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In the second half of the century, he was an outstanding French critical realist writer. He had been a teacher of Flaubert, a famous French writer, and had written novels and many short stories all his life. His literary achievements are most prominent in short stories, which are the three major short stories in the compound world of scolding his husband and European Henry One of the great masters, he is known as the king of short stories.

He is good at intercepting rich typical examples from ordinary trivial matters and has a great influence on him. In order to summarize the reality of life, his short stories have great originality, changeable plots, vivid descriptions and vivid ways of describing the world, which make people understand a lot after reading.




(Broadway) (Bronx Zoo) (Brooklyn Bridge (Metropolitan Museum of Art) (central station) (Empire State Building) (Fifth Avenue) (flushing, Queens) (Columbia University th Street) (Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum) (Wall Street) (Carnegie Hall) (United Nations Headquarters) (Lincoln Center) (East Village) (Greenwich Village) (Harlem, North Manhattan) (SoHo) (Upper East Side) (Upper West Side) (Chinatown) (American Museum of natural history) (New York University District and Washington Square Park) (New York Second Avenue Public Library) (World Trade Center) (New York Stock Exchange) (New York Botanical Garden) George Washington Bridge) (Times Square and Madison Square Garden (MSG (History Templeton Island Ferry) (Museum of modern art MOMA) (Central Park) (statue of Liberty) (Rockefeller Center, New York).




In the inaugural address delivered by Kenneth John Fitzgerald in January, what we see today is not the victory of the party, but the celebration of freedom, symbolizing the end and the beginning of revival, except for change, for I have sworn before you and Almighty God the same solemn oath our ancestors made in your hands nearly three quarters of a year ago My fellow citizens, more than my fellow citizens, will determine the ultimate success or failure of our path since the founding of the people's Republic of China. Every generation of Americans is called upon to prove their national loyalty. The graves of young Americans who answered the call surround the earth.

The trumpet calls on us again, not to take up arms. Although we do not need weapons as a call to fight, although we are trapped in difficulties, we are only a calling struggle shouldering the burden of long twilight, year after year, "rejoicing in hope, enduring in suffering" against the common enemies of mankind: tyranny, poverty, disease and war ourselves You can form a great global alliance with these enemies, north or south, east or west, that will ensure a more fruitful life for all mankind. You are willing to participate in this historic effort in the long history of the world, and only a few generations have been given the role of defending freedom at its most dangerous moment.

I do not evade this responsibility, and I welcome it. I do not believe it Any one of us will exchange the energy, faith, and dedication that we have devoted to this endeavor with any other person or generation, and will light up our country. All those who serve it, and the glory of that flame, can truly light the world.

So, my fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country My fellow citizens of the world, do not ask what the United States will do for you, but what we will do together for the freedom of mankind. Whether you are citizens of the United States or citizens of the world, please ask us for the same high standard of strength and sacrifice here. This is the only reliable reward for our clear conscience.

History is the final judge of our actions. Let us lead We love the land, ask for his blessing and help, but to know that on earth, God belongs to us, and the work must really belong to ourselves.




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