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关于”自己设计外星人“的英语作文范文5篇,作文题目:Design your own aliens。以下是关于自己设计外星人的高一英语范文,每篇作文均为高分范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Design your own aliens

Yesterday, I had a very unusual experience. When I was shopping in Green Street, a flying saucer landed in front of May. I was very surprised.

When an alien came out of the UFO and walked into a bookstore, the alien was reading a book. The clerk ran away. Then, the alien went to the Park to fly a kite.

What an unusual day.




Spring and autumn are good omens for our land to bloom. In midsummer, flowers are blooming everywhere. In midsummer, flowers are blooming everywhere.

In midsummer, the earth is full of vitality. Therefore, when it comes to summer, I especially like swimming in summer. The most common insect has been known, because of one of them The heat of autumn is the harvest season.

The fruits in the orchard are ripe. There are apples, pears, pomegranates and so on. They may look fresh.

I really want to bite the big mouth into it. In winter, we will snow. White snowflakes fall gently in the air.

Maybe every girl is dancing big trees. The house and the ground are covered with snow. It may be because the weather is too cold Yes, so they are covered with white quilts.

This is our four seasons. You have seasonal transformation there. We also have various places, such as amusement parks, parks, squares and so on.

Every weekend, my parents will take me there to play. Our earth also has many countries, such as China, the United States, Britain, Japan, etc., and different countries, languages and skin colors It's not the same. I'd like to know about your life there.

I hope you can write back and tell me. I hope you can visit our earth soon.




Technology, neutrino communication, et, the world's first neutrino information service, particle physics, is very good at solving trivial questions such as "Why are we here" (see article, but some question its utility in answering these opponents. A group of physicists at Fermilab just submitted a paper to the modern physics express in which they described how to solve these problems. They built a neutrino powered telephone for themselves Naturally, their neutrinos are digital pulses (small, elusive, uncharged subatomic particles) corresponding to the number "1", while no pulses correspond to "0.".

Neutrinos themselves are produced by hitting a target made of graphite with a proton beam. In their daily work, researchers will detect neutrinos at a distance of about 1 km. By adjusting the proton pulse, the neutrino cooperation group can send a message in binary form.

After translation, whether the reading "neutrino" will be associated with Alexander Graham Bay Your first message: "Mr. Watson, come here, I want to see you," to be seen " " 1 "" 0 "vaminerva Alexander Graham However, apart from pure eccentricity, the key is that if humans want to spread the existence of neutrinos to the existence of intelligent life that may be heard in the galaxy, neutrinos are not easy to be intercepted by collisions with other substances, and a modulated neutrino beam will be a good way. On the contrary, some people think it is wrong to monitor et at radio frequency Methods, they think, the right way is to build a neutrino receiver, which means neutrino physicists need to do a lot of work.

Maybe, from the manufacturer's point of view, after all, neutrinos are not a crazy idea.


科技 中微子通讯 ET,世界上第一个中微子信息服务——粒子物理学在解决诸如“我们为什么在这里”这样的琐碎问题上是非常好的(见文章,但有些人质疑它对回答这些反对者的实用性。费米实验室的一组物理学家刚刚向《现代物理学快报》提交了一篇论文,他们在文中描述了如何解决这些问题他们为自己建造了一个中微子动力电话 “现代物理字母a 自然,他们的中微子是数字脉冲中微子(小,难以捉摸的没有电荷的亚原子粒子)对应于数字“1”,而没有脉冲对应于“0”。中微子本身是通过将质子束撞击石墨制成的目标而产生的,研究人员在其日常工作中,会在大约1公里远的地方探测到中微子,通过调节质子的脉冲,研究中微子合作小组能够以二进制的形式发出一条信息,翻译后,读作“中微子”是否会与亚历山大·格雷厄姆·贝尔的第一条信息“沃森先生,过来,我想见你,“有待观察” “1”“0”VAMINERvA Alexander Graham Bell“Watson” 但除了纯粹的古怪之外,关键在于,如果人类想将中微子的存在传播给可能在银河系中聆听的智能生命体的存在,中微子是不容易被与其他物质碰撞拦截的,一束经过调制的中微子束将是一个很好的方法相反,有些人认为在无线电频率下监听ET是错误的方法,他们认为,正确的方法是建造一个中微子接收器,这将意味着中微子物理学家需要做大量的工作,也许,从制造者的角度来看,毕竟,中微子并不是一个疯狂的想法。


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