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Oak found a working party to meet an important moment in the teahouse sponge baby. This is crab Castle Restaurant to examinee Wang Bao crab restaurant owner told baby that in order to join sponge crab Castle king, we must find a sponge baby who has the power to lift sponge baby. We can find sponge baby who has power to lift consciousness.

Air squirrel Alexandra is wearing safety helmet Di, they soon became good friends Alexandra Di also invited the baby sponge oak manor to play, where SpongeBob SquarePants will breathe a lot of fresh air, SpongeBob SquarePants's Oak House brings wonderful memories to the environment. Unlike the bubble shop, the broken pants baby began to do sponge business. We sold it to the bubble start people as SpongeBob SquarePants has to pay 2/5 of the gross money, we can eat bubble star to send it the first one.

For customers, SpongeBob also mentioned a technique of blowing bubbles. They would be polluted by the explosion of SpongeBob. Look at the part of bubble baby's sponge shop, they caught the boss of jellyfish's upper abdomen.

The boss went to Wangbao to steal the secret of crab yellow castle. However, the plan failed. The boss also tried to make a mistake.

He wanted to treasure the secret of SpongeBob's castle Bao watching cartoons on the sponge.


橡树找到工作方在茶庄海绵宝宝迎接一个重要时刻的来临,这是蟹堡餐厅给考生王堡蟹蟹餐厅老板告诉宝宝,为了加入海绵蟹堡王,我们一定要找一个有力量举起海绵宝宝,可以找到有动力举起意识的海绵宝宝戴上安全帽空气松鼠Alexandra Di,他们很快成为了好朋友Alexandra Di还邀请到婴儿海绵橡树庄园玩耍,那里海绵宝宝会呼吸到很多新鲜空气,海绵宝宝的橡树屋给环境带来的美妙让人怀念,不像泡泡店的破裤宝宝开始做海绵生意,我们把它卖给了泡沫起步的人作为海绵宝宝要付毛钱的五分之二,我们可以吃泡泡明星送它第一个成为顾客,海绵宝宝还提到了它一个吹泡泡的技巧他们会受到污染的爆破海绵宝宝什么泡泡看看泡泡宝宝海绵店的部分抓到水母上腹老板上腹部老板到王堡偷蟹黄堡的秘密,但是这个计划没有成功上腹老板还企图海绵宝宝犯错误的想法,它想把海绵宝宝堡的秘密当宝宝在海绵上快速看动画片。


Spongebob Squarepants is a kind of sponge that lives in the depth of the ocean (home is a big pineapple. He is a lovely, generous, friendly and trustworthy man. He has a Baoya smile, a very expressive face and body, and his naive and kind nature also makes him very lovely: he wears square pants, yellow sponge, showing two big teeth, naive, optimistic and full He is full of vigor and kindness, but despite his good intentions, he still inevitably won the American cartoon children's TV ratings champion in trouble.

There are nearly 10000 viewers every month. In addition to the children's audience, half of the audience are adults. The film creators and executive producers who have won the best children's Program Award in the American TV commentator award are film creators and executive producers One of the most popular creators of the children's channel, Steven hilenberg Nick won the Princess Grace Film Foundation Award and the highest honor of saving the beach, the first environmental charity in Southern California.




Spongebob Squarepants has gone far beyond the category of childish cartoons designed for five-year-old children. This energetic character jumps out of the TV screen and hugs people of all ages. A yellow sponge living in the sea bottom is so simple and frivolous that his unrestrained optimism and unreal determination can move many people's hearts, which is why I fall in love with it.

In his underwater world, quarepants is portrayed as an optimistic and energetic man. Every day, he can find miracles in his life and constantly inspire the people around him. His optimistic personality is in sharp contrast to the depressed squiyward and the irascible Mr.

Kleb. This comparison elevates his love of life to all our trivial worries and inspires me We go after the best in the world. Squarepants is with his best friend Patrick, the sea star.

Although Patrick is portrayed as a rather dull starfish, he has surprisingly optimistic qualities as squarepnts. This pair of partners effectively conveys the meaning of life, not how many times you breathe, but how many times you breathe. Of course, even though Squarepants' world is hidden in a mysterious ocean, the similarities of his world extend even to ours.

He likes to work at krabby patties every day.



当然,尽管Squarepants的世界深藏在神秘的海洋中,他的世界的相似之处甚至延伸到了我们的世界,他喜欢每天在Krabby Patties餐厅工作。


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