and more work. However, there are many people who are not known by people. They speak less, speak more, and do less.

They say that they want to digest but have a long and short mouth. As long as someone nearby easily informs three people who accuse Li Si, the person they like is a bad child, full of mischievous villains. He will become a philosopher, saint and angel.

A good man will do more with less talking God said that men are likable, please, blade stone mortar, impossible to guard against, everything to tomorrow all men said lazy and vulgar boring, is a hateful appearance and the day after tomorrow, said is such a selfish miser, miser every day with a comment to people, "nature is a bad man, can't see, if you believe in science, you should understand that there is no saint in the world, so-called "Vulgarity" is actually the beauty of human beings. As human beings, it is inevitable to have a kind of vulgarity, and every mortal is a little inferior. However, since some people are laymen, they also have some faults, but some of them are harmless, and some may hurt others.

They only pay attention to others' selfish and cunning idle pleasure. Maybe this is normal, because they are interested in their own way of life There is a knack that some people can't interfere with, because you are not immediately behind you. You may also have an apple in front of the boss.

You may also use unscrupulous splitting tactics when meeting your own desires and desires. Moreover, you will never do the feat of shaking the heaven and earth when your family is in trouble. You are an extraordinary and ordinary common person What do you blame others? People don't talk.

The ancients said yes. It's impossible to be perfect for all the people in the world. Don't be too demanding of others.

You can only live in difficulties because human nature is very complex. You can't ask everyone to blame life as everything is so unreal. Short life is like an illusory time between you and yourself I don't have unlimited limited time for yourself, do more, speak less, ask less of others, don't waste the barren time on a boring thing, then your life will become beautiful.


在现代社会少说话多做事,然而人多,不为人所知,少说话,多说话,少做不知道是满口想消化却又长又短的嘴说,只要旁边有人动辄告发三个指责李四的人,喜欢的人是个坏孩子,满是恶作剧的卑鄙小人,他会成为哲学家、圣人、天使,一个好人少说话多做事C今天说男人好讨人喜欢,能有讨好,剑锋石臼,不可能防备,凡事对明天所有男人说的懒惰和庸俗无聊,是一种可恨的外表和后天,说的是这样自私吝啬吝啬鬼每天都用一句话对人评说,“大自然是坏人,看不顺眼如果你相信科学应该明白这个世界上没有圣人,所谓的“庸俗”其实就是人类的美,作为人难免有一种俗气,每一个凡人都有一点逊色,但有些人既然是外行,也有一点过错,但有些过错是无害的,有些过错可能会伤害到别人,只注意别人自私狡猾地游手好闲地寻欢作乐也许这是正常的,因为他们对自己的生活方式有诀窍有些人不能干涉,因为你不是马上就在你后面,高贵的走你也可能在老板面前有苹果,你也可能在满足自己的欲望欲望的时候,你可能会使用无良的分裂战术,而且在家庭困难的时候你站着你永远不会做你在撼动天地的壮举,一个超凡脱俗、凡人的俗人,为什么你责怪别人,人不说话(好文章读《天下有其黑》),古人说是的,对世界上所有的人都一样完美这是不可能的,不要过分苛求别人只会生活在困境中,因为人性是很复杂的,你不能问每个人责怪生活就像一切都那么虚幻短暂的生命就像一个虚幻的时间在你和我之间不是无限的有限的时间给你自己,多做少说话,比自己少要求别人,不要把荒芜的时间浪费在一件无聊的事情上,那么你的生活就会变得美丽c wwenzhangbacom)。


Healthy food is good for your health. We should eat healthy food. Healthy food includes vegetables, fruits, fish, meat and so on.

But we should keep enough food. We can't help eating some food, because we know that some students don't like lunch in school, because the food there is not delicious, so they often leave school to buy what they like But I'm worried that eating lunch out is bad for their health because some of the food they buy is not healthy enough.




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